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[M234, roll 290, frame 364]

List of Seminole Indians, and Negroes sent from Fort Jupiter to Tampa Bay for emigration to the West.

NoNames AgeSex Owners's Names Remarks
1Pah ser chee48f    
2Cho Hadjo24m   son of the above
3Is tim mah pe he yay18m   son of the above
4Yo pok ho he yay12f   daughter of the above
1Jack Bowlegs36m Harriett Bowlegs  
2Nancy30f Micco Potokee wife of Jack
3Sancho8m " son of Nancy
4Harriet6f " daughter of Nancy
5Fanny4f " daughter of Nancy
6Joe2m " son of Nancy
7Diana35f Tommy wife of Sam Bowlegs
8Hester18f " daughter of Dianna
9Fanny15f " daughter of Dianna
10Lizzy9f " daughter of Dianna
11Frederick7m " son of Dianna
12Rhina6f " child of Dianna
13Peggy5f " child of Dianna
14Bella3f " child of Dianna
15Lossy60m Free  
16Fanny34f Sock ah wat pee wife of Lossy
17Elsy20f " daughter of Fanny
18Tenny19f " daughter of Fanny
19Fay (sic)18m " son of Fanny
20Leah15f " daughter of Fanny
21Liddy10f " daughter of Fanny
22Lotty9m " son of Fanny
23Hester3f " daughter of Fanny
24Dick25m Holah too che husband of Elsey
25Ben5m Sock ah wat pee son of Elsey
26Molly3f " daughter of Elsey
27Judy1f " daughter of Elsey
28Winny9 mo.f " daughter of Tenny
29Ned40m Micco Potokee  
30Maria28f Harriet Bowlegs wife of Ned
31Polly11f " daughter of Maria
32Amy10f " daughter of Maria
33Davy7m " son of Maria
34Rophile5m " son of Maria
35Jim4m " son of Maria
36Charles60m Nelly Factor  
37Katy40f Kool kee chah way wife of Charles
38Jim21m " son of Katy
39Nancy24f " daughter of Katy
40Hardy26m Nelly Factor husband of Nancy
41Sally2f Kool kee chah way daughter of Nancy
42Plenty37m Micanopy  
43Rose35f Hallek Hajo wife of Plenty
44War?15m Plenty son of Rose
45Jack13m " son of Rose
46Sally12f Hallek Hajo daughter of Rose
47Rachel11f " daughter of Rose
48Cosar7m " son of Rose
49Jesse6m " son of Rose
50Jesse22m Micanopy brother of Plenty
51Nancy37f " sister of Plenty
52Bacchus20m " son of Nancy
53Sue18f " daughter of Nancy
54Thomas3m " son of Nancy
55Carolina34m " brother of Nancy
56Tee nar28f Williams wife of Carolina
57Rose5f " daughter of Teenar
58Bob4m " son of Teenar
59Rophile36m Free  
60Hetty33f Micanopy wife of Rophile
61Belinda15f " daughter of Hetty
62Nancy14f " daughter of Hetty
63Rose12f " daughter of Hetty
64Sarah Ann11f " daughter of Hetty
65Straffar9m " son of Hetty
66Primus60m "  
67Sandy65m Nelly Factor  
68Lucy55f " wife of Sandy
69Hernar36f " daughter of Lucy
70Rose21f " daughter of Lucy
71Hannah19f " daughter of Lucy
72Elsy16f " son of Lucy
73Thomas14m " son of Lucy
74Dembo?30m " son of Lucy
75July40m " Husband of Hernar
76Suzy19f " daughter of    do
77Nannie17f " daughter of    do
78Samson14m " son of            do
79Nelly12f " daughter of    do
80Kistoba?9m " son of            do
81Jinny5f " daughter of     do
82Mag2f " daughter of Rose
83Jack70m Holah too che  
84Sarah55f " wife of Jack
85Taymour27f " daughter of Sarah
86Ishmael25m " son of Sarah
87Pheby23f " daughter of Sarah
88Cosar20m " son of Sarah
89Peggy18f " daughter of Sarah
90Charles (or Tenebo?)34m Abram husband of Taymour
91Hagar8f Holah too che daughter of Taymour
92Pussy6f " daughter of Taymour
93Harriet4f " daughter of Taymour
94Hernar?7f " daughter of Pheby
95Ned5m " son of Pheby
96Old John60m Micanopy  
97Flora50f " wife of Old John
98Jim25m " son of Flora
99Rose23f " daughter of Flora
100Milly21f " daughter of Flora
101William20m " son of Flora
102Hannah18f " daughter of Flora
103Cosar15m " son of Flora
104Eve14f " daughter of Flora
105Dolly12f " daughter of Flora
106 Sam 11 m " son of Flora
107 Phillis 10 f " daughter of Flora
108 Jeffrey 6 m " son of Flora
109 Miley 3 f " daughter of Flora
110 John 25 m Harriet Bowlegs husband of Rose
111 Betsey 6 f Micanopy daughter of Rose
112 Joe 5 m " son of Rose
113 Titus 2 m " son of Rose
114 Tom 24 m " husband of Milly
115 Ben 5 m " son of Milly
116 Judy 3 f " daughter of Milly
117 Sam 53 m " brother of Flora
118 Judy 22 f Free wife of Jim

List of Indians and Indian Negroes enrolled for emigration to the West but who were prevented by sickness from accompanying the above to Tampa.

NoNames AgeSex Owner's Names Remarks
1Soc co yi chee20m   Son of Lah se chee -
Retained with the Army to act as guide. 
1Sam Bowlegs30m Harriet Bowlegs Retained to act as Interpreter
2Scipio28m " Brother of Sam
3Bess30f Micanopy wife of Scipio
4Hard times10m " son of Bess
5Took hear9f " daughter of Bess
6Porris8m " son of Bess
7John7m " son of Bess
8Black6m " son of Bess
9Long Bob45m Jumper  
10Flora33f Micanopy wife of Long Bob
11Eve15f " daughter of Flora
12Tenny6f " daughter of Flora
13Beck36f Sow wee husband went off with Jumper 
14Maria14f " daughter of Beck

  Under 14Between 14 & 60Over 60Total of all ages
Indians 131  5
Negroes253332402 132
Aggregate253435422 137

Note - In addition to the above, five Negroes, belonging to citizens of Florida, have come in and given themselves up. Their names are:

Moses, 70 years old, owned by Col. Rees
Bob, 30, owned by Mr. Wm Depoyster
Juba, 26, owned by Col. McIntosh
Dick, 20, owned by Mr. Woodruff
Jake, 18, owned by Mr. Woodruff