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[M234, roll 291, frames 430-31]

Emign. Florida
Adjutant General
Augt 25th 1842

Refers letter of Col. W. J. Worth enclosing statement of Negroes, with the Army in Florida on 1st June 1841, and of those captured since, showing by whom owned, to whom sold, & c. Also enclosing the following papers: "Proceedings of a board for the appraisement of Negro Sampson", No. 5 - Do for the valuation of "Morris", No. 6, - "Copy of papers in the case of Indian Negro Sampsom", No. 3, - "Copy of endorsement of Gofer John's papers", No. 2, - and No. 7 paper relating to "Betsey".

Recd 25 Augt 1842

Statement of Indian Negroes with the Army of Florida on the 1st of June 1841.  Also Negroes that have been surrendered and been captured since that time:  How disposed of. Viz.

No.Names of NegroesSexAgeBy whom ownedTo whom soldAmount Paid When Emigrated West Remarks
1Charles Paynemale60   October 11th 1841Old Charles Payne belongs to Micanopy, Surrendered to General Jesup
2Simon"25   dohis son, Surrendered to General Jesup
3Elizafemale55    died at Tampa Bay in September 1841, Surrendered to General Jesup
4Jane"35   October 11th 1841Wife of Charles Payne owned by him, Surrendered to General Jesup
5Primusmale60    owned by Harriet Bowlegs, died at Cedar Keys June 5th 1842
6Betseyfemale30    Claimed by a Creek Indian in Arkansas (Now at Cedar Keys) See paper No. 7
7Rose Sena factorfemale55   October 11th 1841See proceedings of a board.  See papers marked No. 1 and 4
8Billy Sena factormale38   do
9Nancyfemale25   do
10Maria"17   do
11Portia (child of Billy) "10   do
12July (child of Billy)male4   do
13Isaac"40   July 14th 1842E na ah Mico (Governor) Chief of the Micasukee claims him.  Come in with Cosa Tustenugga April 1841 [see July 14, 1842 muster roll]
14Claudafemale40   "Owned by Halah toochee
15Affey"20   "do
16Scipiomale22   "do, captured by Sergt Nash 8th Inftry July 31 1841
17Bob"16   "do
18Jim"13   "do, same
19Milleyfemale3   "do
20Jenny &female25   October 11th 1841Free by Negro Sandy, child from an Indian wife
4 childrenmale &
2-8   doChildren by an Indian "Kelly"
25Gofer Johnmale35   July 14th 1842The property of Charles Cohia (dead) claimed by wife of Charles Cohia in Arkansas (Free See document No. 2)
26John Phillip"35    Owned by Coa coo chee, on duty at Tampa, Fa, Interpretor
27Sampson"28free  April 10th 1842Surrendered to Genl Jesup.  See document No. 3
28Morris"30 self500.00 Free, Bill of Sale recorded in Augustine, Flo July 5th 1842, from Col G. Humphreys, on duty at Fort King, Fa. Interpretor, see paper No. 6 
29Sampsonmale38 self1200.00 Free, See paper No. 5, Bill of Sale recorded in St Augustine Flo Jany 18 1842, from Col G. Humphreys, Interpretor at Tampa, Fa.
30Sam"28Coa coo chee  October 11th 1841Came in with the Band of Coa coo chee
31John"12A. J. ForesterCoa coo che400.00October 11th 1841Claimed by Mr. Forrester. See proceedings of a board Oct 11th 1841, No. 4, paid for see voucher for'd  Disbg Agent 23rd July? 1842
32John Crews"35 self750.00 Free Bill of sale recorded in St Augustine June 27th 1842, from E. Creivs?, on duty at Indian Key, Fa. with the Navy as Interpretor, see voucher forwarded by Disbg Agent 2 qr 1842.
33Joemale25    at Fort Pierce, Fa. claimed by A. J. Forester, came in with Coa coo chee May 1841.
 Prior to 1st June 1841
 Sophiafemale40   May 11th 1841Said to belong to Cosa Tustenuggee, claimed by Col. G. Humphreys, claim established, see voucher August 3 qr 1842 for'd by Disbg Agent.
 Dennismale28Harriet  March 20th 1841Surrendered to General Taylor
 Mary (his wife)female25Cho car tee  doFormerly the property of Tuskegee, claimed by Solano of St. Augustine. No papers in the case
 Hannah (her mother)"45do  dodo 
 1 child (of Mary)"2do  dodo
 Jim or Fridaymale28Genl. D. L. Clinch?Powis fixico1000.00doFree. Purchased under the instructions from the Secretary of War, see voucher forwarded by Disbg Agent 2 qr 1842
 Teenafemale45Free  May 11th 1841Surrendered to General Taylor in January 1838?
 Nanny & child"19"  do"
 Susan & child"22"  do"
 Sampsonmale18"  do"
 Nellyfemale16"  do"
 Christophermale12"  do"
 Jinneyfemale10"  do"
 Nareta"3"  do"
 Poor Gal"2"  do"

W. J. Worth

-- -- 9th Military Department, Cedar Keys, Fa. July 31st 1842

I. T. Sprague, Lt &  A. D. C. & A. I. Agent