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Siah Barnett family

(Last updated Dec. 22, 2016)

Siah Barnett was born about 1829-32 in Creek Nation, Alabama, the son of Thomas Barnett (Creek Indian) and his cook Hannah (black/mixed).  Thomas Barnett and Hannah had Siah Barnett, James Barnett, and Lizzie Asbury.   Thomas Barnett evidently had an Indian wife at the same time and had many children.  Thomas Barnett may have been a descendant of the Creek Nation trader Timothy Barnard (white) and his Euchee Indian wife.  Research into Thomas Barnett is difficult and his supposed connection to the Barnard family is unproven and largely based on later testimony.

Siah had a son named Trump Barnett by Celia a Creek slave. Siah also had a son named Jackson Barnett by "Thlesothle" a Creek Indian.

Siah Barnett's last wife was Mary Beams and they had at least 5 children. Mary Beams (daughter of Gideon Beams) previously had a daughter named Katie by Ben Broadnax a white man.

Siah died in 1897 and was buried Barnett cemetery in southwest Okmulgee county, Oklahoma.   [More info

Descendants of Siah Barnett and "Thlesothle":

Son Jackson Barnett was born in the early 1850s. He received a land allotment in Creek county, Oklahoma which was later discovered to be sitting on a huge oilfield in 1912. He became wealthy from the oil revenue. He died in May 29, 1934 Los Angeles, CA and was buried Hollywood cem.  [Biography].

Jackson's mother "Thlesothle" was likely born in the early-mid 1830s. There are claims that she is connected to the Conner family but there is no documentation to support this. Testimonial evidence and records support she was a sister of John Leecher or "Leacher" who operated a ferry near Muskogee. Thlesothle died sometime after 1859. She may have been buried in the Choctaw Givens cemetery west of Eufaula.

Descendants of Mary Beams and Ben Broadnax:

Dau. Katie (Broadnax) was born 1847-1850 Creek Nation, Oklahoma. She married Willie Sevier. She married Tecumseh Tiner. Katie died October 1911 and was buried Barnett cem., Okmulgee co., Oklahoma.
  • Mary Sevier was born about 1870 Oklahoma. She married Joe Fisher. She married David Fields. She married James Fisher. Mary died March 14, 1956 and was buried Barnett cem., Okmulgee co., Oklahoma.
  • Nancy Tiner was born about 1881 Oklahoma. She married Joe Fisher. Nancy died May 1, 1917 and was buried Barnett cem., Okmulgee co., Oklahoma.
  • John Tiner was born about 1883 Oklahoma. John died Dec. 31, 1948 and was buried Barnett cem., Okmulgee co., Oklahoma.
  • Soot Tiner.

Descendants of Siah Barnett and Mary Beams:

Son David Barnett was born 1854-1855 Creek Nation, Oklahoma.. He married Pattie (Harjo). He married Nancy (daughter of Patty). David died May 11/12, 1925 and was buried Barnett cem., Okmulgee co., Oklahoma.
    Children by Pattie(Harjo):
  • Annie Barnett was born about 1875. Annie died Aug. 21, 1954.
  • Melviney Barnett was born about 1878. Melviney died March 20, 1933.
  • Tom Barnett was born about 1879. Tom died April 1908.
  • Hettie Barnett was born about 1884. Hettie died about 1920;
  • Wesley Barnett was born about 1886. Wesley died March 27, 1916.
  • Amos Barnett was born about 1889. Amos died "Oct. 15, 1903"
  • Lucy Barnett was born about 1872?. Lucy died after 1899.
  • David Barnett was born about 1877?. Davis died March 15/16 1900, McAlester Jail.
    Children by Nancy (daughter of Pattie):
  • James Barnett was born about 1890. James died Dec. 16, 1939 and was buried Barnett cem., Okmulgee co., Oklahoma.
  • Nellie Barnett was born about 1891. Nellie died Feb 9, 1937
  • Robert Barnett was born about 1893. Robert died "Sep. 23, 1912".
  • George Barnett was born "April 1896". George died "Feb. 19, 1913."
  • Ida Barnett was born "May 1897". Ida died Nov. 2, 1916.
  • Mary Barnett was born DEc. 24, 1901. Mary died "Oct. 29, 1932".
  • Mossie? Barnett was born Nov. 1909. She died 1910-20??
Dau. Mariah "Sissy" Barnett was born about 1854-1855 Creek Nation, Oklahoma.. She married John Davis. She married Billy West. Maria died 1890-95 and was buried Barnett cem., Okmulgee co., Oklahoma.
    Children by John Davis:
  • Chepamy Davis was born about 1880.
  • Benjamin Davis was born about 1885. Benjamin died June 1900.
    Children by Billy West:
  • Pompey West was born about 1890. Pompey died about 1909.
Dau. Ellen Barnett was born about 1859 Creek Nation, Oklahoma.. She married James Grayson. She married John Walker. She married Seaborn Bird. She married William McQueen. Ellen died "Aug. 17", 1898-99 and was buried Barnett cem., Okmulgee co., Oklahoma.
    Children by James Grayson:
  • Charity Grayson was born about 1884. Charity died Oct. 1953.
    Children by John Walker:
  • George Walker was born about 1888. George died Oct. 11, 1911.
    Children by Seaborn Bird:
  • Joe Bird was born about 1890. Joe died April 7, 1913.
  • Stella Bird was born about 1894. Stella died about 1902.
    No children by William McQueen
Dau. Hannah Barnett was born about 1860-1861 Creek Nation, Oklahoma. She married James Fisher. Hannah died Feb. 17, 1901 Oklahoma and was buried Barnett cem., near Bryant, Okmulgee co., Oklahoma.

  • Seaborn Fisher was born about 1878. He married Rosa Tompkins. Seaborn died Nov. 23, 1937 Los Angeles, CA.
    • Elsie Fisher
    • Frances L Fisher
    • Lawrence H Fisher
    • Marian L Fisher

  • William Fisher was born about 1880. He married Louisa Jones. He married Kogee Simmons, 1910. He married Vester Gilroy. William died Jan. 6, 1974 Beggs, Oklahoma.

      Children by Louisa Jones:
    • William Taft Fisher

      Children by Kogee Simmons:
    • Johnny Fisher
    • Eli Fisher
    • Jane Fisher
    • Manna Fisher
    • Dave Fisher
    • Elizabeth Fisher
    • Lena May Fisher
    • Alice Hannah Fisher
    • Lige Sam Fisher
    • John Fisher

      Children by Vester Gilroy:
    • Amos B Fisher
    • Pauline Fisher
    • Bill Fisher
    • Esther E Fisher
    • Lawrence Fisher
    • Daniel Fisher
    • Catherine Fisher

  • Daniel Fisher was born 1882-88. Daniel died 1930s.

  • Mariah Fisher was born about 1888. She married John Tompkins. Mariah died Dec. 10, 1966 Okemah, OK and was buried Highland cem., Okemah, Oklahoma.
    • Alcie Tompkins
    • John E Tompkins
    • Fred Tompkins
    • Della Tompkins

  • Lewis Fisher was born 1898. He married Bessie Baum. He married Aurora Missouri "May" McDaniels. Lewis died Oct. 21, 1953 OK and was buried Barnett cem., Okmulgee co., Oklahoma.
      Children by Bessie Baum:
    • Goldie Fisher
    • Frank Fisher
    • Dewey Fisher

      Children by May McDaniels:
    • Hollis G Fisher
    • Alivna L Fisher
    • Beulah M Fisher
    • Maggie F Fisher
    • Mack M Fisher
    • Hannah S Fisher
    • Seborn B Fisher
Dau. Eliza/Lizzie Barnett was born 1867+ Creek Nation, Oklahoma. She married Little Fish. Eliza died Jan. 9, 1900 and was buried Barnett cem., Okmulgee co., Oklahoma.
    Children by Little Fish:
  • Kogee Fish was born about 1886. Koge died 1890-95?
  • Winey Fish was born about 1888. She married Savilla Lewis. Winey died Feb. 20, 1983.
  • Mahaley Fish was born 1889-90. She married McClellan "Mack" Hickman about 1905. Mahaley died Sep. 27, 1973 Weleetka, Oklahoma.
  • Sally Fish was born about 1890-91. Sally died about 1896.
  • Katie Fish was born April 29, 1892. She married James Sid Litsey. Katie died Sep. 30, 1966 Tulsa, Oklahoma.
  • Frasier "John" Fish was born about 1894. He married Julia M Shade. John died Aug. 5, 1972.
  • Milly Fish was born 1897-98. She married Thomas A Gilroy. Milly died Jan. 14, 1981.
  • Billy Fish was born Dec. 24, 1899. Billy died Oct. 1900.