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Robert Kirkham family of
Petersburg, Virginia

(Last updated October 21, 2016)


Almost nothing is known about Robert Kirkham.  His wife may have been name Rachel. His children listed below is purely based on circumstantial evidence.   The only thing known for sure is that he had a house in Petersburg, Virginia that was built circa 1785 and is still standing today.  [image]

Much of the following is from Fay Whipple.  The children listed below is based on circumstantial evidence. 
Census Records:

Dau. Jane Kirkham was born about 1771. She married Heinrich "Henry" Nollner about January 21, 1789 in Petersburg?, Virginia. Jane died April 13, 1826. Henry was born Dec. 12, 1760 and died Sept. 12, 1842. They were buried in Blandford cem., Petersburg, Virginia.  Henry had a son by his previous wife and with Jane he had at least two daughters: 
  • (stepson) John G. Nollner was born about 1785 in Germany.   He married Annie Bullock in 1816 in Wake county, North Carolina.  They moved to Tennessee.
  • Christiana E. Nollner was born 1793 Petersburg, Virginia.  She married  Thomas Rosser.
  • Ann Marie Nollner 1796 Petersburg, Virginia.  She married Pleasant Akin.
Son Jacob Kirkham was born about 1770. He was married 3 times: (1.) Mazey Davis on Oct. 25, 1798. (2.) Rachel Stine in May 1807. (3.) Susan Thrift in January 1810. Jacob died May 18, 1839 presumably in Petersburg, Virginia and is assumed to be buried in Blandford cemetery on the east side of town. Susan died about 1840.
    Children by Mazey Davis
  • Jacob Kirkham was born 1801. Jacob died "in New Orleans at the age of 21"   [See notes for possible info.]
  • Elizabeth Kirkham was born 1804.
  • Joseph Kirkham was born 1806.
    Children by Rachel Stine
  • Mary W. Kirkham was born Nov. 13, 1808. She married James Britton in Feb. 10, 1826 Northampton county, North Carolina. They moved to Mississippi in the 1830s. Mary died March 8, 1859 and was buried in Eavenson cemetery, Tate county, Mississippi.
    Children by Susan Thrift
  • George W. Kirkham was born 1811. He married Lucy A Butterworth.
  • James Harrison Kirkham was born 1813.  He married Martha F Bass in 1838 in Halifax, Halifax county, North Carolina.
  • John Jackson Kirkham was born 1816. "Jack" and Robert settled in Herman, Missouri about 1845.
  • William Kirkham was born Feb. 4, 1818
  • David Kirkham was born Feb. 28, 1820. He left Virginia about 1842. He married Adelaide Louisa Cowen, on November 9, 1854, St. Louis, Mo.
  • Lucy Ann Kirkham was born 1822.  She married Lewis Montague.
  • Martha Rebecca Kirkham was born 1824.  She married William E Alley in 1853 in Wake county, North Carolina.
  • Robert Kirkham was born about 1830.
  • Rosa Kirkham was born 1829.
  • Jacob Kirkham was born 1830.
  • Thomas Emmett Kirkham was born 1833.
  • Emily Virginia Kirkham was born about 1836. She married William Irving Smith.
Dau. daughter Kirkham. She married Michael Rosser.  
Dau. Hannah Kirkham was born ????. She married Abraham Hostellor about February 20, 1790 in Petersburg, Virginia.