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[M234, roll 236, frame 420]

Indians vaccinated by Dr. George L. Weed in the Creek and Cherokee Nations, 1832.

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" A return of Indians vaccinated by Doctor George L. Weed in the Creek and Cherokee Nations(West of Arkansas Ter.) under the act of Congress, - approved the 5th May 1832."   (Many persons are listed twice.)

Sep. 3rdBearfoot56Creek
"Lott's wife40Creek
"Mary Ann Lott11Creek
Sep. 4thJames32Creek
"Lo__ Ch__22Creek
"Adam Perryman28Creek
"Sandy Hardridge26Creek
"Saml Brown24Creek
"Sam Hawkins36Creek
"Osage girl2Osage
"Jno Cells15Creek
Sep. 10thPeggy Cels20Creek
"Mrs. Sells40Creek
"Prince Hawkins24Creek
"Dolly Hawkins28Creek
Sep. 10thMrs. Saml Miller35Creek
"Emah Clutchy40Creek
"Betsey McIntosh40Creek
"Sam McIntosh12Creek
"Co__y Archer8Creek
Sep. 25thBob Tiger38Creek
"Hilis Faxico40Creek
"Mrs. Tiger60Creek
"Mary Ann28Creek
"Mella Tiger9Creek
"Oca cieca?60Creek
"Sam Hardridge38Creek