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[M234, roll 236, frame 419]

Indians vaccinated by Dr. George L. Weed in the Creek and Cherokee Nations, 1832.

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" A return of Indians vaccinated by Doctor George L. Weed in the Creek and Cherokee Nations(West of Arkansas Ter.) under the act of Congress, - approved the 5th May 1832."   (Many persons are listed twice.)

Aug. 28thDaniel Carr28Creek
"Sarah McIntosh12Creek
"Wm McIntosh10Creek
"Simon Hardridge28Creek
"Tonece? Harjo38Creek
"Chinah Che11Creek
"Spoko Mahkla56Creek
"Stahcli Hoche60Creek
"Clar sar wah?32Creek
"Pa nee12Creek
"Ka um pa12Creek
"So ol ca10Creek
"Oke u che56Creek
Aug. 28thComanche4Creek
"Mrs. Atkins35Creek
"Wiley Atkins8Creek
Aug. 29thWm Jacobs wife30Creek
"Thomas Jacobs2Creek
"Wm Jacobs30Creek
"Mary at Jacob's24Creek
"Co_ey Ochen9Creek
"Black hair24Creek
"Richard Miller24Creek
"Andrew Lovit30Creek
"Nick Marshall24Creek
"Majo Miller12Creek
"Anney Miller10Creek
"Linty Lovit26Creek
"Ta ug e ka na?4Creek
Sep. 3rdAndrew Bells24Creek