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Timothy and Hepsey Fisher

Timothy Fisher was born c. 1795-1800 in the Creek Nation, Alabama to Josiah Fisher, a white man from Pennsylvania and Semahoway, a Creek (or Chickasaw?) Indian. The Fishers resided primarily in Clarke county, Alabama near Gainestown. Timothy and his brother William emigrated alone to Oklahoma in June 1833. Timothy's brother Samuel Fisher emigrated in 1847 and later founded Fishertown, Oklahoma. In Oklahoma Timothy married Hepsey, a Creek Indian. Records indicate that Hepsey was part of the "McIntosh group" of Creeks who self-emigrated to Oklahoma in the late 1820s before the main Removal of the Creeks in the mid 1830s. She may have been a member of the Reed family. Timothy's family according to early census records was affiliated with the "War ko kiye/War ko kaye" tribal town but later census records show a shift to the Thlopthlocco tribal town. His brother Samuel's family affiliated with the Tuskegee tribal town. Timothy died after 1859 and Hepsey died after 1867.   [Notes]

Descendants of Timothy and Hepsey Fisher:

  • Mariah/Molia Fisher was born 1835-38 OK. She married ? Bruner. She married Taylor Postoak. She married Soda Fife. Mariah died Jan. 10, 1907.
      Children by ? Bruner:
    • Eli Bruner was born 1858. He married Salina Postoak. Eli died 1897.

      • Megually Bruner
      • Arlinger Bruner
      • Patty Bruner

      Children by Taylor Postoak:
    • Lincoln Postoak was born 1868 OK. He married Lillie May Buster, Jan. 27, 1891. Lincoln died Aug. 21, 1948.

      • Tecumseh Postoak
      • Grace Postoak
      • Nannie Postoak
      • John T Postoak
      • Arthur E Postoak
      • Hattie L Postoak
      • Sarah Postoak
      • Phebe Postoak
      • Alice Postoak
      • Ramona Postoak

    • Phoebe Postoak
    • Sally Postoak

  • Amos Fisher was born 1844-47 OK. He married Aggie Postoak. Amos died c 1923.
    • Lucy Fisher
    • Callie Fisher
    • Cheparney Fisher

  • Elizabeth Fisher was born 1854-55 OK. She married Sam McKinney. She married Dick Fier. Elizabeth died July 20, 1922.
      Children by Sam McKinney:
    • Unah McKinney
    • Hepsey McKinney
    • Roley McKinney
    • Susie McKinney

      Children by Dick Fier:
    • Emma Fire
    • Hattie Fire

  • James Fisher born 1858-59 OK. He married Hannah Barnett. James died Dec. 20, 1927.

    • Seaborn Fisher was born c 1878. He married Rosa Tompkins. Seaborn died Nov. 23, 1937 Los Angeles, CA.
      • Elsie Fisher
      • Frances L Fisher
      • Lawrence H Fisher
      • Marian L Fisher

    • William Fisher was born c 1880. He married Louisa Jones. He married Kogee Simmons, 1910. He married Vester Gilroy. William died Jan. 6, 1974 Beggs, OK and was buried in the Barnett-Fisher family cemetery, near Bryant, OK.

        Children by Louisa Jones:
      • William Taft Fisher

        Children by Kogee Simmons:
      • Johnny Fisher
      • Eli Fisher
      • Jane Fisher
      • Manna Fisher
      • Dave Fisher
      • Elizabeth Fisher
      • Lena May Fisher
      • Alice Hannah Fisher
      • Lige Sam Fisher
      • John Fisher

        Children by Vester Gilroy:
      • Amos B Fisher
      • Pauline Fisher
      • Bill Fisher
      • Esther E Fisher
      • Lawrence Fisher
      • Daniel Fisher
      • Catherine Fisher

    • Daniel Fisher was born 1882-88. Daniel died 1930s. Very little is know about him.

    • Mariah Fisher was born c 1888. She married John Tompkins. Mariah died Dec. 10, 1966 Okemah, OK.
      • Alcie Tompkins
      • John E Tompkins
      • Fred Tompkins
      • Della Tompkins

    • Lewis Fisher was born 1898. He married Bessie Baum. He married May McDaniels. Lewis died Oct. 21, 1953 OK.
        Children by Bessie Baum:
      • Goldie Fisher
      • Frank Fisher
      • Dewey Fisher

        Children by May McDaniels:
      • Hollis G Fisher
      • Alivna L Fisher
      • Beulah M Fisher
      • Maggie F Fisher
      • Mack M Fisher
      • Hannah S Fisher
      • Seborn B Fisher

    Assumed to be other children of Timothy and Hepsey.

  • Eliza Fisher was born ?. She married George Sullivan. Eliza died ?.
      children by George Sullivan:
    • Louisa Sullivan was born c 1875. Loiusa died June 3, 1974.
    • Mary Sullivan was born 1868-70. Mary died 1900-04.

  • Elijah Fisher was born c 1843. He married Sally. He married Tochee Barnett. He married "Sim Hohye". Elijah died c 1895.
      Children by Sally:
    • no known children

      Children by Tochee Barnett:
    • Sampson (Barnett) was born c 1888
    • Betsey Fisher was born c 1876

      Children by "Sim Hohye":
    • Timmy Fisher was born 1875-77. Timmy died May 1899.

  • David Fisher was born 1845-1847. He married Larney (c1852-1890s). David died 1882-1899.

    • Joe Fisher was born c 1874. He married Nancy Tiner. He married Mary Sevier. Joe died Feb. 2, 1911.
        Children by Nancy Tiner:
      • Alice Fisher
      • Yarner Fisher
      • Lizzie Fisher
      • Bertha Fisher
      • Eddie Fisher
      • Bennie Fisher
      • Fannie Fisher
      • Little Joe Fisher

        Children by Mary Sevier:
      • Albert Fisher
      • Amos Fisher

    • Lucy Fisher was born 1878-80. She married Henry Harry. She married Tom Barnett. Lucy died Sept. 12, 1899.
        Children by Henry Harry:
      • Rufus Harry
        Children by Tom Barnett:
      • Louisa Barnett
      • Himer Barnett

    • Susan Fisher was born c 1879.