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Jackson Barnett's estate case filings

This is a list of legal filings in the Jackson Barnett estate case, Equity case #4556, located in archival boxes 674-679. Only the contents of archival boxes 674-676 were noted which covers the filings from 1934 to August 1938.


Date Document Pages 
 [box 674] 
May 31Willie Conner, petition for letters of Adm./ Melviney Ditzler, Jimmy Barnett, Nellie Barnett object to Muskogee county court having jurisdiction. 
 Motion to remand filed by Anna Laura Barnett 
 Response to motion of Anna Barnett by Nettie Conner Bear, Willie Conner. 
 Brief of Petitioner, Anna Laura Barnet, in support of motion to remand cause to state court. 
Aug. 13Brief in motion to remand, by John Conner in U. S. District Court. 
Aug. 16U. S. District Court Eastern District/ Brief of U. S. A. opposing motion to remand.  
Sep. 10U. S. District Court/ Findings and conclusions of law. 
Sep. 19U. S. District Court/ Notice to take depositions/ Deposition of Wynie Conner Hendrix. 
Sep. 21Notice to take depositions/ Deposition of Nathan Williams, Rebecca Baker, Lucy Scott, John Jacobs, Nancy Posey, William Posey,... 
Nov. 19Motion of Matilda Barnett Robbins to be made a party. 
Dec. 6Petition of Jimmie Barnett 
Dec. 26Petition of Jackson Barnett 


    Date     DocumentPages
Jan. 8Motion of George W. Barnett to have commissioner or master appointed to receive testimony. 
Jan. 8Petition of George W. Barnett, and 46 others, to be made parties. 
Jan. 12Transcript from county court of Muskogee county, Oklahoma. 
Jan. 19Petition of Joe Wilder, et al. 
Jan. 24Proof of publication of suit of Stepney-Gouge Vs. Barnett, Fisher, Conners, etc. 
Feb. 1Transcript of all proceedings in the matter of the estate of Jackson Barnett, No. 5917, in the county court of Muskogee county, which matter was removed to U. S. Court Eastern District of Oklahoma Dec. 24 1934 on "Petition to determine heirs".    
Feb. 11Letters from George W. Barnett. 
Feb. 13Motion to consolidate suits, and for rule.  
Feb. 13Petition of Bennie Barnett Valenta, Intervener. 
Feb. 13Petition of Bennie Barnett Valenta, also known as Bennie Barnett Scott, for leave to intervene.  
Feb. 16Motion to consolidate actions and for order prescribing rules of procedure therein.  
Feb. 19Appearance of William Barnett. 
Feb. 26Petition of attorney H. R. Williams for leave to withdraw as attorney for Martha J. Walker, et al. 
Mar. 1Petition for leave to intervene, Hettie McCoy Petitioner 
Mar. 4Petition to intervene of Harley Barnett Timothy, et al. 
Mar. 5Intervening petition of James S. Wilson, et al. 
Mar. 5Petition of intervention of Bennie Barnett Velenta (Scott)253-257
Mar. 5Petition of Intervener, Hattie McCoy258-260
Mar. 5Petition of Harley Barnett Timothy261-263
Mar. 5Affidavit for service by publication upon unknown heirs, etc.264-266
Mar. 6Petition of Martha Jane Robbins, et al.267-270
Mar. 6Notice to Unknown heirs271-272
Mar. 12Sarah Elizabeth Neikirk, petitioner 
Mar. 13Petition of Solomon Saylor, et al.275-280
Mar. 16Answer and cross complaint of Winey Lewis, Milly Gilroy, Frazier Fish, William Fisher, Charity Buckley.281-284
Mar. 20Petition of Intervention/ Burgess, et al vs. Fishers, Fish, Conners, et al.285-287
Mar. 20Petition of Intervention of the U. S. A./ Originally filed Oct. 19, 1934.   
Mar. 23Petition of Jimmy Barnett to be declared and heir...288-290
Mar. 23Application for appointment of Examiner or Commissioner and to fix salary.291-292
Mar. 25Response to Petition of Intervention of the U. S.293-294
Mar. 27Petition of Melviney Ditzler to be declared an heir...295-298
Mar. 27Petition of Winey Lewis to be declared an heir...299-301
Mar. 27Petition of Annie Beams to be declared an heir...302-305
 Proof of Publication 
Mar. 30Bill of intervention of Inez Anderson, Pauline Miles, Delia McClelland, Bailey Baker, Jimmie Wolf.307-309
Mar. 30Petition of intervention of Lucy Curns and James E. Gentry.310-312
Apr. 1Answer and cross-complaint of Winey Lewis, Milly Gilroy, Frazier Fish, William Fisher, Charity Buckley.313-316
Apr. 2Answer and cross-complaint of Melviney Ditzler, Annie Beams, Mahaley Hickman, Mariah Tompkins, Lewis Fisher (guardian), Nellie Barnett (guardian). 317-319
Apr. 2Answer and response of Ernest Gouge, Stepneys, Fields to petition...320-331
Apr. 3Petitioner's claim of heirship, Wiley Murrel 
Apr. 4Bill of intervention of Martha Jane Walker, Gibsons.333-338
Apr. 4Intervening petition and answer of Anna Laura Barnett.339-347
Apr. 5Supplemental petition of Willie Conner, et al., to determine heirship.348-354
Apr. 5Answer and cross complaint of Katie Litsey.355-358
Apr. 10Motion to intervene, Rena May Smoot Williams and Lillian Woodall.359-360
Apr. 10Petition of intervention, Jim Barnett.361-363
Apr. 11Amended answer and cross complaint of Seaborn Fisher364-367
Apr. 13Plea of intervention and claim of heirship by Henry and Bertha Barnett.368-370
Apr. 15Answer and cross complaint of May Oma Ransom.371-379
Apr. 16Motion to make more certain and definite, Bertha and Henry Barnett. 
Apr. 22Application of John Barnett, Elizabeth Overby, Annie Bowling, et al.382-388
Apr. 25Statement canceling contest of D. L. Rashaw & W. L. Ransom. 
Apr. 26Bill of intervention of Charlotte Gibson Martin, Ruby Lee Ashmore Ellis, Connie Foley Ashmore. 392-395
Apr. 27Bill on intervention of Rosana Bigpond, et al.396-401
May 1Petition of intervention of Cordova Jane Saunders, et al.402-404
May 9Application for leave to file claim of Kogee Barnett out of time405-406
May 9Answer to Anna Laura Barnett, to adverse pleadings.407-416
May 28Intervention of Paralee Barnett Smith.418-419
May 29Response of John Conner to Petition requesting determination of heirship.420-424
May 29Petition of Kogee Barnett to be declared sole surviving heir.425-428
May 29Amendment to answer or response of Ernest Gouge, et al.429-432
June 1Petition in intervention of Rena M. Williams, nee Smoot.434-436
June 7Oath of office of Louise R. Klein, Commissioner.437-438
June 7Petition in intervention, Effie Johnson and Nellie Barnett, a minor.439-443
June 7Response to the petitions of intervention of the U. S. and bill of complaint against all others.444-446
June 7Amendment to former pleading of William Barnett.447
June 18Motion of petitioners to dismiss/ George W. Barnett, Ingrams, Wilders, Hursts.448-449
June 19Motion to leave to intervene/ Billy, Louisa, Daniel, George, Amos, Pauline, Frank, and Martha West. 450-451
June 19 Motion of Daisy Bell Smoot, et al. for leave to intervene.452-453
July 5Subpoena for Jackson "Black Jack" Barnett, Nancy Grayson Barnett.454
July 8Amended answer of Milly Gilroy, William Fisher, Charity Buckley, Winey Lewis, Frazier Fish.455-458
July 9Subpoena for Jackson & Nancy Barnett.459
July 10Petition in intervention of Winey Lewis by Joe Rice, guardian, and Frazier Fish by Allen Rhea, guardian.460-462
July 22Petition in intervention of A. J. Smoot, Daisy Bell Smoot Richards, Kizzie Ann Smoot Fergeson.463-465
July 25Application for permission to intervene/ Lizzie Allen, Ada Ferry, Nancy Bigpond.466-469
Aug. 7Petition of intervention/ Lizzie, Roy and James Allen, Ada Ferry, Nancy Bigpond.470-472
Sep. 4Motion of Joseph J. Shy and Jones & Jones to withdraw.473-476
Sep. 6Motion to leave to intervene, John Barnett.477-478
Sep. 25Petition of intervention, John Barnett.479-481
Oct. 21Subpoena to Dr. Bisbee, Henry Barnett, Bertha Mayberry alias Barnett.482
Oct. 28Subpoena to Ed Dabney, attorney and E. V. Rakestraw, attorney.483
Oct. 28Motion for enlargement of time of commission.484
Nov. 5 485
Nov. 5Subpoena to Dr. Bisbee.486
Nov. 5Subpoena to Bertha Mayberry487
Nov. 18Subpoena request488
Nov. 22Motion of Mrs. Mira Durham to intervene.489-490
Nov. 27Request of subpoena issued to Lizzie Wynn, Sarty Cowe, Thomas Red.491
Nov. 27Application for intervention/ Louisa Murrell, Emmitt Murrell.492-493
Nov. 27Petition of intervention/ Murrells494-496
Dec. 9Motion to leave to intervene/ Ellen Sunny497-499
Dec. 18Intervention of Mira Durham500-502
Dec. 18Petition of intervention/ Ellen Sunny503-508
Dec. Letter form Anna Laura Barnett509
Dec. 28Brief of Anna Laura Barnett510-516


    Date     DocumentPages
Jan. 14Petition of Fount Butler for order to pay costs1-6
Jan. 28Subpoenas for Bertha Barnett, Henry Jones Barnett, Mayetta Kingston9
Jan. 28Application for intervention by Josephine Sookey, now Thornton7-8
Jan. 31Motion for approval of payment of depositions.10-11
Feb. 1Application for plea of intervention of Lesser McGee.12-13
Feb. 4Petition of Annie Barnett14-15
Feb. 27Amended Petition of intervention/ Murrells16-18
Feb. 29Petition of intervention of Lesser McGee, nee Gentry19-21
Mar. 3Report of Commissioner, Louise Klein22-24
Mar. 9Stipulation relative to taking depositions of aged and infirm witnesses25-44
Apr. 13Application for Samuel Boorstin to withdraw as council for Kogee Barnett45-46
Apr. 18Letter from W. V. McClure, clerk to A. H. Thomas47
Apr. 23Letter from A. H. Thomas to U. S. District Clerk47
Apr. 25Motion to leave to intervene/ Geo. W. Francis, et al.48-49
Apr. 28Motion of Bertha & Henry Barnett for leave to amend plea of intervention50-52
Apr. 28Application for permission to file a claim of Mayetta Kingston out of time53-54
May 4(Kentucky claim)56-57
May 7List of attorneys58-62
May 7Application to reappoint Louise R. Klein or some other suitable person to take depositions63-64
May 8Petition of intervention of George W. Francis, et al.65-67
May 25Motion to leave to intervene/ Wilburn Howard Smoot68
May 26Bennie Barnett67-70
May 26"Fount Butler died May 2, 1936"71-73
May 27Amendment to plea of intervention and claim of proof/ Bertha & Henry Barnett74-76
May 27Amendment to plea of intervention and claim of proof/ Mayetta Kingston77-78
May 27Application for order directing War Department to furnish certified copies/ filed by Willie Conner79-81
May 27Motion of W. K. Zachry for leave to withdraw as attorney for Louise West, et al.82
May 27Motion of Thos. W. Leahy for leave to withdraw as attorney for A. J. Smoot83
May 27Motion for leave to intervention on behalf of Joe H. Tiger, Annie Ponds, Peter Hamilton84-86
May 27Response of Joe H. Tiger, Annie Ponds, Peter Hamilton86
May 27Motion of W. N. Barnett, et al. for leave to intervene90
May 27Telegram for William Barnett91
June 18Intervening petition of Rosa Allen, et al92-96
June 22Application for permission to intervene/ Caldwells, Collets97-100
June 24Bill of intervention of Sayles, Phelps, Randall, Hornsby101-103
June ??(Kentucky claim)104-108
June 29Motion to file supplemental intervening petition/ Saylor, et al.109-115
July 1Application pf Fred A. Speakman and A. M. Boets for leave to withdraw as attorneys for William Barnett117-119
July 9Petition of P. D. Barnett & Angeline Barnett Martin to be made parties120-123
July 6Petition to intervene/ Ballard, Brooks, Jarnagin, Barnett124-127
July ?Petition of Elizabeth Ballard128-131
July ? 132
July 8Int./ Mira Durham133-135
July 8Bertha Barnett136-137
July 9Petition of George W. Barnett, Barnetts, Bishops, Potter, Stewart138-140
July 9Supplemental intervening petition of Tabitha Sproules (Ky claim)141-146
July 20Petition of intervention of Samuel Caldwell, et al.147-151
July 27Amended supplemental petition in equity/ Tabitha Sproles, et al.152-158
Aug. 3Application for extension of the time of appointment of Miss Louise Klein to Sep. 30, 1836159-161
Aug. 3Intervening petition of Mahala Asher-Caldwell, Sudie Fields161-162
Aug. 3Motion to pay for publication fee163-165
Aug. 28Intervening petition of P. D. Barnett and Angeline Martin166-168
Aug. 28Petition of intervention of Elizabeth Ballard, et al.169-172
Aug. 20Motion of Tom Barnett for permission to intervene173-175
Aug. 28Petition of intervention of George W. Barnett, et al.176-183
 [Box 675] 
Sep. 4Motion of Creek Barnett, et al. for leave to intervene184-186
Sep. 4Motion for Henry Horton for leave to intervene187-190
Sep. 4Motion of Talitha A. Spoles191-193
Sep. 9Petition of intervention of Mahala Asher Caldwell and Sudie Fields194-196
Sep. 15Petition of intervention of Tom Barnett197-198
Oct. 30Report of Commissioner199-201
Nov. 4Petition of John J. Simpson, et al., for leave to intervene202-204
Nov. 7Motion of Andy J. Thompson, for leave to intervene205-207
Nov. 23Motion of Bertha Barnett, et al., for permission to use depositions in lieu of personal testimony208-221
Nov. 30Affidavit in support of motion to Andy J. Thompson222-224
Nov. 30Application for appointment of commissioner to take testimony225-227
Nov. 30Application for appointment of commissioner to take testimony228-230
Dec. 2Petition of Willburn B. Simpson, Charles C. Simpson, John J. Simpson, and Ada Blanton231-234
Dec. 4Application of John J. Simpson, et al., for appointment of commissioner to take testimony235-238
Dec. 7Supplemental application for appointment of commissioner and examiner to take testimony239-243
Dec. 7Subpoena to Ben Durant, Kate Manuel, S. A. Horton,244
Dec. 9Subpoena to Warren Manuel, Phyllis Briscoe245
Dec. 11Petition of intervention of Andy J. Thompson246-248
Dec. 12Plea of intervention on behalf of Henry Horton249-252
Dec. 14Praecipe for appearance253-254
Dec. 15Application of John J. Simpson, et al. for appointment of commissioner to take testimony255-258
Dec. 15Application of Henry Horton, for appointment of a commissioner to take testimony259-261
Dec. 21Telegram and letter from S. A. Thorton to Judge Williams and Judge's reply thereto262-266


    Date     DocumentPages
Jan. 5Answer of Chissoe Stepney, et al., to plea of intervention of Henry Horton1-2
Jan. 5Plea of Ida A. Hill, petitioner, for permission to be admitted as an intervenor3-5
Jan. 8Objections to clients being further cross-examined, Bertha Barnett, Henry Barnett, Mayetta Kingston6
Jan. 8Application to extend time for taking depositions7-8
Jan. 8Commission (extension to March 31, 1937 for Louise Klein to take depositions)9-11
Feb. 3Application and withdrawal of personal depositions of Bertha Barnett, Mayetta Kingston12-14
Feb. ?order15
Feb. 3Application asking the court to take depositions of Bertha Barnett and Mayetta Kingston17-18
Feb. 3Application and petition for leave to file a claim of Lucinda Watashe, out of time20-22
Jan. 26Subpoena for Betty Scott, Fred Lofford, Viney Johnson, to appear before Louis Klein, Examiner and Commissioner, at Oklahoma City Grand Jury room, Feb. 4 1937 23
Feb. 4Response of W. V. McClure, clerk to letter of Keaton, Wells, Johnston, & Barnes, attorneys. 24
Feb. 3Letter of Keaton, Wells, Johnston, and Barnes to Wm. V. McClure notifying their withdrawal as council for Bertha Barnett, Henry Barnett, and Mayetta Kingston.25
Feb. 4Withdrawal of Keaton, Wells, Johnston, & Barnes26-27
Feb. 12Supplemental plea of Ida A. Hill29-32
Feb. 12Application for the appointment of Commissioner to take testimony, for Ida A. Hill33-36
Feb. 12Petition of Charles B. Rodgers for leave to intervene37-39
Feb. 15Petition of Lucinda Watashe, to be declared a surviving heir of Jackson Barnett40-42
Feb. 18Proof of notice (to attorneys of trial beginning March 22, 1937)43-46
Feb. 19Acceptance of service of order and notice of hearing March 22, 193747-50
Feb. 26Answer of Josephine Sookey to petitions of intervention51-52
Mar. 2Supplemental petition of Seaborn Fisher, et al (paternal claimants)53-71
Mar. 2Amended and supplemental petition of intervention of the United States of America72-80
Mar. 4Motion for permission to file supplemental answer to petition of Annie Laura Lowe Barnett81-82
Mar. 4Supplemental answer of Willie Conner, et al. to petition of Anna Lowe Lowe83-91
Mar. 10Motion of John E. M. Taylor for leave to withdraw was attorney of record for Mrs. Anna Barnett92-94
Mar. 15Motion of Anna Laura Barnett for funds to defend her rights95-120
Mar. 17Motion of Rose Allen & others for permission to file a supplemental petition121-124
Mar. 19Motion of Bertha Barnett to take more definite and certain125-127
Mar. 22Supplemental petition of Ernest Gouge, and answer to petition 128-141
Mar. 22Bill of complaint in intervention of Charles B. Rodgers142-168
Mar. 22Application of Bertha Barnett, et al., for appointment of a commissioner to take depositions in Kansas City, MO.169-170
Mar. 22Amendment to original petition of Rosa Allen, et al.171-189
Mar. 29Motion to amend supplemental petition (Stepney group)192-193
Mar. 29Letter form W. V. McClure to E. B. Wilson, commissioner to take depositions in Pineville, KY194
Mar. 27Letter to W. V. McClure from E. B. Wilson accepting appointment to take depositions195,196
Mar. 30Subpoena for T. J. Farrar, John Woods, Mark L. Bozarth, W. H. Bonar, Barkley Morgan, W. R. Wilson, H. U. Bartlett, Fred Cook to appear as witnesses on behalf of Anna Barnett 198
Mar. 31Report to commissioner199-201
Mar. 23Subpoena for Manuel Jefferson, Lizzie Taylor, Steve Franklin190
Mar. 27Subpoena for John Ryan, W. L. Cagle, and many others on behalf of Bennie B. Scott191
Apr. 3Subpoena for Ira E. Cornelius on behalf of Seaborn Fisher202
Apr. 6Subpoena for Will Hendricks & Walter White on behalf of Willie Conner203
Apr. 7Journal entry of the District Court of Okfuskee county204-206
Apr. 7Plea of Estoppal of Bennie Barnett Scott.209-212
Apr. 8Petition of Creek Barnett, et al, intervenors213-215
Apr. 9Amended petition of Kogee Barnett216-218
Apr. ?Letter from W. V. McClure to Mr. J. Q. A. Harrod219
Apr. 9Letter to W. V. McClure from J. Q. A. Harrod220
Apr. 10Subpoena for Lovell Hurst, McIntosh, and others ... on behalf of Bennie B. Scott.221
Apr. 12Motion to revive cause of action, Sarah Murrell, wife of Crawford.222-225
Apr. 14Motion of Esau Ernest Cudjo to file interplea226-228
Apr. 14Petition of intervention of Esau Ernest Cudjo229-231
May 3Application of S. A. Horton, attorney for Bertha Barnett, et al., to file statement232-252
May 5Intervention of Otis Simpson, et al.  (Ky claim)253-268
May 10Petition of intervenor, Ella Thompson (Ky claim)269-272
May 12Motion of Lowes Hardin & others, for leave to intervene273-275
May 15Plea of James R. Atkins276-278
May 20Petition for intervenors, John R. Blanton (Ky claim)279,280
May 20Petition for intervenors, J. S. Blanton, Brummitts, others (Ky claim)283-284
May 20Intervening petition of Lowes Hardin and others (Ky claim)285-295
May 21Motion to strike as name of Louis A. Ledbetter as attorney for Harlin Timothy, Toney Barnett, Wesley Barnett, and John Barnett 296-297
May 24Plea of Mrs. Ella Thompson298-302
May 24Petition for intervenor, Caldwells (Ky claim)303-305
May 24Motion for approval of payment for depositions306-307
May 24Report of Ky Commissioner, E. B. Wilson308-310
May 26Response of U. S., intervenor, to bill of complaint in intervention filed by Chas. B. Rogers 311-314
May 27Petition of Sarah Catherine Percival to intervene315-319
June 4Application of Ellen Frye to intervene320-323
June 7Plea of James R. Atkins324-327
June 8 Petition of E. C. Roberts, et al.328-334
June 8Petition of Elizabeth Ballard, et al.335
June 8Supplemental application of John J. Simpson, ... to take testimony336-342
June 10Motion fro approval of payment of services343-344
June 24Ellen Frye345-350
July 12Plea of Millard Wilder352-354
July 12Petition asking authority to amend former petition of Lucinda Watashe to include Dora Brady355-356
July 15Petition of Millard D. Wilder357-362
July 22Petition of Matilda Caldwell Johnson (Ky claim)363-365
July 27Oath of E. B. Wilson366
July 27Application of Caldwells to be declared intervenors  (Ky claim)367-373
July 28Petition of Caldwells (Ky claim)374-377
July 29Petition of Carlo Caldwell (Ky claim)378-382
July 28Petition for intervenor, Carlo Caldwell383-387
July 31Anna Laura Barnett request for taxes to be paid on personal property, denied388-391
Sep. 2Petition of Aggie Caldwell Brock392-398
Sep. 2Amended petition of Tabitha Sproles, et al.399-402
Sep. 7Amended petition of Lucinda Watashe and Dora Brady to be declared sole heirs403-405
Sep. 15Supplemental petition of intervention of Catherine Caldwell, et al.406-411
Sep. 21Subpoena for Malinda Manuel412
Oct. 1Subpoena for Eliza Rogers, Toche Grayson, Ocie Marshall on behalf of Conners413
Sep. 20Proof taken at Harriman, Tennessee. (Ky claim)65 pgs.
Oct. 6Application of Simpsons (Ohio claim)414-419
Oct. 6Motion fro approval of payment for depositions420-421
Oct. 13Praecipe, subpoena to several people422-423
Oct. 14death of Mira Durham424
Oct. 15subpoenas for several person425
Oct. 18Application of Martha Bole Vaugh, et al.426-430
Oct. 18Lasley, Scott, Canard (claim through a Jim Barnett, 1/2 brother of Jackson)431-432
Oct. 18Petition to intervene, " "433-435
Oct. 19Motion of John Barnett for leave to file his amended petition of intervention436-437
Oct. 19Amended petition of intervention, John Barnett438-440
Oct. 19Amended petition of Barnett - Burgess - Deere441-445
Oct. 19Subpoena for Dr. Bisbee, John McCowan, John Taylor446
Oct. 20Motion of William Barnett447-448
Oct. 21Subpoena for Annie Cain, Stand Pipe Hill449
Oct. 22Amended and supplemental petition in intervention of Wilburn Howard Smoot, etc.450-451
Oct. 18Subpoena for Polly Wiles, Sally Clinton, Toche Grayson452
Oct. 25Subpoena for Sam Haynes453
Oct. 26Subpoena for Stand Pipe Hill454
Oct. 26Motion of Tilatha (sic) Sproles to dismiss plea455-457
Oct. 27Motion of intervenor John Barnett to suppress deposition of Walter Sunny458-459
Nov. 17Application of Timothy Barnett to file an amended bill of interevention460-461
Nov. 22Motion to strike depositions, petitioners Elizabeth Ballard, et al., and E. C. Roberts, et al.462-466
Dec. 15Motion to revive action as to Seaborn Fisher467-470
Dec. 29Application for the appointment of a commissioner to take depositions471-472


Date Document Pages 
Jan. 20Motion of Tom Barnett473-476
 letter to attorneys477
Jan. 31Motion of James Barnett (Ky. claim)478
Feb. ??claim of Thomas Collins (Va. claim)479-484
Feb. 15Application of Kogee Barnett, Dora Brady, and Lucinda Watashe485-486
Feb. 15Subpoena to Aggie Henry, Polly Wiles, Hannah Roberts.487
Feb. 19Motion to vacate order dismissing intervention of Tom Barnett488-490
Feb. 23Petition of Joe. H. Tiger491
Feb. 28Application for leave to Intervene/ Bill of intervention of Jackson Barnett492-496
Mar. 5Intervening petition of Margraves, Gribbs, McClellan, Mee (Rosa Allen claim)497-501
Mar. 4Subpoena for John A. Jacobs, Lucy Scott.-
Mar. 9Motion for leave to intervene by Ida Lewis, Tootie Lewis, Tom Lewis502-503
Mar. 11Application for subpoena duces tecum by R. M. Mountcastle for Gentry-Curns504-506
Mar. 14Subpoena duces tecum to Frank Cleckler, Veterans Administration, Muskogee, OK.507-508
Mar. 14Motion for revivor of action509-510
Mar. 14Petition of intervention of Claude Porter511-512
Mar. 14Amended bill of Timothy Barnett513-514
Mar. 14Motion to vacate order closing the case of Charles Barnett, Palo Deere515-516
Mar. 14Subpoena to Willie Tiger517
Mar. 14Subpoena to Aggie Henry, Polly Wiles518
Mar. 14Intervening petition of Ida Lewis, Tootie Lewis, Tom Lewis519-521
 [skipped end of March 18 through May] 
 [box 676] 
June 10Petition of interveners, Lucy Curns, et al., Joe H. Tiger, et al. 
June 10Affidavit for disqualification of Tim Barnett (for disqualification of Judge Williams) 
June 10Affidavit for disqualification of James Allen (for disqualification of Judge Williams) 
June 10Affidavit for disqualification of Ellis Gentry and Lucy Curns (for disqualification of Judge Williams) 
June 10Affidavit for disqualification of John H. Tiger (for disqualification of Judge Williams) 
June 16Subpoena fro Washingtons, Lizzie Island, and others 
June 17Subpoena to witness .. John Tyner, Daniel Starr, Chillie Barnett, others 
June 18Petition for disqualification of trial judge (Dora Brady, intervenor) 
June 20Motion to strike the applications to Disqualify the presiding judge 
June 20Motion to strike form files (Tim Barnett) 
June 20Motion to strike form files (Ellis Gentry, Lucy Curns) 
June 20Motion to strike form files (James Allen) 
June 20 Separate motion of Henry Barnett & Mayetta Kingston to strike certain portion of testimony 
June 20 Separate motion of Bertha Barnett & Mayetta Kingston to strike certain portion of testimony 
June 20Separate motions of Bertha Barnett, Mayetta Kingston, and Henry Barnett to strike test of... 
June 20Subpoena 
June 22Sol Saylor, et al., division and claim  (Ky claim) 
June 23Application of Joe H. Tiger, et al. for permission to file a petition... to declare void... contract. 
June 23Response of Jimmie Barnett, Melviney Ditzler, et al. to application of Sol Saylor 
June 29Power of attorney to Mary J. Primavera 
June 30Brief of Bennie Barnett Scott 
June 30Request of intervenors, Lucy Curns, and J. E. Gentry for findings of fact and conclusions of law 
June 30Request for findings of fact and conclusions of law 
June 30 Statement of the evidence on behalf of Inez Anderson, others 
July 14Ellen Sunny, intervenor 
July 14Mem. of statement of evidence in chief relied upon by the Stepney group in support of their claim 
July 14(Ky claim) 
July 16Synopsis of evidence submitted on behalf of Siah Barnett heirs and brief (2nd half is citations of court cases and decisions) 
July 16Testimony and argument in opposition to Dora Brady claim 
July 16Synopsis of oral and record proof on behalf of Lucinda Watashe, nee Brady, and Dora Brady 
July 16Requested findings and conclusion on behalf of Lucinda Watashe, nee Brady, and Dora Brady 
July 18Argument of counsel on behalf of claimants and abstract of testimony 
July ??Charles Barnett, Annie Burgess, Pelo Deer, ... vs. Annie L. Barnett 
July 18Findings of fact and conclusions of law requested by the Siah, Stepney-Gouge, and Conners claimants (in box next to June 30th filings)1-35
July 18Brief of Siah B., Conners, and Stepney-Gouge heirs against Murrell heirs. 
July 18Memorandum in regard to the contract between the Siah Barnett, Stepney-Gouge, and Conner claimants 
July 18Memorandum of argument in opposition to claims of Joe H. Tiger. 
July 18Brief in behalf of Siah Barnett, Stepney, and Conner claimants upon questions of law 
July 18Statement of claim and analysis of evidence in support of Conner claimants. 
July 18Synopsis of evidence rebutting claim of Ellie Johnson and Nellie Barnett alias Martha Randall 
July 19Memorandum brief in opposition to the claims of Bertha Barnett, Mayetta Kingston, Henry Jones  
July 19Summary of Tabitha Sproles, claimant (Ky claim) 
July 19Summary of Ida A. Hill and James R. Adkins 
July 19Summary of Boles, ... (Ky claim) 
July 19Summary of Simpson, Blanton claimants (Ky claim) 
July 19Summary of Millard D. Wilder (Ky claim) 
July 19Summary in Re: Simpson claimants 
July 19Summary (Ky claim) 
July 19Statement and analysis in opposition to claim of Martha Jane Walker 
July 19Mem. in opposition to claims of May Ransom, Timothy Barnett, Lizzie Allen 
July 19Summary in Re: Mrs. Ellen Blanton Frye 
July 19Summary, Carlo Caldwell claimant 
July 19Summary, Martha Boles Vaugh and Rosie Simpson Elliott 
July 19Requested findings of fact and conclusions of law of the U. S. A., intervenor 
July 20Statement of the case of Josephine S. Thornton, others ... 
July 20Findings of fact suggested by the Murrell group 
July 19Abstract or brief of the claim of Ellie Johnson and Nellie Barnett 
July 22Brief on behalf of Wesley Barnett, et al. 
July 19Intervenor John Barnett's request findings of fact 
July 19Synopsis of evidence in support of claim of the intervenor John Barnett and in opposition to claim of Ellen Sunny 
July 19Requested findings of fact... as to Smoots 
July 19Requested findings of Bennie Barnett Scott 
July 20Request of intervenors Joe H. Tiger, et al. for findings... 
July 22Request of Bertha Barnett, Mayetta Kingston, ... for findings of fact  
July 26Memorandum brief of Tom Barnett  
July 29Summary of evidence... on behalf of Rosa Allen, Eliz. Ballard, E. C. Roberts (Ky/Tn claim) 
July 29Addition of supplemental request for findings of fact... on behalf of Rosa Allen, Eliz. Ballard, E. C. Roberts (Ky/Tn claim) 
Aug. 1Request for findings of fact... on behalf of George W. Barnett, et al.  (Tn claim) 
Aug. 1A summary of the evidence and brief... of George W. Barnett, et al.  
Aug. 19Memoranda of Lucy Curns, et al. as follows... (128+ pages) 
 [end of box 676] 
Aug. 1938+[boxes 677-679, contents not noted]