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[M234, roll 236, frame 214]

Cant. Gibson, Octr 29th 1831


Agreeable to your request and that of the chiefs of the Western Creeks, in council assembled a few days since. I have to state that Col. D. Brearly arrived at this post in the early part of May 1827 with a delegation of Creek Indians for the purpose of selecting a tract of country for that nation agreeable to treaty; and at the request of Col. Brearly I was ordered by Col. Arbuckle to accompany the party, which proceeded up the Arkansas river about sixty miles on the north side, then crossed and passed west of south to the main Canadian, thence down this river to the road at that time traveled from this place to Cant. Towson by which we returned, the Indians expressed their entire satisfaction with the tract viewed and particularly that part on the Canadian and its tributaries where they wished to settle. On the arrival of the first Emigrating Party, safety as well as convenience to the Government in furnishing them with supplies induced them to make their first location north of the Arkansas river, it is but just to say they looked to the alternate a---pany of that portion on the Canadian and its waters.

I am with much respect Yo. Obt. Servt.
-- Baylor Asst. Survr.?
U. S. Army

Genl. John Campbell
Agt. Western Creeks
at the Agency