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Thomas Burris of Estill county, Kentucky
and Cass county, Missouri

(Last updated July 11, 2017)


Thomas Burris was born about 1776-1778 [1771-1780] probably in Laurens co., South Carolina.  His father was probably William Burris (Burrows) who migrated from Laurens county, South Carolina to Clark county, Kentucky 1795-1796. Thomas Burris can be connected to William Burrows (Burris) via tax roll proximity and to David Burris (born 1770s SC) via intermarriage of two children and therefore to Isaiah Burris (born 1776 SC) and Walter Burris (born about 1765).  Federal census and
tax records:
  All these men are documented living in southern Clark (Estill) counties and maybe briefly into Madison county bordering on the west.  Eventually Walter, David, Thomas and Isaiah Burris all moved to Missouri.  Many descendants of Walter, David, and Thomas can be documented living near each other in various counties in north Texas indicating a kinship.  [See Burris-Vernon notes]

Thomas Burris was probably a farmer which was the most common occupation at the time.  Many of the Burris (Burrus) families in central Missouri were also involved with grain milling.  

Thomas Burris lived in Clark/Estill county, Kentucky from at least 1796 to 1830.  He appears in the 1830 KY Census (Estill county) but is not listed in the 1831 tax roll.  In 1830 or 1831 Thomas Burris migrated  to Cass county, Missouri with his family.  He probably settled in Grand River Township near Harrisonville where several son-in-laws got land 1830-1832. 

Thomas wrote his will on July 12, 1845 and on May 12, 1847 the will was recorded in court in Cass county, Missouri.  The record does not actually indicate Thomas was deceased.  There is no record of an estate actually being administered either.

[This Thomas Burris should not be confused with the Thomas Burris Sr and Thomas Burris Jr that lived in Clark county, Kentucky who originated in Orange county, Virginia or the Thomas Burris that lived in Howard county, Missouri.]
1801 KY, Clark co., tax roll
1802 KY, Clark co., tax roll

1810 KY, Estill co., p. 5, line 20

1820 KY, Estill co., Ravenna Twp.,
p. 47, line 13

1830 KY, Estill co., p. 252, line 20

1840 MO, Van Buren co., Grand River
Twp., p. 136, line 11

Wife &

(md. Nov.
12, 1801)
Margaret "Peggy" Tincher was born 1784/1785 in Virginia.  She is said to be a cousin of Eleanor "Nelly" Lackey who married David Burris but that is unverified.  She was the daughter of William Tincher. 

Thomas Burris and Peggy Tincher were married on Nov. 12, 1801 in Clark co., Kentucky.  The marriage bond was filed in neighboring Madison county.  [bond] [register]

In 1850 Margaret was living with her son Thomas Burris (b.1821).  The 1850 census incorrectly records her as 55 years old when 65 years is probably the more correct age.  Margaret Burris died after 1850. 
1840 MO, Van Buren co., Grand River
Twp., p. 136, line 11

1850 MO, Cass co., 16th District,
family 77
Dau. ● Isabella (Isabell) Burris was born about 1802-1805 (est.) in Estill county, Kentucky.  She married John Blythe on Oct. 30, 1823 in Estill county, Kentucky. 1830 KY, Estill co., p. 249, line 18

1840 MO, Van Buren co., Mt. Pleasant
Twp., p. 139, line 12
Dau. ● Prudence Burris was born about 1805-1810 (est.) in Estill county, Kentucky.  She married James Lackey on Dec. 20, 1827 in Estill county, Kentucky. 1830 MO, Jackson co., p.312, line 14

1840 MO, Van Buren co., Mt. Pleasant
Twp., p. 139, line 15
Dau. ● Easter Burris was born about 1811-1815 (est) in Estill county, Kentucky.  She married William Elledge (b.1809 NC) on April 2, 1830 [1829] in Estill county, Kentucky.  William Elledge remarried to Martha Savage on March 13, 1834 in Jackson co., Missouri.  It is not known if Easter died or if they divorced.  "Esther Eldridge" is still mentioned in Thomas Burris' will written on July 12, 1845. William and Martha Elledge moved to Saline co., Illinois and the oldest son in the 1850 census was a Tarlton Elledge born 1831 Missouri which indicates William Elledge was married before Martha.  Note that Esther Burris had a nephew named Tarlton Burris, son of William.  Three children of William and Martha are in Cooke co., Texas in 1880: John P, James K. P., and Amanda. 1830 KY, Estill co., p. 248, line 12

1850 IL, Saline co., Curran pct., p.56a
(William Elledge and 2nd wife)
 Son ● William Burris was born about 1812 in Estill county, Kentucky.  He married Hetty (Lewhetty) Burris, daughter of David Burris & Elender Lackey, on June 30, 1833 in Jackson county, Missouri.  Hetty was the daughter of David Burris.  Between 1839-1844 William migrated from Missouri to Texas. 1840 MO, Van Buren co., Grand River
Twp., p. 136, line 24

1850 TX, Grayson co., p. 694

1860 TX, Wise co., p. 30
Dau. ● Nancy Burris was born about 1815 in Estill county, Kentucky.  She married Umphrey (Humphrey) Hunt on May 9, 1834  in Jackson county, Missouri. 1850 MO, Cass co., Dist 16, p. 120a

1860 MO, Cass co., Sugar Creek Twp.
Son ● Elias Burris was born about 1818 in Estill county, Kentucky. He married Malinda Burris, daughter of David Burris & Eleanor Lackey, on July 10, 1842 in Cass county, Missouri.  Elias got a divorce or annulment in late 1846.  He remarried to Martha Jane Fann on May 7, 1848  Cass county, Missouri.  Elias Burris migrated to Texas after 1850.  Elias died between 1856 and May 1858 in Texas probably in Parker county. 1850 MO, Cass co., Dist. 16, p. 65a

1856 TX, Parker co., tax roll
Son ● Hamilton Burris was born about 1820 in Estill county, Kentucky.  He married Aura Ann Corlew on April 1, 1840 in Jackson county, Missouri.  Hamilton was killed about 1863 possibly by "Bushwhackers". 1840 MO, Van Buren co., Grand River
Twp., p. 136, line 9
1850 MO, Henry co., Big Creek Twp.,
 p. 37
1860 MO, Cass co., Dolan Twp., p. 75
Son ● Thomas Burris was born about 1821/1822 in in Estill county, Kentucky.  He married Nancy A Davis.  Thomas died in Texas in the early 1860s. 1840 possibly living with neighbors.

1850 MO, Cass co., Dist. 16, p. 65a
Dau. ● Margaret Burris was born about 1825 (est.) in Kentucky. Her birth year is an estimate based on age group and marriage date.  She married Joseph McCord on Dec. 20, 1844 in Cass county, Missouri.  They maybe the parents of Margaret McCord (born 1846) living with her brother Thomas in 1850.  Margaret may have died by 1850.  
Son ● Jackson Burris was born 1830 probably in Estill county, Kentucky.  [Many children named Andrew Jackson were named specifically after Andrew Jackson who first became famous in the War of 1812 and became President in 1824.  This places his birthdate to at least after 1812 and identifies him as the last child according to age the groups. The 1830 (age 0-5) and 1840 census (age 0-9) combined only makes sense if Jackson was born during the census year of 1830 and his age was actually about 10 in 1840.

This Jackson is not to be confused with the Andrew Jackson Burris, son of David Burris & Elender Lackey born 1832. 
No information.

Census records & notes: