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[M234, roll 290, frame 611]

A List & Descriptive Roll of Refugee & Captured Slaves Belonging to Col. Humphreys of Alachua County Florida who are in the posession of the Seminole Indians.

NoAgeNames Complexion Description as to size -- General Remarks
145Peter firstBlack Tall straight and well made  
245Peter seconddo Short & bandy legged  
355Tomdo Well made & gray  
446Samdo Tall & slender make Son of Mickasuky, or Big Swamp Pompey
528Lancasterdo Medium size Brothers, son of Cornelia
725Sampsondo Tall likely ----
627Morrisdo Stout make, pop eyes
823Joe firstdo Short stout & very well made
921Andrewdo Common size well made
1040Dick *do Tall well made  
1125HardyYellowish Straight & slender Son of Peter 1st
1228WorleyBlack Tall & stout Lame in one of his feet
1324Anseldo Tall & large Prominant under Lip & very large feet
1420Israeldo Stout make Brothers, sons of Katy 3rd
1518Jimdo Common size
1616Cyrusdo Common size Stammers badly, son of Jane
1715?Mingo?do Very tall Has but one hand
1825Joe 2nddo Rather tall but well made  
1955Corneliado Midling size Mother of Lancaster, Morris & -
2060Caty 1stdo Common size, gray Wife of Tom and decreped
2140Jane *do Common size Mother of Cyrus, Stephen & Affy
2235Dollydo Common size Wife of Sam
2328Sophydo Tall & slender Wife of Morris
2428Beckdo Good size & likely Wife of Lancaster
2528Amydo Tall & likely Wife of Peter 1st & mother of Murcy, Lyman, York & Hester
2624Nancydo Short & well made Wife of Hardy
2724Hagardo Midling size Daughter of Peggy and mother of Phillip
2840PeggyBrown Common size Mother of Hagar
2945PamillaBlack Ordinary size ----- away by an Indian called Friday who has her as his wife
3024Caty 2ndYellowish Ordinary size Has a defect in one eye & is the wife of Sampson
3135LydiaBlack Rather tall Wife of a Negro called March
328Murcydo Common size Children of Peter 1st & Amy
336Lymusdo do
344Yorkdo do
352Hesterdo do
369Cooterdo Ordinary size Children of Lancaster & Becke 
377Tomdo do
385Frankdo do
392a girldo do
407StepneyYellowish do Children of Sam
415Affydo do
425CyrusBlack do Children of Sampson & Yellow Caty
434Elceydo do
445PhillipBrownish do  
45--    Two children of Hagar (over)
4740Caty 3rdBlack Common size Mother of Nancy, Israel & Jim

I certify that the foregoing list of slaves were in my posession at the time Collins made his claim.  Lt. Reynolds was ------- to respect the claims of white persons.

J. Clarke
Maj. --------