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[M234, roll 236, frame 411]

Indians vaccinated by Dr. George L. Weed in the Creek and Cherokee Nations, 1832.

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" A return of Indians vaccinated by Doctor George L. Weed in the Creek and Cherokee Nations(West of Arkansas Ter.) under the act of Congress, - approved the 5th May 1832."   (Many persons are listed twice.)

July 19thBetsey widdow40Cherokee
"Mrs. McKinsy28Cherokee
"Davey McKinsey10Cherokee
"Dickson McKinsey8Cherokee
"Tom McKinsey6Cherokee
"Nancy McKinsey4Cherokee
"Mrs. Kelley40Cherokee
"George Bues10Cherokee
"Davy McKinsey22Cherokee
July 20thBinah McIntosh20Creek
"Flora McIntosh23Creek
"Nancy McIntosh16Creek
"Fanny McIntosh14Creek
"Lucy McIntosh12Creek
"Malinda McIntosh4Creek
"Anny McIntosh3Creek
"Cyrus McIntosh8Creek
"Toby McIntosh7Creek
"John McIntosh3Creek
"Alec McIntosh4Creek
"Charles McIntosh8Creek
"Sandy McIntosh7Creek
"Uriah McIntosh9Creek
"Archey McIntosh40Creek
"Mrs. Benj. Hawkins24Creek
"Loisa Hawkins1Creek
"Lila McIntosh18Creek
"Hatte? McIntosh14Creek
"Hannah Hawkins10Creek
"Della? Hawkins40Creek
"Temper Hawkins11Creek
"Saicy? Hawkins5Creek
"Betty Hawkins39Creek
"Nara Hawkins1Creek
"Milla? Hawkins19Creek
"Tone Hawkins3Creek
"Clem? Hawkins14Creek
"Uppia sarga24Creek
"Sam cannecha17Creek
"Tusseca harjo39Creek
"Mrs. Hardridge60Creek
"Amey Hardridge34Creek
"Polly Hustanakee36Creek
"Vicy Hardridge28Creek
"Patty's child1Creek