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[M234, roll 236, frame 331]

Thla,catch,ca Creek Nation
May 22nd 1820

Know all men by these presents that we the undersigned chiefs and warriors of said nation having by virtue of two judgments issuing from Jasper Superior court Georgia bearing date 25th of August 1817 if favor of Henry Walker and Robert Grierson of the Creek Nation for the sum of seven thousand nine hundred and sixty three dollars, eighty one cents, which said judgments has been transferred by the aforesaid Henry Walker to General William McIntosh of the Creek Nation, have seized upon the following negroes Viz.

James and Jinny his wife, Campbell, Rose, and Molly their children; Robert and Rose his wife, Brister their child; Ben and Gracie his wife and Celia their child; Tarter and Malinda his wife, Biner, Cloe, and Nancy their children; Ameter?, Abigail, Dicy and Cato which said Negroes have been valued by John Stidham, Wm Miller, William Kennard, Colonel George Lovett, Nimrod Doyle, and Thomas Anthony as follows Viz.

James, Jinny, Robert, Rose, Ben, Grace, Tarter, Malinda, Ameta, Cato, and Abigail at five hundred dollars each; Brister, Biner, and Dicy at two hundred dollars each and Campbell, Rose, Molly, Biner, Celia, Chloe, and Nancy at $175 each, making in the aggregate seven thousand, two hundred and ninety dollars being a part of the amount of said judgments interest and cost which said negroes.

We the undersigned chiefs and warriors do hereby warrant and forever defend the right and title of said Negroes in as full and ample a manner as they were held by the said Robert Grierson and the said Genl. Wm McIntosh his heirs and assign forever.

In witness whereof we have placed our hands & seals the day and date above written.

Witnesses present
Thomas Anthony
George Lovett, interpreter
William Grierson
Nimrod Doyle
Tustunnugga X opoui
Tustunugga X Thlucco
Tuskenehaw X
Opoi hargo X
Yohola X