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Jacob Kirkham (jr.) -
Jacob Kirkham is said to have died in New Orleans at age 21 (circa 1821). There is a reference to a Jacob Kirkham being involved with Moses Austin in Texas in 1820.

Excerpt from Twilight of New Spanish Texas.

"... Moses Austin arrived from Little Rock, AR with his Spanish passport of 1797 in San Antonio de Bexar on 23 Dec 1820 with his black servant Richmond. Jacob Kirkham, who was searching for runaway slaves, and Jacob Forsythe of VA, also investigating opportunities in Texas accompanied him. Austin apparently had met both men in Natchitoches [in Louisiana]. "

"... At the City of San Fernando de Bexar, the 23d day of December, A D 1820 the Governor of the Province of Texas, Colonel Don Antonio Martinez, in order to obtain detailed information about the condition of affairs and movements on the frontier of the United States, and the assembly of men in Galveston Island, summoned to appear at this office the foreigner Moses Austin, who arrived to-day in this city, with two other persons. " [Kirkham & Forsythe]

"... that, those who accompany him are not under his control, and joined him at about six leagues [18 miles] from Natchitoches... ";

"... Experiencing extreme hardship and having to deal along the way with the treachery of companion Kirkham, whose interest was illegal trade in collaboration with local Spaniards, Austin returned to the USA and worked feverishly to put his affairs in order and prepare for fulfillment of his proposal even before it was approved. In mid-May 1821, he received word that Arredondo had approved his application on 17 Jan 1821. By the 10 of June, Moses Austin was stricken dead with pneumonia that many attribute to his return trip and feverish preparations for return to Texas. "