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Joseph Deaton and Sarah McNew family

(Last updated Oct. 6, 2016)


Joseph Deaton was born about 1815 in Montgomery county, North Carolina.  He married Sarah McNew in the 1830s in Alabama or Tennessee.  Joseph was living in Dekalb county, Alabama from at least 1836 to 1850. Joseph was living in Williamson county, Illinois in 1860. Joseph died "Sep. 25, 1866" presumably in Williamson co., Illinois. Census Records:

Wife &

Sarah McNew was born about 1820 in Tennessee, parent's unknown.  After Joseph's death Sarah and several children moved to Arkansas settling in Conway county, some stayed in Illinois. Sarah Deaton died after 1870 presumably in Conway county, Arkansas.  [notes]
Dau. Martha J Deaton was born circa 1836 in DeKalb county, Alabama. She married Jesse Lollis on July 20, 1852 in Williamson co., Illinois. Marinoistha died "Dec. 12, 1912".
  • Armind Lollis was born about 1854 Illinois.
  • David Lollis was born about 1856 Williamson co., Illinois.
  • Thomas Lollis was born about 1858 Illinois.
  • Frank Lollis was born about 1865 Illinois.
  • Isaac Lollis was born about 1868 Illinois.
  • Sarah Lollis was born about 1870 Illinois.
Son Thomas Deaton was born in Oct. 1838 in DeKalb county, Alabama. He married Sarah A. Lollis on June 6, 1862 in Johnson co., Illinois. Thomas died Dec. 18, 1912 and was buried Henshaw cemetery, Stonefort, Illinois.
  • Thomas Jefferson Deaton was born about 1861.
  • Sarah Elizabeth Deaton was born March 28, 1863.
  • Mary Alice Deaton was born June 21, 1867.
  • William F. Deaton was born Sep. 18, 1869.
  • Benjamin Deaton was born Sept. 28, 1871.
  • John R. Deaton was born Aug. 10, 1874.
Dau. Delitha Tabitha Deaton was born circa 1839 in DeKalb co., Alabama. She married William Henshaw (1840-) on Dec. 16, 1857 in Williamson co., Illinois.
  • children unknown
Dau. Louisa Deaton was born circa 1841 in DeKalb county, Alabama. She married William Murray, Aug. 14, 1859 Williamson co., Illinois.
  • children unknown
Dau. Mary Ann "Polly" Deaton was born circa 1843 in DeKalb county, Alabama. She married John Calvin Halsell, June 4, 1863, Williamson co., Illinois. John died about 1885 possibly in Searcy county, Arkansas. Mary died about 1894 at Stonewall, Pontotoc co., Oklahoma.
  • Sarah Jane Halsell was born June 25, 1864 Williamson co., Illinois. She married Francis M Adams Jan. 24, 1886 Searcy co., Arkansas. Sarah died Aug. 15, 1943 near Castle, Okfuskee co., OK.
  • Louisa W. Halsell was born Dec. 16, 1866 Illinois. Louisa died April 6, 1942 AR and was buried Middleton cem., Conway co., Arkansas.
  • Amanda Melvina Halsell was born Feb. 28, 1868 Johnson co., Illinois. She married Moses Delford Hall abt 1888. Amanda died Aug. 16, 1923 and was buried Foster cem., Van Buren co., Arkansas.
  • Thomas Jefferson Halsell was born Oct. 1869 Conway county, Arkansas. He married Laura Brummet abt 1896. Thomas died Nov. 11, 1948 Fittstown, OK and was buried Rosedale cem., Ada, OK.
  • Martha Ellen Halsell was born April 7, 1871 Arkansas. She married Fountain Pitts Armstrong Aug. 23, 1894 Stonewall, OK. Martha died Aug. 16, 1920 Walden, CO and was buried Walden, CO.
  • Tennessee Halsell was born c 1873 Arkansas. She married ? Brent. She married James Thomas Hallmark Oct. 28, 1905 Pontotoc co., OK. Tennessee died ?
  • Frank Calvin Halsell was born Jan. 18, 1875 Arkansas. He married Irene Rosalee Clairday. Frank died about 1921.
  • Winey Brunette Halsell was born c 1878 Arkansas. She married ? Flippo. She married John Murphy 1904 near Moody, OK. Winey died ?
  • John R. Halsell was born c April 1880 Arkansas.
  • Margaret Permelia Josephine Halsell was born Aug. 5, 1882 Searcy co., Arkansas. She married Robert Lee Mannon Jan. 5, 1897 Stonewall, OK. Margaret died July 28, 1950 Oktaha, OK and was buried Hillcrest cem., Weleetka, OK.
Son William Deaton was born circa 1845 in DeKalb county, Alabama. 
Son James S. Deaton was born in March 1847 in DeKalb county, Alabama.  He married Paulina? Lollis, Sep. 20, 1866 Williamson co., Illinois. James died Dec. 25, 1930.
  • Sarah Deaton was born c 1871 Williamson co., Illinois.
  • Thomas H. Deaton was born Jan. 1873 Williamson co., Illinois.
  • Arthur Deaton was born July 1879 Williamson co., Illinois.
  • Manzy Deaton was born Aug. 1888 Williamson co., Illinois.
Son John Brantly Deaton was born April 11, 1849 in DeKalb county, Alabama. He married Nancy M McIntire, Feb. 8, 1872 Conway co., Arkansas. He remarried to Lucia Augustine Gay, Dec. 31, 1896. John died "1907".
  • Sarah A Deaton was born c 1873 Arkansas.
  • Joseph Champion Deaton was born March 1875 Arkansas.
  • James T. Deaton was born Dec. 1878 Arkansas.
  • William Riley Deaton was born Dec. 1884 Arkansas.
  • Preston Deaton was born Jan. 1888 Arkansas.
Son Solomon Deaton was born circa 1856 in Illinois. He married Margaret Adair?
  • James R. Deaton was born c 1879 Conway? co., Arkansas.
Son Preston Deaton was born Dec 1859-Jan. 1860 in Williamson county, Illinois. He married Mrs. Susan Moreland (1850-).
  • children unknown