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Eshapa's Detachment (Apalachicola Tribe of Friendly Indians)

Name rank in rank out Original filed under
Altiatzi fixico     Lewis
Ayola     Charles
Billy 1 lieutenant 1 lieutenant  
Billy sergeant sergeant  
Billy 2 lieutenant 2 lieutenant  
Catzi hajo      
Che no ge private private John
Chee pa nee      
Cho was ti oe corporal corporal  
Chocottee Emarthla 2 lieutenant 2 lieutenant Billy
Davy corporal corporal  
E sha pa 1 lieutenant 1 lieutenant Billy
Echo illa Harjo private private  
Fixico harjo     Billy
Flo pocte      
Inalson Choattee loco      
Isaac private private  
It kot tee 1 sergeant 1 sergeant  
Its has wah      
John private private  
Johnston     Olochs fixico
No kus fixico corporal corporal Davy
Obiak Harjo private private  
Ochee Harjo private private  
Ocose te Emarthla private private  
Olochs fixico      
Par nee private private  
Poat cis Harjo private private Isaac
Porcosee Yoholo private private  
Powas hajo private private  
Sam ar      
Sam ka      
Sot last ka private private  
Sum see      
To see u nah      
Toby chiopee      
Waxie holata      
Will yee      
Wo so chee private private  
Yah tah way Hajo sergeant sergeant Billy