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[M640, roll 4, frames 532-38]

Roll of Claims against the Great and Little Osage Indians presented to and acted upon by William Armstrong Acting Superintendant Western Territory and directed to report --- the same by Order of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs. 

(The names have been compared and corrected to the original claim.  All claimants are male except where noted as female by [f.]  If the claim was signed by someone other than the claimant their name is noted in the Remark column.  The original claims are part of "Special File 111" and can be found on microfilm M574, roll 18, frames 431+.  This transcription is appended with the microfilm frame numbers of the original record on microfilm.) 

Indian Territory Claims: 1 ... 2 ... 3 ... 4 ... 5
Missouri Claims

NoClaimantsResidenceTime of DepredationKind of property injured or destroyedAmount or
1A hal uck e marthlaCoweta Town, Creek Nation1839Horses70.0050.0020.00  597
2Ne hi yo ho lodo1832, 1834, & 1836Hogs, Horse, Potatoes, Bee hive & c554.75 554.75No proof 599
3Spoak oak Emarthlerdo1832 & 1837Cow & calf, axe, mare and corn 86.00  ditto 601
4Oak chun yo ho lodo1833 One horse70.00 70.00ditto 603
5Jacob Beaverdo183645 head of hogs225.00135.0090.00Proof 605
6Fush hatchy Miccodo1832 & 18341 horse, 1 ax & c739.00 739.00No proof 607
7Co wock co chee Emartahdo18341 horse & 3 hogs56.00 56.00ditto 609
8Seth le pordo1839Hogs, corn & one horse102.00 102.00ditto 611
9Big Boydo18391 blanket7.00 7.00ditto 614
10Que e cus yoholodo1839hogs25.00 25.00ditto 616
11Si ha    (dec'd)do1832cattle & hogs73.0073.00 Proof
[by Yi o]
12See por Codgeedo1832 & 18393 head cattle & corn40.00 40.00No proof 620
13Talasee Harjodo18321 cow & calf12.00 12.00ditto 622
14Dinardo18322 head cattle26.0016.0010.00Proof
[by Roly McIntosh]
15Tus harjodo18392 horses120.00 120.00No proof 624
16Se hi gedo18381 horse90.00 90.00  628
17Roly McIntosh do1832, 1837, & 1839Damage on horse, Hogs & cattle stolen106.0086.0020.00Proof 630
18Is Jacky (Is chah ka) [f.]do Cattle & hogs380.00 380.00No proof 632
19Binerdo18371 hog killed6.006.00 Proof
[by Roley McIntosh]
20Co yok en I cheedo18371 sow & shoat10.007.003.00ditto
[by Roley McIntosh]
21In thlock mul i keedo18372 sows with pig12.0012.00 ditto
[by Roley McIntosh]
22Nancy McIntosh [f.]do18321 colt stolen & damage on 1 mare100.00 100.00No proof 640
23San er fer chee [f.]do1832 & 1834cattle hogs & horse470.00 470.00ditto 642
24Warley Stinsondo1836cows, calves & hogs113.00 113.00ditto 644
25Thomas Stinsondo1832cattle & hogs104.0087.0017.00Proof
[by Warley Stinson]
26Susannah McIntosh [f.]do1835 & 18361 rifle gun stolen & danage on horses stolen90.0010.0080.00ditto 648
27Saus hoedo1832 & 1838horses & hogs214.00137.0077.00ditto
[by Tipee Kinnard]
28Chi wash tiedo1835 & 1837hogs65.00 65.00No proof 652
29Hos per emarlodo1834gun, blanket, hogs, cattle & c90.0050.0040.00Proof
[by Che was tie]
30Mick a sum gerdo18391 horse20.00 20.00No proof 656
31Bare footdo1832 & 1835hogs & horses111.75 111.75ditto 658
32Georgedo18391 horse20.00 20.00Rejected
[by Hulea batchee]
33George Reeddo18321 beaver trap6.00 6.00No proof 662
34Hi yi yitch edo18341 hog6.00 6.00ditto 664
35Se nee cheedo18391 ditto12.00 12.00ditto 666
36Kannan sawdo 1 horse60.0040.0020.00Proof
[by Hos pur Tulee]
37Fick humigado Cattle12.0012.00 Proof
[by Hos pur Tulee]
38Lucy Hasperdo Cattle18.0018.00 ditto
[by Hos pur Tulee]
39Cumbado Cattle18.00----6.00ditto, sent to Washington
[by Hos pur Tulee]
40John Thomasdo Corn35.00 35.00No proof 676
41Benjamin Derrysawdo Cattle & hogs78.0048.0030.00Proof 678
42Big Pattydo1834, 1836 & 1837Horse225.00120.00105.00ditto 680
43Talip Harjodo18341 gun20.00 20.00No proof
[by Talasee Harjo]
44Niteedo1836Hogs & horses107.00 107.00No proof 684
45Chisse Harjodo1838One horse80.00 80.00ditto 686
46Co e harjodo1832Cow traps & c43.00 43.00ditto 688
47Mise Hoedo1839Hogs20.00 20.00ditto 690
48Ochee harjodo1832 & 1833Colt & bull28.0020.08.00Proof [by Millegee] 692
49Che was tiedo1837 Corn, axe & c11.50 11.50No proof 694
50Stem i ho yeltlydo1837Potatoes & corn50.0025.0025.00Proof
[by William Tiger]
51Jane Carr (Karr)do1832Hogs30.0021.009.00Proof
[by Benjamin Lott]
52Gibsondo1838Horses & hogs368.00 368.00No proof 700
53Thlock pos a waydo1832Bacon, corn & c8.50.50 Proof
[by Seman ca]
54Wicheedo1832 & 1836Cows & hogs45.00 45.00No proof 704
55We fus wado1832, 1835 & 1838Sundries94.50 94.50ditto 706
56John McIntoshdo1836Cattle, hogs & c409.00 409.00ditto 708
57Jim o cheedo1832One horse70.0040.0030.00Proof
[by Hillis Fixico]
58Hillis Fixicodo1834 & 1835Horse & hogs49.00 49.00No proof 712
59Sa gum gerdo18331 Horse stolen & return20.00 20.00ditto 714
60Pau needo1836 & 1838Hogs & c43.75 43.75ditto
[by Paunee]
61Haleydo1836Hogs & c45.0018.0027.00Proof 718
62Cha cot teedo1836 & 1839Horses120.00 120.00No proof 720
63Jim Sampsondo1832Corn & bee hives7.505.002.50Proof
[by Moses Perryman]
64John Winndo1834Steers100.0050.0050.00Proof
[by Samuel Harrod]
65Polly Kinnarddo1832Cattle80.0064.0016.00[by Achee Kinard] 728
66Samuel Harroddo1832Cattle130.00 130.00No proof 726
67Aaron (a black man) do Hogs   Proof
[by Hotulga Emarthler]
68Oak ti ar chee Harjodo1832 & 1834Cattle, hogs & horses122.0082.0040.00Proof 732