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Walter Burris (Burrus) of South Carolina,
Kentucky and Missouri

(Last updated Aug. 11, 2016)

Husband Walter Burris (Burrus) was born 1761-1770 place unknown.  The current best evidence is that Walter Burris originated in Laurens County, South Carolina before migrating to Kentucky.  His father may have been William Burris [Burrows].  Walter Burris can be connected to David Burris (born 1770s SC), Isaiah Burris (born 1776 SC), and therefore also to Thomas Burris (born 1770s).  All these men are documented living in tri-county area where Madison, Estill, and Clark counties, Kentucky meet during the late 1790s and earliest 1800s.  They all eventually moved to Missouri. 

Many descendants of Walter, David, and Thomas can be documented living near each other in various counties in north Texas indicating a close kinship.  Click here for more information on that.

Our Walter Burris is not the same Walter Burris that lived in Albemarle co., Virginia.  They were two different men with two different families living far apart.  It's possible they were cousins though.  Unfortunately the majority of Ancestry trees have them merged as one person and the better alternative information has not been  considered.

Walter Burris was in Laurens co., South Carolina in 1790; in Kentucky prior by 1800; and in Clark co., Kentucky from at least 1804 to 1808.  Walter migrated from Kentucky to Boonville, Cooper co., Missouri by late 1811 but could have been in Missouri prior to 1811.  Between 1818 and 1829 Walter Burris moved Cole co., Missouri and between 1831 and 1834 Walter moved to Jackson co., Missouri. Thomas Burris and David Burris both eventually migrated from Kentucky to Cass co., Missouri and Isaiah migrated to Wayne co., Missouri and then Johnson co., Missouri.

Walter Burris was probably a farmer which was the most common occupation at the time.  Many of the Burris/Burrus familes in central Missouri were also involved with grain milling.   

alter died in late 1839 in Jackson co., Missouri where his estate was administered by his son Henry Burris.   Walter's exact death date is unknown and his burial place is assumed to be on the land he lived in Jackson county.
Federal census and
tax records:

1790 South Carolina, Laurens co.

1804, 1805, 1807, 1808 Kentucky, Clark co., tax roll
1817 Missouri, Howard co., tax roll 

1830 Missouri, Cole co., p. 194

[more records] 
Wife 1 Walter's first wife is unknown and would not be Mary Lively for reasons stated.  Walter and his first wife had at least two sons by 1790, one being Henry Burris.  It's likely that Walter and his first wife were married in South Carolina at least a few years prior to 1790.  
Wife 2 Lydia Barnes was born about 1790 in South Carolina.  Walter Burris (Burrus) and Lydia Barnes were married on May 28, 1807 in Clark co., Kentucky.  The surety for the marriage license was William Barnes who's exact relation to Lydia is unknown. 

Lydia lived with her grandson Walter Green and her son William B Burris after Walter's death.  Lydia died after 1860 in Kansas or Colorado.  
1840 Missouri, Jackson co., [living with ?]

1850 Missouri, Dekalb co., p. 431

1860 Kansas, Jefferson co., p.41 
Child by 
wife 1
Henry Burris was born about 1790 South Carolina and was "reared" in Kentucky.  Henry moved to Jackson co., Missouri in 1825; then to Cass co., Missouri in 1831; and then to Johnson co., Missouri in 1842. Henry is mentioned as "a cousin of Mastin Burris" and was a Cass County judge.  Henry was the executor of his father's estate.  His wife's name is currently unknown.   In the biography of Henry's son David Burris it states that David's parent both died when he was about 20 years which would be about 1844.  Henry must have died at least after July 12, 1845 when Thomas Burris made him the executor of his estate.  There is no record found yet that gives an exact date or even year of their deaths.  It is assumed he died a resident of Cass county but may not have been. 

The daughters listed below are connected only based on proximity in the 1850 census.  Only William, David, and Benjamin can be proven as children.  
  • John Burris was born c. 1815-20.
  • (male) Burris was born c. 1815-20.
  • (male) Burris was born c. 1815-20.
  • William Burris was born March 29, 1820 Missouri. He married Elizabeth Davidson, March 28, 1843 Cass co., Missouri. William died July 15, 1888 Sonoma, CA and was buried Mountain View cem., Sonoma, CA.  
  • David Burris was born Jan. 6, 1824 Old Franklin, Cooper co., Missouri. In 1850 he moved to Sonoma co., CA. He married Julia Ann Wilburn (dau of Hiram and Phoeba), 1857, Sacramento co., CA. David died Jan. 5, 1904 Sonoma, CA and his ashes were interred at Mt. Olivet Mem. Park, Colma, California.  David was prominent banker and had a winery in Sonoma. 
  • (female) Burris was born c. 1825 Missouri.
  • Elizabeth Burris was born c. 1827 Missouri.  She married William Jasper Wilburn (son of Hiram and Phoeba), April 25, 1858 Monterey co., CA.
  • Sarah Burris was born c. 1829 Missouri.
  • Susannah Burris was born c. 1832 Missouri. She married John Luther Bigham, Nov. 6, 1850 Cass co., MO.  They moved to California.
  • Benjamin Franklin Burris was born July 31, 1833 Pleasant Hill, Cass co., Missouri. He moved to California and was a traveling Methodist minister.  He married Agnes Montgomery, Oct. 23, 1890 San Francisco. Benjamin died July 24, 1898 Alameda, Alameda co., CA.
  • Mary Burris was born c. 1833 Missouri.
1830 Missouri, Jackson co., p.306

1840 Missouri, Van Buren (Cass) co., Big Creek Twp., p.146


Child by 
Rebecca Burris was born 1808 or 1810 in Kentucky. She married Elijah Green on March 18, 1831 in Cole co., Missouri. Rebecca (and Elijah) apparently died before 1850.  Rebecca was born in Kentucky according to her presumed son's answer on the 1880 census. She would have been born at least 9 months after the marriage of her parents and before late 1811 - early 1812 when Walter Burris came to Missouri.  Thus she was born from mid-1808 to spring-1812 and before or after Nancy was born 1809. The date can be further constricted to 1808-1810 because the 1830 Census indicates she would have been at least age 20.
  • Walter B. Green was born c. 1835 Missouri. He is assumed to be their child. He was living with (his presumed grandmother) Lydia Burris in 1850.  Walter married Amanda Porter, Nov. 19, 1857 in Dekalb co., Missouri.  The minister was his uncle William B Burris.
1830 Missouri, Lafayette co., p.253

1850 Missouri, Dekalb co., p. 431

1860 Kansas, Jefferson co., p 413-A

1870 Missouri, Dekalb co., page 43
Child by
Nancy Burris was born 1809 in Kentucky. She married Ebenezer Vernon before 1826 in Missouri. No marriage record has been found. Nancy died after 1880 presumably in Franklin co., Missouri where she is last documented.  
  • Nehemiah Vernon (twin) was born March 26, 1826 Cole co., Missouri.  He married Nancy E. Tracy.  He died March 23, 1907 Sulphur, Murray co., OK. 
  • Lydia Vernon (twin) was born March 26, 1826 Cole co., Missouri.  She married Samuel Long, Sept. 22, 1842 Miller co., Missouri.  She died "1867".
  • Ezekiel Vernon was born c. 1828 Missouri and died c. 1851.
  • John Vernon was born May 1830 Missouri and died after 1900? Polk? co., OR.
  • Isaac T. Vernon was born c. 1831 Missouri.
  • Rebecca Vernon was born c. 1831 Missouri.  She married John H. McCastland, Dec. 23, 1852. 
  • Thomas L. Vernon was born c. 1833 Missouri.  He married Isadoore D. Dooley, March 15, 1854 Missouri.
  • Mary "Polly" K. Vernon was born Oct. 4, 1836 Missouri.  She married William Grandstaff, April 27, 1854.  She died April 21, 1914. 
  • James M. Vernon was born Jan. 23, 1838 Missouri. He married Sarah Jane Fisher, Dec. 23, 1873 Franklin co., Missouri.  James moved to Texas in the 1880s and died in Caddo Mills, Hunt co., Texas on April 20, 1905. 
  • George J. Vernon was born July 5, 1841 Miller co., Missouri and died Aug. 21, 1841 Missouri. 
  • William E. Vernon was born c. 1842 Miller co., Missouri. 
  • Charity Vernon was born Aug. 1, 1844 Miller co., Missouri.  She died April 20, 1919.
  • Nancy Jane Vernon was born c. 1847 Miller co., Missouri. 
  • Miles P. Vernon was born c. 1849 Miller co., Missouri. 
1830 Missouri, Cole co., p.  194

1840 Missouri, Miller (taken from Cole) co., p. 117

1850 Missouri, Miller co., p. 412

1860 Missouri, Miller co., p. 474

1870 Missouri, Franklin co., Boeuf Twp., p 76

1880 Missouri, Franklin co., Boeuf Twp., ED 67, Page 15. 
Child by
William B. Burris was born about 1811 in [Cooper co.] Missouri. He married Besheba Masters, Jan. 30, 1834 Jackson co., Missouri.  This family lived in Missouri, Kansas, and Colorado. William died after 1870 place unknown. 
  • Margaret Burris was born Nov. 14, 1836 Missouri.  She married George Corban, Sept. 13, 1855 Dekalb co., Missouri.  She died June 20, 1919 Los Angeles, CA.
  • Lilburn Byron Burris was born Dec. 22, 1837 Jackson co., Missouri.  He married Hannah Lorinda Hall, June 16, 1857 Dekalb co., Missouri.  He died April 1879. 
  • Walter Burris was born Nov. 18, 1840 Missouri.  He married Clarinda Blodgett July 30,  1868.  He died June 21, 1903.
  • Lydia A Burris was born c. 1843 Missouri.
  • William Burris was born c. 1845 Missouri.  He married Eliza Carroll, Dec. 13, 1868.
  • Mary Burris was born c. 1847 Missouri.
  • Barnes Clark Burris was born c. 1849 Missouri.  He died  June 16, 1932. [Note the first and middle name]    
  • Thomas Burris was born c. 1849 Missouri.
  • Zachariah Burris was born July 6, 1854.  He married Mary Elizabeth Smith, Dec. 24, 1874.  He died Nov. 6, 1932.
1840 Missouri, Jackson co., p.76

1850 Missouri, Dekalb co., p. 431

1860 Kansas, Jefferson co., p. 417

1870 CO, Douglass co., p. 4
Child by
Alice Burris was born 1813-15 Missouri. She married Abraham Crabtree, Aug. 6, 1929 in Cole co., Missouri.  Abraham was believed to have been killed sometime around 1860 by "Bush Whackers".
  • Martha Crabtree was born c. 1830 Missouri.
  • Walter Crabtree was born c. 1832 Missouri.
  • James Crabtree was born c. 1834 Missouri.  He married Louise Francis Morris.  This family evidently traveled with his uncle Thomas Burris.  James died in Arizona about 1899. 
  • Lydia Crabtree was born c. 1836 Missouri.
  • John Crabtree was born c. 1838 Missouri.
  • William Crabtree was born c. 1840 Missouri.
  • Thomas B. Crabtree was born c. 1842 Missouri.
  • Zachariah Crabtree was born c. 1844 Missouri.
  • Sarah Crabtree was born c. 1846 Missouri.
  • Reece Crabtree was born c. 1848 Missouri.
  • Mark Crabtree was born Oct. 1849 Missouri.
  • Albert Crabtree was born c. 1854 Missouri.
  • Elizabeth Crabtree was born c. 1852 Missouri.
1830 Missouri, Cole co., p.196

1840 Missouri, Jackson co., p.63

1850 Missouri, McDonald co., p.108

1860 Missouri, McDonald co., p.92
Child by
Mary "Polly" Burris was born September 17, 1814 (or Sept. 16, 1813) in Howard? co., Missouri. She married Isaac Crabtree early 1830s (no record). Isaac is assumed to have died between 1843 and 1847.  Mary remarried to John Williams on Jan. 25, 1847 in Jasper co., Missouri. They migrated to Collin co., Texas in 1851. John died Dec. 13, 1888 and Mary died June 15, 1892. They were both buried in Stiff Chapel cemetery, Collin co., Texas about 8 miles northeast of McKinney.
    Children by Isaac Crabtree:
  • Rebecca Crabtree, died young.
  • Lydia Crabtree was born c. 1837 Missouri. She married James K. Howard, Oct. 10, 1853 Collin co., Texas. James and two brothers were murdered in February 1862. Lydia remarried to John R. Broughton, April 5, 1870 Collin co., Texas. Lydia died March 19, 1902 Ada?, Pontotoc co., OK.
  • Whitaker A. Crabtree was born Oct. 30, 1838 Missouri. He married Martha Jane Morrow, Dec. 7, 1865 Collin co., Texas. Martha died Dec. 17, 1899 and Whitaker died Oct. 28, 1908 in Erath co., Texas. They were buried Huckabay cem., Erath co., Texas.
  • Mary Ann Crabtree was born c. 1839 Missouri. She married Alexander Rice, Oct. 16, 1857, Collin co., Texas. Mary died ??
  • Nancy Jane Crabtree was born c. 1841 Missouri. She married Pulaski Bell Farley, Nov. 2, 1860, Collin co., Texas. Nancy died 1860-63.
  • Reece Crabtree was born July 16, 1842 Missouri. He married Sarah Ann Cranford, June 28, 1866, Collin co., Texas. Reece died about 1917 near Steedman, OK.  
  • Isaac Crabtree, died young.
    Children by John Williams:
  • Elizabeth "Bettie" Williams was born Dec. 5, 1848 in Jasper co., Missouri.
  • Sarah Williams was born c 1849 in Jasper co., Missouri.
  • Justin Louvenia? Williams was born Dec. 16, 1850 in Jasper co., Missouri.
  • Angeline "Ann" Williams was born Oct. 1852 Collin? co., Texas.  She lived with her nephew Matt Millican and died after 1920.  Her death date and burial place are unknown.
  • Prudence "Prudy" Williams was born July 20, 1854 Collin co., Texas.
  • Miles Burris Williams was born May 22, 1856 Collin co., Texas.
  • Margaret Ellen Williams was born July 7, 1858 Collin co., Texas.
1840 Missouri, Jackson co., p.

1850 Missouri, Jasper co., p.

1860 Texas, Collin co., p.49

1870 Texas, Collin co., p.322

1880 Texas, Collin co., ED 17, p.28
Child by
Thomas W Burris was born about 1816 Missouri. He married Sidonia Barker, April 4, 1839, Lafayette co., Missouri. The Barker family traces back to Estill co., Kentucky and she is likely related to Mary Barker who married Zachariah Burris below.  

Thomas and Sidonia Burris lived in: Dallas co., Texas; Tulare co., California; San Diego co., California; and Phoenix, Arizona. Thomas died in or near Phoenix, Maricopa co., Arizona Jan. 11, 1897.
  • James Marshall Burris was born c. 1842 Missouri.  He married Arthusa Ellender Morris, Nov. 15, 1866 San Diego co., CA.  He died Feb. 15, 1911 Phoenix, Maricopa co., AZ.
  • Lydia M. Burris was born c. 1844 Missouri. Nothing else is known.
  • Mary Elizabeth Burris was born c. 1847 Missouri. She married John Azbell (Azbill), July 12, 1862 Tulare co., CA. Mary died July 2, 1928 Merced, CA.   
  • Joshua Burris was born c. 1849 Texas.  He married Margaret Josephine Price.  He died in Arizona, date unknown.
  • Nancy Ellen Burris was born 1851 Dallas co., Texas.  She married Leonadis Lynn Morris, Dec. 16, 1869 San Diego co., CA.  Nancy died Sept. 18, 1929 Hemet, Riverside co., CA.
  • Henry Burris was born May 10, 1853/4 Dallas co., TX.  He married Mary Davis.  Henry died July 21, 1923 Sunnyside, San Diego Co., CA.
  • Julia Burris was born c. 1858 CA.  Nothing else is known.
  • Martha Burris was born c. 1860 CA.  She may have married Clinton D Adams.
1850 Texas, Dallas co., p.75

1860 CA, Tulare co., p.11

1870 CA, San Diego co., p.477

1882 AZ, Yavapai co.,
Child by
Rachel Burris was born about 1818 in Missouri. She married Reece Crabtree, Jan. 10, 1839 in Jackson co., Missouri. Rachel died between 1850 and Aug 1851.  Reece remarried to Mary J. Mills on Aug. 15, 1851 Jasper co., Missouri.
    Children by Reece Crabtree and Rachel Burris:
  • Isaac Crabtree was born c. 1839 Missouri.  He married Cassander Jolly, Dec. 21, 1865 Hunt co., Texas.  Isaac died 1865-67 and she remarried to Redmond Carter Dec, 12, 1867.
  • Lydia A. Crabtree was born c. 1842-4 Missouri.  She married James Crabtree, Jan. 14, 1874 Grayson co., Texas.
  • Mary Crabtree was born c. 1848 Missouri.  She married John E. Rochell, Jan. 28, 1866 Hunt co., Texas.
  • Sarah Elizabeth Crabtree was born April 1850 Missouri.  She married Thomas McBride, Sep. 16, 1865 Hunt co., Texas.  Sarah died 1876 in Hunt co., Texas.
    Children of Reece Crabtree and Mary J Mills:
  • Hugh J. Crabtree was born c. 1852 Missouri.
  • Nancy A. Crabtree was born c. 1856 Missouri.
  • Delph? Crabtree was born c. 1859 Texas.
  • Belinda? Crabtree was born March 1860 Texas.
  • Joseph F. Carbtree was born May 1866 Texas.  He married Mary S. ?.
  • Lucy F. Crabtree was born c. 1867 Texas.
  • David W. Crabtree was born c. 1868 Texas.
1840 Missouri, Newton co., p.250

1850 Missouri, McDonald co., p.109

1860 Texas, Hunt co., p.324

1870 Texas, Grayson co., p.115

1880 Texas, Erath co., ED 149, p.23
Child by
Zachariah Burris was born about 1820 in Missouri. He married Mary Barker, Feb. 20, 1842 in Platte co., Missouri.  The Barker family traces back to Estill co., Kentucky and she is likely related to Sidonia Barker who married Thomas Burris above.  

Zachariah and Mary were in Dallas co., Texas in 1850 and Wise co., Texas in 1860.  Zachariah died after 1862 and nothing more is known about them. 
1850 Texas, Dallas co., p.75

1860 Texas, Wise co., p.340

1858-62 Texas, Wise county tax lists
Child by
Prudence Burris was born 1822-24 in Missouri. She married John J. Flannery, Dec. 24, 1839 in Jackson co., Missouri. They moved to Collin co., Texas in the 1850s. Prudence died in the 1870s in Wise co., Texas.
  • James Flannery
  • William Burris Flannery
  • Nancy Jane Flannery
  • Thomas G. Flannery
  • Rebecca Ann Flannery
  • Polly Ann Flannery
  • Lydia Ann Flannery
  • Susannah Flannery
  • John L. Flannery
  • Martha Flannery
1840 Missouri, Jackson co., p.76

1850 Missouri, Dekalb co., p.433

1860 Texas, Collin co., p.36

1870 Texas, Collin co., p.452
Child by
Walter Burris was born about 1825 in Missouri. He married Martha Ann Dalton (1827-1893), May 3, 1846 in Dekalb co., Missouri.  This family lived in Dekalb co., Missouri in 1850 and Jefferson co., Kansas in 1860 next to William B. Burris.  Walter died Dec. 11, 1864 at the Jefferson Barracks, St. Louis, Missouri.  Martha remarried to George Long .
  • William F. Burris was born April 28, 1847 Dekalb co., Missouri.  William died April 2, 1873 Jefferson co., Kansas
  • Alvin Peter Burris was born Feb. 27, 1850 Dekalb co., Missouri. Alvin died Feb. 24, 1924 Jefferson co., Kansas
  • Solomon D. Burris was born June 25, 1852 Missouri.  Solomon died March 10, 1867 Jefferson co., Kansas.  
1850 Missouri, Dekalb co., p. 432

1860 Kansas, Jefferson co., p.417

1870 Kansas, Greenwood co., Lane twp, Page 4

1880 Kansas, Greenwood co., Lane Twp



1839 Missouri