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[M234, roll 225, frame 223-24, 226]

Western Creek Nation, May 21st, 1832

We the undersigned Chiefs & head men of the Creek Nation in Council assembled, have this day decided on the following case of Delila McIntosh, the daughter of the late General William McIntosh dec'd, (Viz) Kendal Lewis a white man of the Creek Nation.  The said Delila McIntosh by her agent Chilly McIntosh producing in Council the will of her father William McIntosh willing to her the following Negroes (Viz): Tartar, Malinda, Vina, Cloe, Nancy, Fanny, Betsy, Toby & Ellic, and also the decree of the Council of the Creek Nation in Council assembled 22nd May 1820 binding themselves as a Nation to make good the rights & titles of the above named Negroes to said William McIntosh dec'd, the Nation after the death of said William McIntosh, dec'd, that the property should be taken from the heirs of said McIntosh and given to Sandy Grayson of the Creek Nation which property as above stated was sold, by said Graison to John G. Ross of the Cherokee Nation, and the said Ross told sold said property to Kendal Lewis, it was also one of the stipulations of the Treaty between General Gains and the Creek Nation that all property taken from the Heirs of Genl. William McIntosh dec'd should be returned back to his heirs or assigns and if not returned the Nation was bound to make good the deficiency of all losses of property not returned as such we conceive the Nation bound to pay said Lewis for the above named Negroes which we have taken from him and given to said Delila McIntosh as the legal property of hers.

And we do hereby determine and acknowledge that under the decree of the Council of the Creek Nation of the 22nd May 1820 and agreeable to the Treaty with Genl. Gains, that the Creek Nation is responsible and do agree to be fourth coming to the said Lewis for the value of the aforesaid Negroes.

Given under our hands this 21st May 1832

Roley McIntosh his X mark
Fush hatchy Micco his X mark
Chilly McIntosh
Benjamin Perryman his X mark
Cowock Co Chee Emarlo his X mark
Samuel Perryman his X mark
Samuel Miller his X mark
Holatter Thlocko his X mark
Gisker liger Emarlo his X mark
Easter Charco Harjo his X mark
Ispoak Oak Harjo his X mark
John Kandall his X mark
Warlock Harjo his X mark
Powes Harjo his X mark
Chacotee Tustannuggee his X mark
Tuskaenehar his X mark
Tuckabathcee Harjo his X mark
Corser Yoholo his X mark

Done in the presents of
Jno. Campbell
Agent Creeks

Benjamin Hawkins Inter.
Eli Jacobs C. W. C. N.

We the undersigned do certify that we were called on by the Chiefs of the Creek Nation to value the present worth of the following named Negroes on Monday the 21st day of May 1832 and that the annexed is the true amount of our valuation, Viz. 

Making in the total amount the sum of twenty nine hundred and fifty dollars.

This May the 21st 1832.

Tarter - $300
Malinda - 400
Vina - 450
Cloe - 450
Nancy - 375
Fanny - 325
Toby - 250
Betsey - 225
Elick - 175

Benjamin Derriseau, his X mark
Neha Yohola, his X mark
Alexr. Robison, his X mark

Eli Jacobs C. C. N.