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[M234, roll 241, frame 1200-02]

A list of Indians who were entitled to reservations in Alabama and who have died.

A list of Indians who have died since their enrollment on the Census list to receive reservations and who have been located.

No. on
the roll
Name of IndianTo what roll belongsLocationRemarks
51Cussetar fixicoConcharteeW81752 children Latiga daughter & Malecher son both over 21 years old.
13RabbitEkundutchkaN10207One child, Loga- one year old.
15Sock up pockyChe ar hawW32176one child, Stow oc che, ten years old.
45Cottee hadjoChe ar hawW41867 children, Sighe 20, Sten wo ni he 16, To whelah 12, Clemah 10, Chicklia 6, Totchka 4, Tommy 20 months old.
3Cho fixicoChock o lockoW5178Four children, Noe 14, Lydia 8, Tebe 6, Martin one year old.
8Tallasee HadjoChock o lockoE8176Two children, Minti Kargy? 25, Seharse 20 years old.
13Isfarny OboyChock o lockoE31168Two children, Istihie 35 & Al te mah la 25 years old.
41Harlock hobiaChock o lockoE241683 children, Emahnea he 12, Te jatsey 9, & Neelache 6 years old.
16Hillis hadjoKetch opar largaS101895 children, Sadikey 15, Stimohoe 12, Kinaditchee 10, Simmahoe 11, & Salah 3 years old.
19Kar pick charTulladegaS35185Deceased since located, number in family not known.
67Oche yoholoTulladegaE25194ditto, Sittewanga, wife the only heir.

Cussetaw hadjo, chiefTulladega
261857 children, Sigganahe 18, Clemahtee 12, Wahlle? 8, Chuffoga? 10, Ah hum ho ge 3, Pichh--hoe 1 1/2 years old.
9In ne hawWewoakarS2421182 children, Halloc le 13 & Mappie e char 12 years old.
35Oche hadjoWewoakarN820182 children, Malth legy? & Tama.
38Charley (2nd same name)WewoakarS362117Chimmahogah 3, Mothla? hoga 21 years old.
54JohnnyWewoakarN1720182 children, names not known.
17Sintha yoholoHickory GroundW141918one child, Louisa 13 years old.
45Pith hadjoHickory GroundE2319183 children, Oche hadjo 21, Si a gana 13, & Lofa 11 years old.
57Nehaw fixicoHickory GroundFrs.22&
1918one child, Roda 2 years old.
109Is kar neChat tok sof karW352223Died since located, number in family not known.
111Tal ofe hadjoChat tok sof karS282224Died since located, number in family not known.

Quas sad hadjo, chiefKi a li ge
1320213 children, Sally diga 15, To whock viche? 12, & Arbunga leche 9 years old.
60Lof tie yoholoHatch che chubbaN191920one child, Itch che ga 14 years old.
106Fus hatcha hadjoUfaulaN220232 children, Jacob 8, & Suck ko cha bie 6 years old.
29Yar har hadjoLocko partoyE723202 children, Ubol lotka 12, & Arsay? 8 years old.
61NokoseekarLocko partoyW1323193 children, Stin shaw ee 6, Sur he gie 5, & His sarkey 1 year old.
64Tomarth yoholoLocko partoyW3424207 children, Jim 30, John 30, Fo- 20, Bill 18, Polly 17, Mo hot tega 14, Meega? 12 years old.
29Lu-y (female)HillabeeN12421one child, 4 years old.
71Sum multeHillabeeN112010No children, wife named Sim mos to me.
33Fus hatcha yoholoOse lar ne byW521202 children, La---l ho ka 12, Me harga 8 years old.
35Ochin me ga (female)Ose lar ne byS2221202 children, Is tichocko leche 10, Tochea 7 years old.
15No co se yoholoHatchett CreekW212162 children, Cip otel 6, Hegy 4 years old.
63Woke yoholoHatchett CreekN32216Number of family not known.
1Lofter fixicoPock en talle harseN3122173 children, Weeth la 18, Se botchee 10, & Yarka 7 years old.
50Katy, femaleRabbit TownS22159It is said this Indian is dead and that a young woman of same name has roll.
2Clo cusco miccopArbicoocheeN321710One child, Wobly 15 years old.
12Nar poo che yoholoTallasahatcheS20147One child, Ko yo ho cha, of age and lives in Toak paf kar Town.
16Cho e kar hadjoTallasahatcheS30147One child, Liza.
21Ko nip yoholoTallasahatcheW311372 children, Tiltitka? & Liza.
77Fixic HadjoTallasahatcheS28147One child, Sin woka? 15 years old.
23Talma chus hadjoLock o par toyE42320Namber of children not known.
23Think in tus kaThe ar hanS29186Died since located, number in family not known.
73Con chat hajoKo ho muts ke garts karE152224Wife & the children living, names not known.
111Mele geyHilliabeeN262420Dead, wife & one son, Uballeche 4 years old.

October 22d, 1834
J. Bright