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[M234, roll 236, frame 416]

Indians vaccinated by Dr. George L. Weed in the Creek and Cherokee Nations, 1832.

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" A return of Indians vaccinated by Doctor George L. Weed in the Creek and Cherokee Nations(West of Arkansas Ter.) under the act of Congress, - approved the 5th May 1832."   (Many persons are listed twice.)

Aug. 9thHagar5Creek
"Louisa Lewis23Creek
"Mrs? Randall55Creek
"James Rogers37Creek
"Polly Rogers35Creek
"Archy Canard22Creek
"Samuel Canard19Creek
"Thomas Canard15Creek
"Milly Canard12Creek
"Leah Canard10Creek
"Molly Canard49Creek
"Jane Canard47Creek
"Sally Canard5Creek
Aug. 9thNingo Canard12Creek
"Mrs. Canard64Creek
"Lewis McIntosh18Creek
Aug. 10thTom Miller30Creek
"Wm Carr30Creek
"Philip Carr34Creek
"Mrs. Canard28Creek
"Wm Cristy2Creek
"Henry McIntosh9Creek
"Malinda McIntosh11Creek
"Wm Kelley18Creek
Aug. 11thJohn Sells14Creek
"Mrs. Drew20Creek
"Mrs. Drew's child4Cherokee
Aug. 13Louisa Hawkins2Creek
"Unah McIntosh10Creek
"Mrs. McKellop36Creek
"Nancy McKellop13Creek
"Rachael McKellop11Creek
"James McKellop9Creek
"Ginney? McKellop7Creek