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John Barnard and Jane Bradley family

& Wife:

John Barnard was born in England.  John had a brother named Edward Barnard. Jane Bradley was the daughter of William Bradley.   In 1744 John Barnard was granted 500 acres on Wilmington Island, Chatham county, Georgia. It was on this land that John and Jane's children were born and raised. In 1755 and 1756 John was granted additional acreage on Wilmington Island. John died "Sep. 7, 1757" in Chatham county, Georgia.  Jane died in October 1794 on Wilmington Island, Chatham county, Georgia.

John Barnard "came to Savannah, Georgia about 1743 in command of a Regiment called the 'Rangers' and held commission till his death."   In January 1747 John became bound to William Bradley of Westminster, London, England for 500 to be paid July 20, 1747 under the penal sum of 1000.  In 1748 John acted as attorney for William Bradley regarding lots in Savannah.  Evidently the 500 was never paid and in 1755 in the court of Pleas in the province of Georgia William Bradley won a judgment against John for 1000 and 63 shillings.      One of John's tracks of land comprising 600 acres was later seized and sold in 1760 for the non payment of the debt to William Bradley. [notes]
Son Timothy Barnard was born "Nov. 3, 1745" in Chatham county, Georgia.  He married a Euchee Indian woman.  Timothy died in July 1820 on his plantation in the Creek Nation, Georgia, now in Macon county. [Children according to Thomas Woodward.]

  • Pheloga/Fulloke/James "Jim" Barnard. He was the "oldest son, a cripple through life".

  • William "Billy" Barnard. He was the second son. He married Peggy Sullivan.  
    • Davy Barnard
    • Tom Barnard  [Is this Thomas Barnett?]
    • Epsy Barnard
    • Nancy Barnard
    • Sukey Barnard

  • Timpoochy/Timboche/John Barnard was born about 1783.  He was the third son. He married an Indian woman.  He died circa 1841 near Fort Mitchell, Alabama.

  • Cussene Barnard. He was the fourth son. He had an Indian wife and settled in Arkansas [Oklahoma?].

  • Michy Barnard. He was the fifth son.

  • Buck Barnard. He was the six son.

  • Mary "Polly" Barnard. She was the oldest daughter. She married Joe Marshall.

  • Matoya Barnard. She died unmarried.

  • "Himanhidge" Barnard.

  • "Yuccohpee" Barnard.
SonJohn Barnard was born "Nov. 12, 1750".  He became a major in the Revolutionary War.  He married Lucy Turner.  John died "June 10, 1819" on Wilmington Island, Chatham county, Georgia.  
  • Timothy Barnard.  He married Amelia Guerard
  • Lucy Wilmington Barnard.  She married Henry C. Jones and Charles O. Screven.
  • Mary E Barnard
  • John Washington Barnard.  He married Christianna Shad.
  • James Barnard.  He married Catherine Guerard.
  • Henrietta Barnard.  She married Stephen Williams.
  • Georgia A. Barnard.  She married Murdock Chisholm.
SonWilliam Barnard. He married Sarah ? Sarah died Jan. 10, 1808, age 46.  William "died in New York" circa 1825.
  • Frances Barnard.  She married John Cooper.
  • Mary Louisa Barnard.  She married Samuel Adams.
SonRobert Barnard was born circa 1758.  
Dau.Elizabeth Barnard was born 1747-57.  
Dau.Jane Barnard was born 1747-57.  

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