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Walter Burris (Burrus) of South Carolina,
Kentucky and Missouri

(Last updated Dec. 3, 2017)

Nov. 12, 2016 updates: 

1.  Recent Y-DNA analysis confirms that direct male-line descendants of Walter Burris share paternal ancestry with direct male-line descendants of David Burris (1774 SC - 1849 MO) and also Isaiah Burris (1776 SC - 1850s MO).  See the Burris DNA page at for details.

Here is a 17 page PDF titled "The Case of Walter Burris" that summarizes some of the cluster genealogy research into Walter Burris and his likely brother David Burris.  The PDF was last updated Nov. 8, 2017.


Walter Burris (Burrus) was born 1761-1770 and place unknown (if not South Carolina).  His father was likely William Burris (originally Burrows) who is documented in Laurens County, South Carolina as early as 1769.  This Burris family moved to Kentucky about 1795-1796.  It's unclear if the William Burris living in Laurens county, South Carolina in 1769 is the exact same William Burris living in Clark county, Kentucky in the late 1790s and early 1800s. The earlier one maybe the senior William Burris and the other maybe the junior William Burris. 

Walter Burris can be directly connected to David Burris (born 1770s SC) via a legal document and to Isaiah Burris (born 1776 SC) via a marriage bond.  David Burris can be directly connected to Thomas Burris (born 1770s). 
Census and tax records:

1790 SC, Laurens co., p. 431
 The overlapping of 10 years of tax roll data in Kentucky and other records supports a related group consisting of Walter, William, David, Thomas and Isaiah Burris. 

Later several descendants of Walter, David and Thomas are documented living near each other in various counties in north Texas.  Click here for more information. 

In 1809 or 1810 Walter Burris and David Burris moved to Missouri settling at or near the "Loutre Island Settlement" in Montgomery county.  By 1811 Walter and David had moved west and settled in the area that became Boonville, Cooper county, Missouri.  Between 1818 and 1820 Walter Burris moved southeast into Cole co., Missouri (maybe current Burris Fork Twp, Moniteau county).  Between 1831 and 1834 Walter Burris moved to Jackson co., Missouri.

Walter Burris was probably a farmer which was the most common occupation at the time.  Many of the Burris/Burrus families in central Missouri were also involved with grain milling.   

Walter Burris was married at least twice.  He married his first wife (unknown) probably in Laurens county, South Carolina mid-late 1780s.  His second wife was Lydia Barnes who he married in Kentucky in 1807.  

Walter Burris died in late 1839 in Jackson co., Missouri where his estate was administered by his son Henry Burris.   Walter's exact death date is unknown and his exact burial place is unknown.

[Research proves our Walter Burris is not the Walter Burrus that lived all his life in Albemarle co., Virginia.  They were two different men with two different families living far apart.  It's possible they were cousins though.  Unfortunately most Ancestry "trees" have them merged as one person.  See the extensive notes and documentation below the genealogy portion of this page.]
1800 KY, Madison co. (bond)
1803 KY, Madison co., tax roll
1804 KY, Clark co., tax roll
1805 KY, Clark co., tax roll
1806 KY, Clark co., tax roll
1808 KY, Clark co., tax roll

1810 MO, Loutre Island Sett.

1817 MO, Howard co., tax roll 

1830 MO, Cole co., p. 194

[more records] 

Wife 1 &

Walter Burris' first wife is currently unknown and would not be Mary Lively for reasons stated. 

Walter and his first wife were probably married in Laurens county, South Carolina at least a few years prior to 1790.  Unfortunately there are no existing early marriage records for Laurens county so her name may never be known if it can not be found in court records.

The 1790 Census indicates that Walter and his first wife had at least two sons by 1790 one probably being Henry Burris.  The 1790 census lists only one female in the household but it's uncertain if this is his wife or a daughter.

It is not know when or where she died or if they stayed married.
Census and tax records:

1790 SC, Laurens co., p. 431
Son John Burris was probably born in the late 1780s in Laurens county, South Carolina.  Henry Burris in his administrator's bond for Walter's estate makes a list of Walter's children that appears to be in birth order and John Burris is listed first after wife Lydia and then Henry Burris so John Burris is placed here.  John is not mentioned in Walter's will only in the administrator's bond.  John Burris served in the Missouri Militia with his brother Henry in 1814.   There was John Burris that died in Cass county, Missouri prior to Feb 14, 1856.  It's not known if he was married or had children. He can not be found on the 1840 or 1850 census. 1790 SC, Laurens co., p. 431
(male under 16 years)
Son Henry Burris was born about 1790 South Carolina and was "reared" in Kentucky.  Henry served in the Missouri Militia with his brother John in 1814.  Henry moved to Jackson co., Missouri in 1825; then to Cass co., Missouri in 1831; and then to Johnson co., Missouri in 1842. Henry is mentioned in a  local history as "a cousin of Mastin Burris" and was a Cass County judge.  Henry was the executor of his father's estate.  His wife's name is currently unknown.   In the biography of Henry's son David Burris it states that David's parent both died when he was about 20 years which would be about 1844.  Henry  died after July 12, 1845 when Thomas Burris made him the executor of his estate and before November 8, 1847 when the Cass county probate court ordered his small estate be given to his wife. 

The daughters listed below are connected only based on proximity in the 1850 census.  Only William, David, and Benjamin can be proven as children.  
  • John Burris was born about 1815-20.
  • (male) Burris was born about 1815-20.
  • (male) Burris was born about 1815-20.
  • William Burris was born March 29, 1820 Missouri. He married Elizabeth Davidson, March 28, 1843 Cass co., Missouri. William died July 15, 1888 Sonoma, CA and was buried Mountain View cem., Sonoma, CA.  
  • David Burris was born Jan. 6, 1824 Old Franklin, Cooper co., Missouri. In 1850 he moved to Sonoma co., CA. He married Julia Ann Wilburn (dau of Hiram and Phoeba), 1857, Sacramento co., CA. David died Jan. 5, 1904 Sonoma, CA and his ashes were interred at Mt. Olivet Mem. Park, Colma, California.  David was prominent banker and had a winery in Sonoma. 
  • (female) Burris was born about 1825 Missouri.
  • Elizabeth Burris was born about 1827 Missouri.  She married William Jasper Wilburn (son of Hiram and Phoeba), April 25, 1858 Monterey co., CA.
  • Sarah Burris was born about 1829 Missouri.
  • Susannah Burris was born about 1832 Missouri. She married John Luther Bigham, Nov. 6, 1850 Cass co., MO.  They moved to California.
  • Benjamin Franklin Burris was born July 31, 1833 Pleasant Hill, Cass co., Missouri. He moved to California and was a traveling Methodist minister.  He married Agnes Montgomery, Oct. 23, 1890 San Francisco. Benjamin died July 24, 1898 Alameda, Alameda co., CA.
  • Mary Burris was born about 1833 Missouri.
1790 SC, Laurens co., p. 431
(male under 16 years?)

1830 MO, Jackson co., p.306

1840 MO, Van Buren co., p.146
(Van Buren = Cass)


Wife 2 &

(Md. May
 28, 1807)
Lydia Barnes was born about 1790 in South Carolina.  Her parents were probably from the Barnes family of Estill county, Kentucky that came from North Carolina.  In Estill county there is a Barnes Mountain and a Barnes cemetery.  Isaiah Burris lived close to members of the Barnes family in Estill county, Kentucky and Walter Burris evidently lived with or near Isaiah Burris.

Walter Burris (Burrus) and Lydia Barnes were married on May 28, 1807 in Clark co., Kentucky.  Lydia Barnes was 17 or 18 years old. The surety for the marriage license was William Barnes who was likely her father, uncle or brother. 

Lydia lived with her grandson Walter Green (assumed) and her son William B Burris after Walter's death.  Lydia died after 1860 in Kansas or possibly Colorado.  
Census and tax records:

1830 MO, Cole co., p. 194
1840 MO, Jackson co., [with ?]
1850 MO, DeKalb co., p. 431
1860 KS, Jefferson co., p.41 
Dau. Rebecca Burris was born 1808 (or 1810) in Kentucky. She married Elijah Green on March 18, 1831 in Cole co., Missouri. Rebecca (and Elijah) apparently died before 1850.  [click for more]
  • Walter B. Green was born about 1835 Missouri. He is assumed to be their child. He was living with (his presumed grandmother) Lydia Burris in 1850.  Walter married Amanda Porter, Nov. 19, 1857 in DeKalb co., Missouri.  The minister was his uncle William B Burris.
1830 MO, Lafayette co., p.253
1850 MO, DeKalb co., p. 431
1860 KS, Jefferson co., p 413-A
1870 MO, DeKalb co., page 43
Dau. Nancy Burris was born about 1809 in Kentucky probably in Estill county (formerly southern Clark county). She married Ebenezer Vernon before 1826 in Missouri. No marriage record has been found. Nancy died after 1880 presumably in Franklin co., Missouri where she is last documented.  
  • Nehemiah Vernon (twin) was born March 26, 1826 Cole co., Missouri.  He married Nancy E. Tracy.  He died March 23, 1907 Sulphur, Murray co., Oklahoma.
  • Lydia Vernon (twin) was born March 26, 1826 Cole co., Missouri.  She married Samuel Long, Sept. 22, 1842 Miller co., Missouri.  She probably died about 1854-1856 because Samuel remarried.
  • Ezekiel Vernon was born about 1828 Missouri and died "1851". No more info.
  • John Vernon was born May 1830 Missouri and died Aug. 3, 1903 in Polk co., Oregon. His biography specifically mentions his father Ebenezer Vernon "born in Tennessee" and mother Nancy Burris as "a native of Kentucky".
  • Isaac T. Vernon was born about 1831 Missouri. He maybe the teacher Isaac Vernon that died 1859 and was buried Laclede co., Missouri.
  • Rebecca Vernon was born about 1831 Missouri.  She married John H. McCastland, Dec. 23, 1852. 
  • Thomas L (Berry) Vernon was born about 1833 Missouri.  He married Isadore D. Dooley, March 15, 1854 Missouri.  Thomas died August 1889 in Collin co., Texas.
  • Mary "Polly" K. Vernon was born Oct. 4, 1836 Missouri.  She married William Grandstaff on April 27, 1854.  She died April 21, 1914 in Miller co., Missouri. 
  • James M. Vernon was born Jan. 23, 1838 Missouri. He married Sarah Jane Fisher, Dec. 23, 1873 Franklin co., Missouri.  James moved to Texas in the 1880s and died in Caddo Mills, Hunt co., Texas on April 20, 1905. 
  • George J. Vernon was born July 5, 1841 Miller co., Missouri and died "Aug. 21, 1841" Missouri. 
  • William E. Vernon was born about 1842 Miller co., Missouri.  He married Mary E ???.  They evidently moved to Sipe Springs, Texas by 1882.  William died about 1891. They had a son John Frank Vernon (1867-1901). Mary died in 1923 in Cisco, Texas.
  • Charity Vernon was born 1844 Miller co., Missouri.  She died after 1860.  No more info.
  • Nancy Jane Vernon was born Aug. 1, 1847 Miller co., Missouri.  She married Price Harvey and Nathaniel Chiles.  Nancy died April 20, 1919 Jefferson City, Cole co., Missouri.
  • Miles P. Vernon was born about 1849 Miller co., Missouri.  No more info.
1830 MO, Cole co., p.  194

1840 MO, Miller co., p. 117
  (Miller taken from Cole)

1850 MO, Miller co., p. 412

1860 MO, Miller co., p. 474

1870 MO, Franklin co., p 76
  (Boeuf Twp.)

1880 MO, Franklin co., ED 67,
Page 15.  (Boeuf Twp.)
Son William B. Burris was born about 1811 in Missouri. He married Besheba Masters, Jan. 30, 1834 Jackson co., Missouri.  This family lived in Missouri, Kansas, and Colorado. William died after 1870 place unknown. 
  • Margaret Burris was born Nov. 14, 1836 Missouri.  She married George Corban, Sept. 13, 1855 DeKalb co., Missouri.  She died June 20, 1919 Los Angeles, CA.
  • Lilburn Byron Burris was born Dec. 22, 1837 Jackson co., Missouri.  He married Hannah Lorinda Hall, June 16, 1857 DeKalb co., Missouri.  He died April 1879. 
  • Walter Burris was born Nov. 18, 1840 Missouri.  He married Clarinda Blodgett July 30,  1868.  He died June 21, 1903.
  • Lydia A Burris was born about 1843 Missouri.
  • William Burris was born about 1845 Missouri.  He married Eliza Carroll, Dec. 13, 1868.
  • Mary Burris was born about 1847 Missouri.
  • Barnes Clark Burris was born about 1849 Missouri.  He died  June 16, 1932. [Note the first and middle name]    
  • Thomas Burris was born about 1849 Missouri.
  • Zachariah Burris was born July 6, 1854.  He married Mary Elizabeth Smith, Dec. 24, 1874.  He died Nov. 6, 1932.
1840 MO, Jackson co., p.76

1850 MO, DeKalb co., p. 431

1860 KS, Jefferson co., p. 417

1870 CO, Douglass co., p. 4
Dau. Alice Burris was born about 1813 in Missouri. She married Abraham Crabtree, Aug. 6, 1929 in Cole co., Missouri.  Abraham was believed to have been killed sometime around 1860 by "Bush Whackers".
  • Martha Crabtree was born about 1830 Missouri.
  • Walter Crabtree was born about 1832 Missouri.
  • James Crabtree was born about 1834 Missouri.  He married Louise Francis Morris.  This family evidently traveled with his uncle Thomas Burris.  James died in Arizona about 1899. 
  • Lydia Crabtree was born about 1836 Missouri.
  • John Crabtree was born about 1838 Missouri.
  • William Crabtree was born about 1840 Missouri.
  • Thomas B. Crabtree was born about 1842 Missouri.
  • Zachariah Crabtree was born about 1844 Missouri.
  • Sarah Crabtree was born about 1846 Missouri.
  • Reece Crabtree was born about 1848 Missouri.
  • Mark Crabtree was born Oct. 1849 Missouri.
  • Albert Crabtree was born about 1854 Missouri.
  • Elizabeth Crabtree was born about 1852 Missouri.
1830 MO, Cole co., p.196

1840 MO, Jackson co., p.63

1850 MO, McDonald co., p.108

1860 MO, McDonald co., p.92
Dau. Mary "Polly" Burris was born September 17, 1814 (or Sept. 16, 1813) in Howard? co., Missouri. She married Isaac Crabtree early 1830s (no record). Isaac is assumed to have died between 1843 and 1847.  Mary remarried to John Williams on Jan. 25, 1847 in Jasper co., Missouri. They migrated to Collin co., Texas in 1851. John died Dec. 13, 1888 and Mary died June 15, 1892. They were both buried in Stiff Chapel cemetery, Collin co., Texas about 8 miles northeast of McKinney.
    Children by Isaac Crabtree:
  • Rebecca Crabtree, died young.
  • Lydia Crabtree was born about 1837 Missouri. She married James K. Howard, Oct. 10, 1853 Collin co., Texas. James and two brothers were murdered in February 1862. Lydia remarried to John R. Broughton, April 5, 1870 Collin co., Texas. Lydia died March 19, 1902 Ada?, Pontotoc co., OK.
  • Whitaker A. Crabtree was born Oct. 30, 1838 Missouri. He married Martha Jane Morrow, Dec. 7, 1865 Collin co., Texas. Martha died Dec. 17, 1899 and Whitaker died Oct. 28, 1908 in Erath co., Texas. They were buried Huckabay cem., Erath co., Texas.
  • Mary Ann Crabtree was born about 1839 Missouri. She married Alexander Rice, Oct. 16, 1857, Collin co., Texas. Mary died ??
  • Nancy Jane Crabtree was born about 1841 Missouri. She married Pulaski Bell Farley, Nov. 2, 1860, Collin co., Texas. Nancy died 1860-63.
  • Reece Crabtree was born July 16, 1842 Missouri. He married Sarah Ann Cranford, June 28, 1866, Collin co., Texas. Reece died about 1917 near Steedman, OK.  
  • Isaac Crabtree, died young.
    Children by John Williams:
  • Elizabeth "Bettie" Williams was born Dec. 5, 1848 in Jasper co., Missouri.
  • Sarah Williams was born c 1849 in Jasper co., Missouri.
  • Justin Louvenia? Williams was born Dec. 16, 1850 in Jasper co., Missouri.
  • Angeline "Ann" Williams was born Oct. 1852 Collin? co., Texas.  She lived with her nephew Matt Millican and died after 1920.  Her death date and burial place are unknown.
  • Prudence "Prudy" Williams was born July 20, 1854 Collin co., Texas.
  • Miles Burris Williams was born May 22, 1856 Collin co., Texas.
  • Margaret Ellen Williams was born July 7, 1858 Collin co., Texas.
1840 MO, Jackson co., p.

1850 MO, Jasper co., p.

1860 TX, Collin co., p.49

1870 TX, Collin co., p.322

1880 TX, Collin co., ED 17, p.28
Son Thomas W Burris was born about 1816 Missouri. He married Sidonia Barker, April 4, 1839, Lafayette co., Missouri. The Barker family traces back to Estill co., Kentucky and Sidonia was a cousin of Mary Barker who married Zachariah Burris below.  

Thomas and Sidonia Burris lived in: Dallas co., Texas; Tulare co., California; San Diego co., California; and Phoenix, Arizona. Thomas died in or near Phoenix, Maricopa co., Arizona Jan. 11, 1897.
  • James Marshall Burris was born about 1842 Missouri.  He married Arthusa Ellender Morris, Nov. 15, 1866 San Diego co., CA.  He died Feb. 15, 1911 Phoenix, Maricopa co., AZ.
  • Lydia M. Burris was born about 1844 Missouri. Nothing else is known.
  • Mary Elizabeth Burris was born about 1847 Missouri. She married John Azbell (Azbill), July 12, 1862 Tulare co., CA. Mary died July 2, 1928 Merced, CA.   
  • Joshua Burris was born about 1849 Texas.  He married Margaret Josephine Price.  He died in Arizona, date unknown.
  • Nancy Ellen Burris was born 1851 Dallas co., Texas.  She married Leonidas Lynn Morris, Dec. 16, 1869 San Diego co., CA.  Nancy died Sept. 18, 1929 Hemet, Riverside co., CA.
  • Henry Burris was born May 10, 1853/4 Dallas co., TX.  He married Mary Davis.  Henry died July 21, 1923 Sunnyside, San Diego Co., CA.
  • Julia Burris was born about 1858 CA.  Nothing else is known.
  • Martha Burris was born about 1860 CA.  She may have married Clinton D Adams.
1840 MO, Platte co., p. 117
(Thomas Burroughs?)

1850 TX, Dallas co., p.75

1860 CA, Tulare co., p.11

1870 CA, San Diego co., p.477

1882 AZ, Yavapai co.,
Son Zachariah Burris was born about 1818 in Missouri. He married Mary Barker, Feb. 20, 1842 in Platte co., Missouri. Mary Barker  was a cousin of Sidonia Barker who married Thomas Burris above.  

Zachariah and Mary were in Dallas co., Texas in 1850 and Wise co., Texas in 1860.  Zachariah wrote a will in 1862 (filed Wise county, Texas) and nothing more is known about them after 1862. 
1850 TX, Dallas co., p.75

1860 TX, Wise co., p.340,
post office: Cactus Hill

1858-62 TX, Wise county
  (tax lists)
Dau. Rachel Burris was born about 1820 in Missouri. She married Reece Crabtree, Jan. 10, 1839 in Jackson co., Missouri. Rachel died between 1850 and Aug 1851.  Reece remarried to Mary J. Mills on Aug. 15, 1851 Jasper co., Missouri.
    Children by Reece Crabtree and Rachel Burris:
  • Isaac Crabtree was born about 1839 Missouri.  He married Cassander Jolly, Dec. 21, 1865 Hunt co., Texas.  Isaac died 1865-67 and she remarried to Redmond Carter Dec, 12, 1867.
  • Lydia A. Crabtree was born about 1842-4 Missouri.  She married James Crabtree, Jan. 14, 1874 Grayson co., Texas.
  • Mary Crabtree was born about 1848 Missouri.  She married John E. Rochell, Jan. 28, 1866 Hunt co., Texas.
  • Sarah Elizabeth Crabtree was born April 1850 Missouri.  She married Thomas McBride, Sep. 16, 1865 Hunt co., Texas.  Sarah died 1876 in Hunt co., Texas.
    Children of Reece Crabtree and Mary J Mills:
  • Hugh J. Crabtree was born about 1852 Missouri.
  • Nancy A. Crabtree was born about 1856 Missouri.
  • Delph? Crabtree was born about 1859 Texas.
  • Belinda? Crabtree was born March 1860 Texas.
  • Joseph F. Carbtree was born May 1866 Texas.  He married Mary S. ?.
  • Lucy F. Crabtree was born about 1867 Texas.
  • David W. Crabtree was born about 1868 Texas.
1840 MO, Newton co., p.250

1850 MO, McDonald co., p.109

1860 TX, Hunt co., p.324

1870 TX, Grayson co., p.115

1880 TX, Erath co., ED 149, p.23
Dau. Prudence Burris was born 1822-24 in Missouri. She married John J. Flannery, Dec. 24, 1839 in Jackson co., Missouri. They moved to Collin co., Texas in the 1850s. Prudence died in the 1870s in Wise co., Texas.
  • James Flannery was born about probably in Jackson county, Missouri.
  • William Burris Flannery was born Aug. 4, 1843 in DeKalb county, Missouri.  William died Feb. 21, 1911 in Celina, Collin county, Texas.
  • Nancy Jane Flannery was born about 1846 in Missouri.  Nancy married (1) Adam Millican, (2) Nathaniel Petty, and (3) James Recer.  Nancy died 1876-1880 in Collin county, Texas.
  • Thomas G. Flannery was born about 1848 in Missouri.
  • Rebecca Ann Flannery was born Feb 1849 in Missouri.  Rebecca married Thomas Recer.  Rebecca died 1915-1916.
  • Polly Ann Flannery was born Sept. 28, 1852 in Missouri.  Polly married John R Recer.  Polly died Sept. 26, 1922 in Farmersville, Collin county, Texas.
  • Lydia Ann Flannery was born Oct. 11, 1855 in Wills Point, Collin county, Texas. Lydia married John P Stalcup.  Lydia died May 22, 1929 in Depew, Creek county, Oklahoma.
  • Susannah A Flannery was born about 1858 in Texas.  Susannah married John M Gaither.  Susannah died about 1896 in "Woodlawn" (unverified).
  • John L. Flannery was born about July 26, 1861 in Texas. John married Nancy Lee.  John died March 30, 1925 in Wise county, Texas.
  • Martha Flannery was born about April 26, 1865 in Texas.  Martha married John Sanford Johns.  Martha died Jan. 25, 1938 in Denton, Denton county, Texas.
1840 MO, Jackson co., p.76

1850 MO, DeKalb co., p.433

1860 TX, Collin co., p.36

1870 TX, Collin co., p.452
Son Walter Burris was born about 1825 in Missouri. He married Martha Ann Dalton (1827-1893), May 3, 1846 in Dekalb co., Missouri.  This family lived in Dekalb co., Missouri in 1850 and Jefferson co., Kansas in 1860 next to William B. Burris.  Walter died Dec. 11, 1864 at the Jefferson Barracks, St. Louis, Missouri.  Martha remarried to George Long .
  • William F. Burris was born April 28, 1847 Dekalb co., Missouri.  William died April 2, 1873 Jefferson co., Kansas
  • Alvin Peter Burris was born Feb. 27, 1850 Dekalb co., Missouri. Alvin died Feb. 24, 1924 Jefferson co., Kansas
  • Solomon D. Burris was born June 25, 1852 Missouri.  Solomon died March 10, 1867 Jefferson co., Kansas.
1850 MO, DeKalb co., p. 432

1860 KS, Jefferson co., p.417

1870 KS, Greenwood co.,
   Lane Twp., p. 4  (widow)

1880 KS, Greenwood co.,
   Lane Twp.  (widow)



Timeline, notes and documents:

Walter Burris was born between 1761 and 1770 per the 1830 census record. Walter died 11 years before the 1850 census so no census record contains a statement from him of his exact age or where he was born. The only evidence of his birthplace or location before Kentucky is by looking at the other Burris men he can be directly connected with which in this case is David Burris Sr. and Isaiah Burris who both originate in South Carolina 1770s. Three of Walter's children were alive during the 1880 census where the question of father's birthplace was asked.  Nancy Vernon and Thomas Burris both said Kentucky and Mary Williams' entry is blank so they had no information about their father prior to Kentucky. 

By using only the actual evidence and documented connections to other Burris men all the evidence points to Walter Burris being in South Carolina before Kentucky specifically Laurens county, South Carolina.   It is there we start the Walter Burris timeline in 1769 and work forward.  The following timeline details in chronological order all the evidence found so far with links to the most important documents most of which is not on Ancestry (or indexed).  At many points multiple evidences converge, overlap, or successfully predict other records helping verify this timeline. 
1769 In 1769 in Laurens county, South Carolina a William Burris [Burrows] obtained land in 1769 along Williams Creek [later named Burris Creek] which is a smaller creek that joins Rabun / Rabon Creek.   At the time Laurens county was part of a larger area called Craven county which then became "Ninety-Six District".

"Survey for William Burrows pursuant to precept dated 7 March 1769; 200 acres on waters of Rayburns Creek in Craven Co.,. Bounding SW land belonging to Joseph Babb; [Plat shows land laid out to Oliver Mathews now property of Joseph Babb.] Certified 10 April 1769. Ord. Co. 28 October 1774. Jno. Caldwell, D.S."  [SC Colonial Plats Vol. 13 page 447, item 1] Text from "Laurens County, S.C.: Rabun Creek Settlement" [page 67] [page 68]
In 1780 William Burris, William Burris Jr, appear on South Carolina Loyalist rolls for the "Little River Militia" under major Patrick Cunningham. 

In 1782 William Burris and Walter Burris appear on South Carolina Loyalist rolls. They were part of the "Little River Regiment" of the Ninety-Six Brigade which covered part of the upland area in South Carolina where Laurens County [then Ninety-Six District] is today. The service date of 1782 also helps indicate that Walter would have been at least old enough (16?) for militia service but still not born before 1761 per the 1830 census. 

"Little River Militia" muster rolls:
1780 (14 June - 13 Dec) payroll: William Burres Sen., William Burres Jun.  [They may have fought at the Battle of King's Mountain]
1780 (14 June - 30 Dec) payroll: William Burris Sen., William Burris Jun.   [They may have fought at the Battle of King's Mountain]
1781 (3 Nov - 2 Jan) payroll: William Burrows
1782 (9 March - 5 May) payroll: William Burrows, Walter Burrows
1782 (6 May - 5 Aug) payroll: Walter Burns, William Burns [common mis-transcription of "Burris"]
1782 (6 Aug - 6 Oct) payroll: Walter Burris, William Burris
1782 (6 Aug - 31 Dec) payroll: Walter Burrows, William Burrows

Scans from the book "Loyalists in the Southern Campaign of the Revolutionary War" listing Walter Burris:  [page 310],  [page 316],  [page 318], and [index]
mid  1780s Walter Burris was probably first married in Laurens county, South Carolina around 1785.  His first wife's name is still unknown.  There are no marriage records.
1786 Dec. 12, 1786: "Laurens Co., S.C. Came into Open Court Jonathan Downs, Esq. and David Allison made oath that they have known Wm. Burrows to possess a certain tract of land containing 200 acres on Williams Creek, this 18 or 20 years and no ways interrupted, in accordance with his grant of 5 December 1774, (by warrant directed by Egerton Leigh, Esq. Surveyor General, dated 7 March 1769 for this land, on waters of Reaburns Creek in Craven Co., certified 10 April 1769 by John Caldwell, SC). Lewis Saxon, CC."  [Laurens County Deed Book B: 69] Text from "Laurens County, S.C.: Rabun Creek Settlement" [page 67] [page 68]
Walter Burris' son Henry Burris born about 1790 in [Laurens county] South Carolina.  That date is based on the 1830 Census indicating he was born 1791-1800 and the 1840 Census indicating he was born 1781-1790.  So if the age ranges are both relatively correct then he was likely born near the middle of those ranges thus 1789-1791.  Henry Burris' son William B Burris was recorded on the 1880 Census (California, Sonoma county) and he reported his father was born in South Carolina and mother (unknown) in Kentucky.  Given that Henry Burris was born about 1790 it's uncertain if would be one of the young males listed on the 1790 Census (below) or if he was born right after the 1790 census.  So, the available evidence tell us Henry Burris was born about 1790 in South Carolina.  This birth state converges with the solid information that David Burris and Isaiah Burris [both directly connected to Walter] were born in South Carolina.

A 1889 biography of Luther W Burris (son of William Burris, grandson of Henry Burris, great-grandson of Walter Burris) says "William Burris was a Missourian by birth, a son of Judge [Henry] Burris, one of the settlers there before the country was taken over from the French.  His father [Henry Burris] was a member of one of the colonial families of the east, a son of a Revolutionary soldier of the name of Burroughs."    Luther W Burris biography [page 1] and [page 2]  The biography mirrors the previous information that Walter Burris served some part in the Revolutionary War and that the family name was originally Burrows (or Burroughs).
1790 In the 1790 Federal Census, South Carolina, Laurens county, there was a Walter Burress next to a William Burress [mis-transcribed on Ancestry as William Burick].  In the William Burress household the grouping of males above and older 16 years plus 7 females is consistent with a household where the oldest male is at least age 20 (2 year birth spacing).  This would mean the head of the household William Burress would probably be in his mid 40s or over in age.  Next door Walter Burris was likely in his mid 20s with two young sons.

1790 Federal census, South Carolina, Laurens co., page 431, line 30
William Burress, head of house,  [surname mis-transcribed as "Burick" on Ancestry]
4 males aged 16 and up,
2 males aged under 16 years,
7 females

1790 Federal census, South Carolina, Laurens co., page 431, line 31

Walter Burress, head of house,
1 male aged 16 and up [Walter],
2 males aged under 16 years [Henry and ??],
1 female [unknown wife]

At this point it's not known if the William Burress listed is Walter's father (William Burris Sr) or older brother/uncle (William Burris Jr).  The 1780 Loyalist Roll mentioned above indicates there was an older and younger William Burris but one may have died before the 1790 census.   It's also possible the senior William Burris is one of the "males aged 16 and up" listed in the William Burress household.  We need more evidence...
1795 Sep. 10, 1795 - "William Burris sic (Burrows), of Laurens Co., S.C, to John Blackwell, of same place, for £100 stg.; 200 acres in said county on a branch of Raiboms Creek. Bounded on SW by Joseph Babb; other sides vacant land. Hereunto said William Burrows and Rachel Burrows, his wife, have set their seals. Signed William (W his mark) Burrows, Rachel (her mark) Burrows. Wit: James Abercrombie, John Pinson. Proved by John Pinson on 18 July 1797 before Joseph Downs, J.P. Recorded 18 July 1797."  [Laurens County Deed Book F: 247] Text from "Laurens County, S.C.: Rabun Creek Settlement" [page 67] [page 68]

Oct. 21, 1795 - William Burris, of Laurens County, gives Power of Attorney to David Burriss. No relationship given. [Laurens county Deeds Vol F:33]   This would have given David Burris the power to legally act for William Burris. 

It appears David Burris stayed in Laurens county as late as 1803 (probably as late as 1807) because of the following deed.

Jan. 20, 1803: "David Burris, of Laurens Dist., S.C., to Thaddeus Sims and William Osbourn, of same place, for $400; 197 3/4 acres on waters of Rabourns Creek. Being part of a tract of an original grant to Pierce Butler, Esq., and by said Butler to D. Bize and by sundry legal conveyances to the said David Burris. [Plat shows bounding Lewis Saxon, Thos. Johnson, James Cunningham, A. Calder, John Cochran]. David Burris (LS) Wit: James Hunter, John Cochran. Proved by John Cochran 20 January 1804 before Josiah Blackwell, J.P. Dower of Mary Burris, wife of the within named David Burris given 31 March 1804 before Charles Allen, J.Q. "  [Laurens County Deed Book H: 57]  Text from "Laurens County, S.C.: Rabun Creek Settlement" [page 66]
1796 1796 Kentucky, Clark county, tax roll  [image]

May 17, 1796 - William Burrows listed next to James Box.  The same collection date indicates proximity.  William Burrows and James Box had both came from Laurens county, South Carolina.  According to the tax roll the William Burrows household contained two males aged over 21 years and two males aged over 16 years. 

This would be William Burris (senior or junior), Walter Burris (b. 1760-65), Isaiah Burris (b. 1776) and Thomas Burris (b. 1775-78).  David Burris (b. 1771-74) was probably still   living in Laurens county, South Carolina given that he was granted Power of Attorney for William Burris 7 months prior. 

James Box was the father of Muke Box and both are closely associated [documented] with both Walter Burris and Isaiah Burris. 
1799 April 9, 1799 - William Burris and Thomas Burris are recorded consecutively in the Clark county, Kentucky tax roll and with the same collection date of April 9th. The fact they are listed consequently with the same collection date in a loosely alphabetical tax roll is a good indicator of proximity living near (or with) each other and not in different areas of the county.  They had to have been taxed together at the same time and noted at the same time in the tax collector's original papers to be repeated together in the final tax roll.  [tax rolls]

It is still unclear if this is William Burris senior (presumed father) or William Burris junior (presumed brother).    This writer believes the Burris family was sharing a farm/plantation in southern Clark county close to the border with Madison county.  It may have been in the section that was made into Estill county in 1808.  Isaiah Burris' residence near the other Burris men and proximity to the Box and Barnes family seems to be consistent over the years.   
1800 May 15, 1800 - The Clark County, KY tax roll records William Burris and Isaiah Burris with same collection date of May 15th.  The same collection date in a loosely alphabetic tax roll is an indicator of close proximity.  [tax rolls]

July 7, 1800 - Walter Burris was a bondsman (with Thomas Burgin and William Lackey) for the marriage of Thomas Burgin to Nancy Owens. The bond was filed in Madison county.  [Walter Burris may have been living just over the border into Clark County while Thomas Burgin lived in Madison county.]  The permission slip signed by Nancy's mother Prudence "Oings" was witnessed by Isaiah Burris. There was no actual marriage recorded though.  This is the earliest record of Walter Burris in Kentucky and also connects Walter Burris to Isaiah Burris.  [link]
1801 Isaiah Burris married Rachel Barker on Oct. 22, 1801 and 3 weeks later Thomas Burris married Peggy Tincher on Nov. 12, 1801. Both marriages had the marrriage bonds filed in Madison county, Kentucky but the marriage record recorded in Clark county, Kentucky and performed by James Quisenberry.  This may indicate they were close to the border between those counties.  John Snethen married Prudence Bowles (1/2 sister of Muke Box mention below) on Oct. 6, 1801 in Clark county, Kentucky and that was also performed by James Quisenberry.
Walter Burris was taxed in Madison county, Kentucky in 1803 and Clark co., Kentucky from 1804 to 1808.  [tax rolls]

1803 (Aug. 11) - Kentucky, Madison county, tax roll - Walter Burris taxed on 200 acres. [image]  Walter Burris is listed consecutively and with the same collection date of Aug. 11th with William Burris and Thomas Burris.  The same collection date in a loosely alphabetic tax roll is an indicator of close proximity.

1804 (April 16) - Kentucky, Clark county, tax roll - Walter Burris taxed on personal property only (horses)  [image]
1805 (March 25) - Kentucky, Clark county, tax roll - Walter Burris taxed on personal property only (horses)  [image]
1806 (March 19) - Kentucky, Clark county, tax roll - Walter Burris taxed on personal property only (horses)  [image]
1807 - Kentucky, Clark county (no tax roll book 2).  

Walter evidently had no land in Clark county at that time and was taxed only on personal property a few horses.  Kentucky law required that all males 21 years old and up be taxed annually. Thomas Burris appears to have been a longer resident of Estill county. 

There was a Thomas Burrus Sr & Thomas Burrus Jr that also lived in Clark county but that Burrus family originated in Orange county, Virginia.  They were NOT the same Thomas Burris that lived in Estill county (formerly southern Clark county before 1808). 
1807 May 28, 1807 - Walter Burris married his second wife Lydia Barnes in Clark county, Kentucky.  The surety for the marriage was William Barnes.  The original marriage license is in the Kentucky State Archives in the Chenault family papers. David Chenault was the M.E. minister that performed the marriage. (The Zachariah Barnes family lived close to Isaiah Burris in Clark/Estill county, Kentucky.)

Marriage index to first marriage register Clark co., Kentucky, 1793-1831
"Walter Burrus to Lydia Barnes, Page 74".  Page 74: "Walter Burns to Lidia Barnes, May 28, 1807"  This book is transcribed from "Clark co., Kentucky, Marriage Register 1W" 

Clark co., Kentucky, Marriage Register 1W  [index] [Page 74] FHLC film

Marriage bonds of Clark co., Kentucky from the formation of the county in 1793 to 1850 by George F Doyle, 1933
"Walter Barnes and Lidia Barnes, surety William Barnes, April 27, 1807"  Many other Burruses listed. [Image]
1808 1808 (May 9) - Kentucky, Clark county, tax roll - Walter Burris taxed on personal property only (horses)  [image]

Daughter Rebecca Burris born about 1808 (or 1810) probably in Estill county, Kentucky. Rebecca Burris was married to Elijah Green in 1831 and if you subtract the average marriage age of 20 you get she a birth year of about 1811± 3 years.  Rebecca was born in Kentucky according to her (assumed) son's answer on the 1880 census. She would have been born at least 9 months after the marriage of her parents and by before 1811 when Walter Burris had arrived in Missouri.  Therefore she was born about mid 1808 to late 1811 and before or after Nancy was born 1809. The date can be further constricted to 1808-1810 because the 1830 Census indicates she would have been at least age 20 years old (between 20 and 29 years old).  The 1808 date is preferred in this genealogy because of the list of children of Walter Burris made by Henry Burris in 1839 which appears to be in chronological birth order.  There is no evidence she was as old as other genealogies have.
1809 Daughter Nancy Burris born in 1809 probably in Estill county, Kentucky.  This date is consistent through 4 consecutive census records.
1809 In 1809 David Burris and Walter Burris migrate from Estill county, Kentucky to Missouri apparently going to the settlement north of Loutre Island, Montgomery county, Missouri.  John Snethen, Prudence Boyles Snethen and Mary Box (Prudence's mother) also came in 1809 presumably along with the Burris family. On June 4, 1809 David Burris was last taxed in Estill county, Kentucky so the migration to Missouri was between June 1809 and July 1810 when David Burris is first documented in Missouri. (see next).  Mary Box was last taxed April 10, 1809.

It's possible they may have emigrated with the Thorp family who were neighbors.  Reminiscences by the late Judge Joseph Thorp were published in the Liberty, Missouri "Tribune" in the 1880s.

"My father, Elder William Thorp, left Madison county, Kentucky, about the 1st of August, 1809, with his wife (Frances) and seven small children, with a few household goods and implements of husbandry, packed on horses, and made his way through the wilderness to the western wilds of Missouri, landing at a place called Luther [Loutre] Island, above St. Charles, on the 9th of September following. "

1810 In July 1810 there was some sort of altercation between David Burris, Nelly Burris and John Snethen.  Charges were filed in the St Charles County Court which had jurisdiction and two cases were heard in early 1811.  The alleged altercations happened at the settlement north of Loutre Island, Montgomery county, Missouri.  In the two court files David Burris alleged that John Snethen attacked his wife Nelly Burris on July 1, 1810 and John Snethen alleged that David Burris assaulted him with a butcher knife on July 6, 1810. In the court files there is a record of a subpoena issued for Mary Box [John Snethen's mother-in-law], James Cole, Stephen Cole Jr, John Savage, William Callahan, James Moredaugh and Kerenhappuch Carter presumably as witnesses.  
1810 Dec. 20, 1810 - Benjamin Carter and Walter Burris make an agreement to pay David Burris' fine ($300) should a judgment be made against him by the Court.
1811 Feb. 27, 1811 - St. Charles county, Missouri.  The court case of "United States versus John Snethen" is heard.   The U.S. accuses Snethen of assaulting Nelly Burris on July 1, 1810.  [U.S. vs. Snethen]

March 2, 1811
- St. Charles county, Missouri.  The court case of "John Snethen versus David Burris" is heard.  Snethen accuses Burris of trespass and assault on July 6, 1810.
[Snethen vs. Burris]
1811 About 1811 (possibly because of Indian troubles) Walter Burris and David Burris moved west to then Howard county and then south of the Missouri River in the area that became Boonville, Missouri (now in Cooper county).  The Cole, Savage, Box families mentioned above and many others also came.   See "A History of Cooper County" 1919 [page 66] and "History of Cooper County" 1876 [page 20] for more information.   

The obituary of Walter's grandson Zachariah Burris says his grandfather [Walter Burris] is credited with building the first house in Boonville, Missouri.
In 1813 and 1814 northern tribes of Indians believed to be the Sac and Fox tribes caused depredations (property damage, theft) against the recent settlers in the Boonville area.
1814 In 1814 Walter Burris' sons Henry Burris and John Burris enlisted in the Missouri Militia, Lieut. Dodge's Command, Sarshell Cooper's Company.  Henry Burris served 60 days from Aug. 27, 1814 to Oct. 25, 1814.
1814 Dec. 14, 1814

"... Samuel McMahan, who had been staying in McLain's Fort since Indians had burned McMahan's Fort, was on his way to Cole's Fort to drive up some cattle which he had corralled there. He chanced upon a group of pioneers, including Muke Box, Walter Burriss and Gilead Rupe who were cutting a bee tree beside the trail, less than three miles from Cole's Fort. It was supposed afterwards that savages were sneaking up on these settlers, when McMahan came riding along. Instead of attacking the bee hunters, they fired on McMahan. He was shot through the body and his horse was killed. McMahan jumped up and ran towards the river, but redskins overtook him and killed him with three spear thrusts in his back. Then, they scalped him, cut off his head and disemboweled the body.

Hearing gunfire, Rupe and Burriss ran to Fort Cole and gave the alarm. Box climbed a tree and shot one of the murderers as they were returning — in great glee — with McMahan's scalp. Greatly confused, the savages caught up their companion's body and bore it away, limp and lifeless. It was found later in a ravine, a mile away.

The next day, men of Cole's Fort, reinforced by some militia, went out and retrieved McMahan's mangled remains. James Cole, then a boy of 14, carried the body on the pommel of his saddle, and David McGee brought the head, wrapped in a sheepskin..."

[Quoted from "Tales of Black Hawk the Red Head and Missouri Rangers" by Perkin 1974.]
1815 In 1815 depositions from the damaged settlers were taken before J. P. Stephen Cole.
In March 1826 these claims were presented to Congress (19th Congress, 1st Session) as "Senate Document 55" titled "Memorial of the state of Missouri and documents in relation to Indian depredations upon citizens of that state."  The Henry Burris and Walter Burris claims are on page 59.  The David Burris "senior" and David Burris "junior" claims are on page 33.  [Senate Document 55] and [Senate Document 55 summary]

In early 1830s these claims are found in a Congressional Report (22nd Congress, 1st Session) for relief of these damages and can be found in a report called "House Document 38".  The David Burris and younger David Burris claims are on page 44 and page 45.  The Henry Burris and Walter Burris claims are on page 63.  [House Document 38]   It's possible there is much existing correspondence with officials in Washington, D.C. in the National Archives.
1816 In July 1816 Walter Burris was on a jury in Howard County, Missouri.  Walter was living in the southern half of the county south of the Missouri River that was made into Cooper County in 1818. [image]
1817 In 1817 Walter Burris was a taxpayer in Howard County, Missouri. Walter was living in the southern half of the county south of the Missouri River that was made into Cooper County in 1818. [image]
  It's unclear if Walter Burris actually moved east to what is now Cole county or if the county borders changed around him changing his jurisdiction from Howard/Cooper county to Cole county.
1820 1820 Cole county, Missouri - " Double Springs Church was organized July 15, 1820, with eleven charter members, viz., Joseph Boyer, Sally Boyer, Walter Burris, Nancy Burris, Belinda Graham, Jacob Sowder, Silba Sowder, Isaiah Stephens, John Stephens, Elizabeth Stephens, and Anna Stephens. The presbytery was composed of Elders Peter Wood, Lewis Shelton, and Jacob Chism. "   The Nancy Burris must be Walter's daughter Nancy who was 11 years old.

The church may have been in what is now Burris Fork Township, Moniteau County.  There is an existing cemetery presumably at the same location as the old church..
1828 Aug. 4, 1828 - A list of about 257 voters in Jackson county, Missouri includes David Burris, Muke Box, Hiram Wilburn, Thomas Burgen, John Burgen, Henry Burris, William Worden, Hezekiah Worden, Daniel Monroe.  [link]
1830 1830 Federal Census, Missouri, Cole county, p. 194, Walter Burris head of house.
    1 male aged 5 thru 9         [Walter 5]
    2 males aged 10 thru 14   [Zachariah 10, Thomas 14]
    1 male aged 60 thru 69     [Walter 60+]
    1 female aged 5 thru 9      [Prudence 6]
    1 female aged 10 thru 14  [Rachel 12]
    1 female aged 15 thru 19  [Mary 16-17]
    1 female aged 20 thru 29  [Rebecca 19-22]
    1 female aged 40 thru 49  [Lydia 40]

This may have been in what is now Moniteau County. 

[The Ancestry transcription was done from a very faded copy of the microfilm and is missing two females.]
Between 1831 and 1833 Walter Burris moved to Jackson county, Missouri.  This date range is calculated from when his daughter Rebecca married in Cole county in 1831 to when his son William married in Jackson county in 1834. 
1836 In 1836 Walter Burris writes his will and leaves his estate to only his widow Lydia and his children who were still dependent.  His older married children received no part of the estate.  It's possible Walter had other children that were Henry's age still alive that were left out of his will.  Henry's inclusion in Walter's will may only have been because he was able to properly administer the estate being a county judge.   [Walter Burris will]
1839 In late 1839 Walter Burris dies in Jackson county, Missouri.  His exact death date is not known despite what is repeated on Ancestry. 

Walter's will is presented to the Jackson County court by Joseph Bradin & John R Swearingin on Oct. 12, 1839.  Henry Burris presents administrator bond for the estate of Walter Burris with securities being Daniel Monroe and Job Crabtree dated Oct. 17, 1839.  Henry states that Walter Burris " died testate & that he left a widow & twelve children to wit: his widow Lydia Buriss, John Burriss, Henry Burris, Rebecca Green, Nancy Vernon, William Burriss, Alice Crabtree, Polly Crabtree, Thomas Burriss, Zachariah Burriss, Rachel Crabtree, Prudence Burriss & Walter Burriss. "  Henry Burris administrator bond [page 89] and [page 90]

Note that John Burriss is not listed in Walter's will and also that the children appear to be in birth order.  Henry was the same age as his step-mother Lydia and so would have known the birth order of his younger 1/2 siblings. The birth order in this genealogy reflects the list Henry gave in his admin bond. Previously Zachariah was placed after Rachel but they have now been swapped and the alternate birth years from the census data supports the slightly different dates as well. Alice is now listed as being born about 1813 (and not 1815) to match the list. This also supports Mary being born later in September 1814 (grave stone) and not the alternative September 1813 (obituary).
  Key points:
1.  Walter Burris can be connected to David Burris (1770s-1849) and Isaiah Burris (1776-1850s) both of whom are documented as being from South Carolina.  In the absence of direct evidence of pre-Kentucky residence for Walter Burris you have to start looking at the other people he can be associated with who are likely his siblings.  Prior to the 1900s people usually travelled in groups of immediate family, extended family and even neighbors. 

2.  Henry Burris (Walter's son) was born about 1790 in South Carolina according to his son William B Burris' testimony in the 1880 census (California).  Taken at face value this places Walter Burris in South Carolina in 1790.  The 1790 Census (South Carolina, Laurens County) does indeed record a Walter Burris ("Burress") next to an older William Burris ("Burress").

4.  Walter Burris is documented in Clark/Madison county, Kentucky from at least 1800 to 1809.  Then Walter is documented in Missouri from 1811 to his death in 1839.   These facts prove that our Walter Burris could not be the other Walter Burris still living in Albemarle county, Virginia.  

5.  A clear evidence-based timeline is now established from South Carolina to Kentucky to Missouri.  It's still not known where Walter Burris was born if it wasn't in Laurens county, South Carolina.

Miscellaneous Records:

Critical analysis of existing Walter Burris trees on Ancestry:

Walter Burris' genealogy on Ancestry as repeated in over 200+ trees contains large errors regarding Walter's parents, Walter's origins before Missouri, Walter's first wife's name, Walter's second wife's maiden name and parentage, Walter's siblings, and the identification and birth order of some of Walter's children. This erroneous information was based solely on a forced association with a similar named man (Walter Burrus) living in Albemarle county, Virginia who was NOT out Walter Burris of Missouri but they may have been cousins.  This preliminary link dates back 25+ years and was repeated on LDS submissions and by early Ancestry users. No real genealogical research was ever done to verify the supposed link.  The better Kentucky and South Carolina leads for our Burris family were not followed up on by any other researchers or even this writer until 2015. Once the Kentucky and South Carolina leads were followed a huge amount of new information and documentation began to flood in.  Research in 2015-2016 in Kentucky and South Carolina has led to many new important records and produced a radically different and vastly more documented timeline explained in detail above.  Many new connections and associations between the various older Burris men in Kentucky and Missouri (and others) have been worked out and many record gaps have finally been filled. 

Walter Burris' true genealogy could not have been assembled using only the partial data on Ancestry because the records that reveal his true connections are either not on Ancestry or have not been indexed on Ancestry.  Because of these gaps the previous attempts to build a Walter Burris genealogy has produced logical errors and bogus associations that any professional genealogist would have red-flagged immediatly.  A true Walter Burris genealogy can only be assembled through the overlapping of smaller pieces of evidence like local tax rolls, deeds and other historical records in Missouri, Kentucky and South Carolina.   

This section presents a much needed and long overdue cross-examination of the old information.  Hopefully this will explain why the old information was dismissed by this writer (Lance L Hall). 

How the alternative timeline was researched in 2015-2016.

Previous assumptions were dismissed for lack of evidence either direct or circumstantial.  These assumptions included: (1) the supposed first marriage to Mary Lively, (2) the unsupported late marriage date and place for Lydia, (3) the unsupported maiden name of Lydia, (4) the supposed Virginia origin for Walter, (5) the previous interpretations of his will.  With the previous unsupported assumptions dismissed the task was then to discover what can actually be proven about Walter Burris regarding his whereabouts in the undocumented period (pre-1811 Missouri) and his origins. 

Possible Native American heritage in the Burris lines:

There ARE stories of Choctaw (or some other tribe) blood in the Burris line but such stories are attached to EVERY family. Lydia (Walter's 2nd wife) was born in South Carolina (2 census) and therefore could not have been Choctaw Indian just based on birthplace. I'm not ruling out any Indian heritage on Lydia's side because her parents are still a mystery but it's certainly not via the Cole family of Mississippi. Walter's great-grandson Isaac Howard (and 3 siblings) " applied in 1906 for the Eastern Cherokee payout (No. 5638). In the hand written letter with the application file he says ". ..our Cherokee blood came through the Howards on my mother's side - is Choctaws and Chickasaws which came through the Burriss..." The problem with this is that our Burris family came from South Carolina which was nowhere near the historic Choctaw or Chickasaw Nations in Mississippi and Alabama. [Albemarle county, Virginia makes it even more impossible.]

If one wanted to force an Indian heritage (which I am not advocating) the best case scenario would be through Walter's unknown mother (if William Burris first married in SC) or Lydia's family in South Carolina where it actually borders the Cherokee and Creek Nations. It seems the Burris family was always on the edge of Indian country wherever they lived. If the Ancestry information was correct (it's not) and Walter's origin was Virginia then obviously there's not Choctaw (or Cherokee) through that route and I doubt there was an Indian population in that area anyways. Actually my alternate South Carolina route for the Burris family actually gives it more a possibility. I don't think it could ever be proven though. 

Who were Walter Burris' ancestors?

Given all the circumstantial evidence and records presented above it appears that Walter's father was William Burrows [Burris] who was an adult in 1769 when he first obtained land in Laurens county, South Carolina.  The current thinking by this writer is that William Burrows [Burris] is a son (or grandson) of Jacob Burris who died 1755 in Caroline county, Virginia.  We know that Jacob Burris had a son named William Burris that other researchers estimate was born about 1718.  This would mean that Walter Burris was likely the last son of this William Burris unless there is another generation in between.  This William Burris became indebted in 1747 and is believed to have left the Virginia Colony for the South Carolina Colony to apparently escape creditors and the law. 

Why connect to Jacob Burris?   When William Burris and Walter Burris left South Carolina around 1795 and moved to Clark county, Kentucky other branches of the same Virginia Burris family were already living there.  These other branches came from Orange county, Virginia and are directly connected to the same Jacob Burris as cousins.  This writer has not researched that in detail yet but it's known they are closely related. 

Thomas Burris Sr (from Orange county, VA) had land in Clark county, Kentucky along "4 Mile Creek", "2 Mile Creek" and "Stoner Creek".  So when William Burris and Walter Burris landed in southern Clark county, Kentucky they were within a few miles of possible first or second cousins.

The James Quisenberry that performed the married of Isaiah Burris & Rachel Barker (Oct. 22, 1801), Thomas Burris & Peggy Tincher (Nov. 12, 1801), and John Snethen & Prudence Bowles (Oct. 6, 1801) was in fact married to Jane Burrus who is from the Orange county, Virginia Burrus line.  Other than those marriages though no direct connection can be made between these two branches in Clark county.

There were also possible other Burris cousins across the county border in Madison county, Kentucky. The Burrus/Burris lines in Overton county, Tennessee and Cooper/Jasper county, Missouri also descend from the same Virginia Burris (Burroghs) family.

Autosomal DNA matches 
to Walter Burris family:

Autosomal DNA is the DNA code that passes in random segments from generation to generation.  An autosomal "match" proves some level of common ancestry but a non-match is not a negative match it just means somewhere along the line the common DNA code did not get repeated.  The only DNA that gets passed "intact"  from generation to generation is the male line YDNA and Mitochondrial DNA attached to the sex chromosomes.  Only males receive the YDNA but both males and females receive the Mitochondrial DNA.

January 2016 update: "AncestryDNA" autosomal genetic testing revealed this writer's (Lance L Hall) apparent link to descendants of David Burris and Isaiah Burris.  Another link was established with descendants of Tarlton Burris, grandson of David and Thomas Burris.  This doesn't prove a connection via the Burris surname only that the descendants have a common ancestor somewhere but the Burris line is the most obvious connection in their trees.

Apparent genetic links to other Burrus / Burris / Burrows families:
1.  Descendants of David Burris (1770s SC - 1849 MO) via sons William Burris and James M Burris.
2.  Descendants of Thomas Burris (1730 Orange co., VA - 1789 Orange co., VA) & Frances Tandy via daughter Jane Burris Quisenberry.
3.  Descendants of Mastin Burris (1794 TN - 1844 MO).
4.  Descendants of Edmund Burris (1726 Orange co., VA - 1781 Kentucky).
5.  Descendants of John Burrus (1755 Orange co., VA - 1830 Overton co., TN).
6.  Descendants of Jacob Burrus (1680s VA - 1755 Caroline co., VA) via son Thomas Burrus (Bef. 1720 VA - 1799 NC) 

Y-DNA matches to
Walter Burris family:

Male line descendants of Walter Burris are needed to submit Y-DNA samples to the Burris DNA Project.  The Y-DNA passes intact along the male-only line and it would prove a connection to specific Burris branches.  Hopefully it will prove connections with the other Burris branches in South Carolina. Walter's sons Henry Burris, William B Burris and Walter Burris, Jr all have living descendants.   

November 2017 update:  Recent YDNA genetic testing has verified that male line Walter Burris descendants share the same paternal ancestry as David Burris descendants.  David Burris was born 1770s Laurens co., South Carolina and died 1849 Cass county, Missouri. 

The YDNA test was done with James Andrew Burris who descends from Walter Burris in the following manner: 
Walter Burris (1760s-1839) --> William B Burris (1811-1870s) --> Zachariah Burris (1854-1932) --> Charles Burris (1878-1957) --> James Albert Burris (1916-1992) --> James Andrew Burris

The YDNA match was made to Gene Aubrey Burris who descends from David Burris in the following manner:
David Burris (1770s-1849) --> Andrew J Burris (1832-1879) --> James W Burris (1869-1939) --> John Aubrey Burris (1901-1966) --> Gene Aubrey Burris

All male line descendants of Walter Burris and David Burris should also YDNA match. 

Who were Lydia Barnes' parents?

The Burris family (Walter Burris, Isaiah Burris, David Burris) can be shown to have a close proximity to Zachariah Barnes in southern Clark (later Estill) county, Kentucky.  Zachariah Barnes later bought 40 acres on Woodward Creek in 1837.  This is the only place that Walter Burris could have met a young Lydia Barnes and eventually married in May 1807 when she was 17 or 18 years old.  The following records reveal a list of people in enough proximity to help with county road work. Everyone highlighted in blue can be directly connected with Walter Burris (or his probable brothers).

AncestryDNA searches reveal that descendants of Zachariah Barnes have "good" genetic matches to multiple descendants of Walter & Lydia Burris indicating Zachariah Barnes maybe a close relative of Walter's wife Lydia Barnes.  There maybe other connections further back to account for the "good" matches but the Barnes line is the most obvious route.

This writer (Lance L Hall) is estimated to be a 4th to 6th cousin of Ancestry user "Robinsm5" (direct descendant of Zachariah Barnes) and our shared matches show us both closely related (4th to 6th cousins) to multiple descendants of Walter through his daughter Mary Crabtree Williams (user "Amy Rachelle Hall-Pinson", user "w_jseigler"), daughter Nancy Vernon (user "Casey Hart"), daughter Alice Crabtree (user "btilden14769"), daughter Rachel Crabtree (user "Louise0129"), daughter Prudence Flanery (user "janabar21").  These shared genetic connections across multiple children of Walter Burris is strong evidence that Walter's wife Lydia Barnes is genetically connected to Zachariah Barnes (or at least his siblings).

Many Ancestry users list a Lydia Barnes as a daughter of Zachariah Barnes with a birth year of 1782 and sometimes a marriage to a James Green.  The birth year of 1782 seems to be nothing more than a guesstimate to fill a hole in the repeated Barnes genealogy.  There is no evidence presented to support this year or any other approximate year.  The marriage of a Lydia Barnes to James Green occurred in 1816 in Estill county, Kentucky.  It's unlikely this same Lydia Barnes (born "1782") would have married so late at age 34 so she was probably not Zachariah's daughter and more likely a niece or granddaughter.  Zachariah was indeed a bondman with James Green for this marriage but that's not proof of any specific relationship. 

James Green can not be found on the 1820 Census for Kentucky but he CAN be found on the 1830 Census for Kentucky in Estill county.  He is listed as age 40-49 (born 1781-1790) and his presumed wife Lydia Barnes was age 30-39 (born 1791-1800).  They had two presumed children age 10-14 (born 1816-1820) and are listed next to Dempsey Barnes.  The ages of the oldest children is consistent with a  marriage year of 1816 to 1819.  Typical first marriage ages (around 20 years) would place this Lydia born about 1796.

Additional records to be researched or obtained:

1. Original manuscript marriage bond and original courthouse marriage record for Walter Burrus and Lydia Barnes. 

2. The original marriage license for Walter Burris and Lydia Barnes is in the East Kentucky University Archives in the David Chenault family papers. David Chenault was the M.E. minister that performed the marriage.  Oct. 2017 update: Click for the original marriage license  Note the license mistakenly lists "Walter Barnes".  The printed transcription of the marriage records correctly says "Walter Burrus".  There was no Walter Barnes.    

3. War of 1812 service records for Henry Burris and John Burris.  2015 update: No info of value about Henry Burris just that he enlisted at Boone's Lick.

4. Determine who's land the Burris family was living on in Clark county, Kentucky.  They do not appear to have actually owned any land (at least not recorded in the courthouse).

5. Any existing church records in Kentucky where they lived?

6. Find the original manuscript testimony of Walter Burris, Henry Burris and David Burris taken in 1815 by J. P. Stephen Cole that was submitted to Congress and abstracted and condensed for the Senate Report.  The testimony may be part of the Congressional records in the National Archives. 

Kentucky to Missouri 1809

1839 Missouri