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Phillip Lee and Mary Bray family

    (Last updated Oct. 6, 2016)


Philip Lee was born Dec. 10, 1817 in Tennessee.  He was a son of Andrew and Margaret (Daniels) Lee.  Phillip married Mary Bray about 1839.

Phillip died May 9, 1899 and was buried in the Phillip Lee family cemetery in Bell county, Kentucky.  [Find-A-Grave]
Census Records:

Wife &

Mary Bray was born Jan. 1, 1817. Mary died Sep. 11, 1862 and was buried in the Mason-Bratcher cemetery "on Big Bear Creek about 1 mile down from the Lee farm."  [Find-A-Grave]   [notes]
Dau. Rebecca Lee was born March 13, 1840. She married Gabriel Lee.  
Son James Henry Lee was born Oct. 10, 1842. He never married.
Dau. Louisa Jane Lee was born March 25, 1844. She married John Pleasant Fuson.  
Dau. Margaret Lee was born Feb. 17, 1846. She married Andrew J. Lawson.  
Dau. Angeline Lee was born Dec. 6, 1847. She married Andrew Mannon, May 25, 1864, Knox co., KY. Angeline died Aug. 11, 1874, probably in MO. Andrew remarried to Grace Caudle.
  • Margaret Elizabeth Mannon was born June 5, 1866 KY. She married Wiley James Caudle. Margaret died Jan. 30, 1956 Tahlequah, OK and was buried Hulbert cem., Hulbert, OK.
  • Gabriel H. Mannon; born Sept. 17, 1867 KY; died after 1904.
  • Rosey B. Mannon was born April 26, 1869 IN; died 1870-80.
  • George Philip Mannon was born Aug. 18, 1870 Bartholemew co?, IN; died 190?
  • Robert Lee Mannon was born July 13, 1872 MO. He married Margaret J. Halsell. Robert died July 13, 1962 Chico, CA.
  • William M. Mannon was born Aug. 4, 1873 MO. William died after 1942.
Dau. Mary Ann Lee was born Nov. 2, 1849. She married James Robinson Fuson.  
Dau. Elizabeth Lee was born Oct. 5 1851. She married William Lafayette Fuson.  
Dau. Obedience "Biddy" Lee was born Oct. 6, 1853. She married Matthew Fuson.  
Son Phillip Lee was born Oct. 1, 1855. He never married.  
Dau. Sarah Jane Lee was born Sep. 12, 1857. She married John Thomas Fuson.  
Son William Lee was born Oct. 1, 1859. He never married.