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Jeffries notes:

Census records:

1840 VA, Mecklenburg county:

Rebecca Jeffries, head of house, consisting of:
1 male, of 10 and under 15 years
1 male, of 20 and under 30 years
3 females, of 10 and under 15 years
2 females, of 15 and under 20 years
2 females, of 20 and under 30 years
1 female, of 40 and under 50 years


1850 VA, Mecklenburg county:
Pagename: age:  occupation:  value of
real estate: 
119William R. Jeffries35 VA
Catherine Jeffries28
121 Latney M. Gregory  52   VA
Susan Gregory42 VA
Martha Gregory7 VA
Lucy Gregory5 VA
Virginia Gregory4 VA
James Gregory2 VA
124 Rebecca Jeffreys60 VA
Lucy Jeffreys40 VA
Virginia Jeffreys38 VA
John Jeffreys25 VA

(Susan married LM Gregory 1839)
(Virginia married Achillis Puryear 1850, his 2nd wife)


1860 MS, Desoto county, Post Office - Looxahoma:

Page: name:age:   occupation:   1 2 birthplace:  
72L. M. Gregory65   farmer   $2,760   $16,185   VA
Rebecca Jeffreys   72 VA
Lucy A. Jeffreys47 VA
M. A. Gregory18 VA
Lucy Y. Gregory16 VA
Alice A. Gregory12 VA
J. N. Gregory11 VA
Wm. A. Louse20 TN

1. Value of real estate.
2. Value of personal estate.