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[M234, roll 236, frame 415]

Indians vaccinated by Dr. George L. Weed in the Creek and Cherokee Nations, 1832.

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" A return of Indians vaccinated by Doctor George L. Weed in the Creek and Cherokee Nations(West of Arkansas Ter.) under the act of Congress, - approved the 5th May 1832."   (Many persons are listed twice.)

Aug. 1Toney8Creek
Aug. 2Betsey Carey10Cherokee
"James Rogers40Cherokee
"Nella Base?38Cherokee
"Wash Fivekiller11Cherokee
"Black Fox22Cherokee
"Nancy Watts4Cherokee
"Jack Watts28Cherokee
"Mrs. Chicken Cox38Cherokee
"Nick McIntosh22Creek
"Acca Yah19Cherokee
"Nancy Rogers12Creek
"Cherokee Sells8Creek
"Elisa Nicols13Creek
Aug. 2ndAbram Sells26Creek
"Mrs. Sells42Creek
"Tom Ninneosse?24Creek
Aug. 3rdRebecca18Osage
"Margarette Stover?9Osage
"George May24Cherokee
"Marcus Swift9Osage
Aug. 4thBetsey McIntosh40Creek
"Coney Ochen8Creek
"Black hair25Creek
Aug. 9thKindell Lewis46Creek
"Kindell Lewis' wife35Creek
"Daniel Lewis30Creek
"Abram Lewis28Creek