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James Britton and Mary W. Kirkham

[Last updated Oct. 13, 2016]


James Britton was born about 1800 in Chesterfield county, Virginia.  James married Mary W Kirkham Feb 10, 1826 Northampton county, North Carolina. In the early 1830s this family moved to Tennessee (county unknown) and by the mid 1830s this family had settled in northern Mississippi. James Britton owned a "plantation" and many slaves.  According to a relative James remarried to a woman with a son and after James' death the widow received his estate. James died in early 1879.  [notes]  Census Records:


Mary W. Kirkham was born Nov. 13, 1808 in or near Petersburg, Virginia.  She was the daughter of Jacob Kirkham and Rachel Stine.  Mary died March 8, 1859 in Tate county and was buried in Eavenson cemetery, Tate county, Mississippi. 
Son Dr. James Monroe Britton was born Dec 1826 Virginia. He married Sarah B. Richmond (1832-1869). He married Ellen T. ?? about 1870. Ellen died Sept. 20, 1900 and was buried Keo cem., Keo, Lonoke co., Arkansas.  James died between March 1901 and July 1902 Arkansas.  His will was recorded in Lonoke co., Arkansas. He apparently had no children. 
Dau. Martha W. "Mattie" Britton was born March 17, 1828 Virginia. She married William M Harris (1824-1885), Oct 14, 1847, Marshall co., Mississippi. Martha died Aug 13, 1900 Marshall co., Mississippi. They were buried in Burrow cemetery, Marshall co., Mississippi.
  • Cincinattus A. Harris
  • William L. Harris was born Dec 6, 1849 Mississippi.  He married Martha A F Hillard (1852-1874) and Mary B Spence.  William died Jan 18, 1907 San Marcos?, Hays co., Texas and was buried in Kyle cem., Hays co., Texas. 
  • James E. Harris was born Sep 27, 1851 Mississippi.  He married Amanda J Hillard (1854-1931) on Oct. 12, 1871 Marshall co., Mississippi.   James died Oct 8, 1920 Dallas, Texas and was buried in Grove Hill cem, Dallas, Texas. 
  • Julius L. Harris was born about Aug 7, 1853 Mississippi.  Julius died March 23, 1888 Hays co., Texas.
  • Theodocia E. Harris was born Aug 6, 1855/6 Mississippi.  She married Arvel Edward Russell on Dec. 20, 1876.  Theodocia died Oct 11, 1903 Ellis co., Texas and was buried Elm Branch Cem., Bardwell, Ellis Co., Texas.
  • Estella Virginia Harris was born Sep 1857 Mississippi.  She married Wesley L Dalton (1855-1944) in 1876.  Virginia died Mar 27, 1922 Hays co., Texas and was buried in Kyle cem, Hays co., Texas. 
  • Lucius J. Harris was born Nov 26, 1858 Marshall co., Mississippi.  He married Ella G Moore.  Lucius died Oct 23, 1929 Hays co., Texas and was buried in Kyle cem, Hays co., Texas. 
  • Mary C "Mollie" Harris was born June  23, 1860 Mississippi.  She married William Samuel Lewis (1854-1937) in 1879.  Mary died Sep 14, 1929 Houston, Harris co., Texas. 
  • Benjamin F Harris was born Feb 9, 1862 Mississippi.  Benjamin died Oct 14, 1915 Ellis co., Texas and was buried in Elm Branch Cem., Bardwell, Ellis Co., Texas.
  • Leonidas Harris was born Dec 9, 1863 Mississippi.  He died Oct 5, 1865 and was buried in Burrow cem., Marshall co., Mississippi. 
  • Ross B. Harris was born Dec 9, 1863 Mississippi.  Ross died June 26, 1948 and was buried in St. Peter's cem., Oxford, Lafayette co., Mississippi.
  • Archy Harris was born April 25, 1868 Mississippi.  Archy died May 7, 1868 and was buried in Burrow cem., Marshall co., Mississippi.
  • John W. Harris was born Aug 10, 1869 Mississippi.  John died May 17, 1922 Houston, Harris co., Texas and was buried in Kyle cem., Hays co., Texas
  • Emma Harris was born Jan 25, 1871 Mississippi.  Emma died Jan 26, 1871 and was buried in Burrow cem., Marshall co., Mississippi.
  • Percy Ernest Harris was born Dec 1872 Mississippi.  He married Henrietta Phillips.  Percy died 1932 and was buried in Blocker cem., Olive Branch, Desoto co., Mississippi.


Son Thomas Jefferson Britton was born June 13, 1829 Virginia. He married Margaret F. Britton, April 1, 1850. He married Hattie C. Mullins, Nov 17, 1878. Thomas died May 5, 1893 Arkansas.
    children by Margaret F. Britton
  • Thomas J. Britton
  • William Monroe Britton
  • James F. Britton
  • Taylor Britton
  • Margaret Britton

    children by Hattie C. Mullins
  • Ada Clara Britton
  • Ida Beatrice Britton
  • Rosalee Caroline Britton
  • Bertha Bell Britton
  • Arther Britton
  • Garland Britton
  • Herbert Virgil Britton
Dau.  Mary Madison Britton was born May 1830 (or 1831) in Tennessee. She married Thomas William Wright (1823-?), June 18, 1848 Marshall co., Mississippi. They had 14 children. Mary died Nov 11, 1903 Tate co., Mississippi and was buried in Sherman cem., Sherman, Pontotoc co., Mississippi.
  • John Yarrel Wright was born April 7, 1849 Mississippi.  He was married 3 times.  John died July 19, 1923 and was buried in Sherman cem., Sherman, Pontotoc co., Mississippi.
  • James B. Wright
  • Olivia Wright
  • Adeliza Wright
  • Mary A. Wright
  • Martha "Mattie" Y. Wright
  • Ida Wright
  • Irene Wright was born May 17, 1963 Mississippi. She married C Dewitt McClatchy in 1888.  Irene died Mar 12, 1946 Olney, Young co., Texas.
  • Judson Wright
  • Bunyan Benjamin Wright was born Jan 20, 1869 Mississippi.  Bunyan died March 11, 1942 San Diego, San Diego co., CA.
  • ? Wright
  • ? Wright
  • ? Wright
  • ? Wright
Son John Britton was born about 1832 Tennessee. He was living with his sister Martha in 1850. Nothing more is known 
Son Winfred/Winfield S. Britton was born about 1834 Tennessee. Nothing more is known. 
Son  Benjamin Franklin Britton was born Jan 28, 1836 Marshall co., Mississippi. He married Martha A. "Pattie Jeffries" Gregory, Aug 28, 1867 Desoto co., Mississippi. This family moved to Texas in the mid 1870s. Benjamin died Feb 26, 1930 Paducah, Cottle co., Texas and was buried Buck Creek cemetery.
  • Clara Y. Britton was born June 12, 1868 in Desoto/Tate co., Mississippi. Clara died Jan 21, 1869.
  • Susan Mary "Sudie" Britton was born Aug 23, 1869 in Desoto/Tate co., Mississippi.  She married Rufus Jesse West, Nov 27, 1889, Jones co., Texas.  Sudie died April 5, 1945 Paducah, Cottle co., Texas.  
  • Leonidas G. "Lonnie" Britton was born Feb 28, 1871 in Desoto/Tate co., Mississippi.  Lonnie died April 9, 1915 Paducah, Cottle co., Texas.
  • Benjamin Franklin Britton Jr was born Nov 6, 1873  in Desoto/Tate co., Mississippi.  Benjamin died Sep 29, 1876 Desoto/Tate county, Mississippi and was buried in Singleton Springs cem., Tate co., Mississippi.
  • Lelia Alice Britton was born June 10, 1877 Waco, McLennan, co., Texas.  She married Hiram Weems Hall, July 19, 1900, Jones co., Texas.  Lelia died Dec 10, 1941 Paducah, Cottle co., Texas.
  • Oscar Thomas Britton was born Nov 14, 1879 Coleman co., Texas.  He married Mary Ida Ellis, Nov 6, 1910 Cottle co., Texas.  Oscar died Feb 22, 1968 Seminole, Gaines co., Texas. 
  • Annie Estella Britton was born Oct. 18, 1881 Jones co., Texas.  She married Thomas Webster Carr, Dec 3, 1905, Cottle co., Texas.  Annie died Dec 21, 1952 Paducah, Cottle co., Texas. 
  • Elma Lee Britton was born Feb 23, 1883 Jones co., Texas.  Elma died July 21, 1883 and was buried in Midway cem., Hodges, Jones co., Texas.
  • James Arthur Britton was born June 15, 1886 Jones co., Texas.  He married Bessie Mae Dies, Dec 19, 1909, Cottle co., Texas.  James died Jan 10, 1962 Los Angeles county, California and was buried Rose Hills Mem. Park, Whittier, Los Angeles co., California.
Dau.  Virginia A. Britton was born Feb 28, 1838 Mississippi. She married Crockett H. Phillips (1830-1887), Oct 17, 1857 Desoto co., Mississippi. Virginia died May 4, 1908 Tate co., MS and was buried in Palestine cemetery, Tate co., Mississippi.
  • Ophelia V. Phillips
  • Edmond H. Phillips
  • Mary B. Phillips
  • Monroe Phillips
  • Kate Ida Phillips
  • Theodore Phillips
  • Della Phillips
  • Bob Phillips
Dau.  Amanda Harrison Britton was born Sep 17, 1840 Mississippi. She married Robert Harris (b. June 9, 1830), Dec. 21, 1858 Desoto co., Mississippi. Sometime after 1880 they moved from Marshall co., Mississippi to Brown co., Texas.  Robert died July 1, 1892 in Brown co., Texas and was buried in Beaird cemetery.  Amanda died Oct 24, 1914 and was also buried in Beaird cem., Brown co., Texas (no stone extant).
  • Robert Franklin Harris was born Jan 10, 1860 Mississippi.  Robert died Aug 27, 1940 Brownwood, Brown co., Texas.
  • M. A. Harris
  • Martha "Mattie" Harris
  • Willie Harris
  • Alphonzo Harris was born Nov 17, 1866 Mississippi.  Alphonzo died Jan 13, 1946 Roscoe, Nolan co., Texas.
  • Sevric?? Harris
  • Ella? Harris
  • Lewis Harris
  • Virginia Harris
  • Alva West Harris was born Sep 22, 1877 Mississippi.  Alva died March 8, 1938 Brownwood, Brown co., Texas.
Dau.  Emoline W. Britton was born Nov 18, 1842 Mississippi. She married Albert Gallatin Womack (1835-1921) about 1860. Emoline died Nov 7, 1913 Jones co., Texas. They were buried in Mount Hope cemetery, Jones co., Texas.
  • Mary Alice Womack
  • Albert Sidney Womack
  • Samuel Arthur Womack
  • Lee Ora Womack
  • Carrie Womack
  • Ida Womack
  • Walter Womack
  • Roxana Womack
  • Wallace Womack
  • William Houston Womack
Son Leonidas R. Britton was born about 1844 Mississippi.. Leonidas died July 15, 1863 Jacksonville, Mississippi. 
Son  Lucius C. Britton was born about 1846 Mississippi.. He married Elizabeth Phillips, June 29, 1871 Desoto county, Mississippi.
  • John Britton
  • Roxie S. Britton
  • Willie Britton
Son  William A (T). Britton was born 1845-47 Mississippi.. He married Mahala Harvey, July 26, 1877 Rockwall co., Texas. He married Margaret Klutts, March 25, 1891 Rockwall co., Texas. William died 1906 Rockwall co., Texas.
children by Mahala Harvey:  
  • James Oscar Britton
  • Wilson A. Britton