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[Senate Doc. 512, vol. 245, page 43-44]

War Department,
Office Indian Affairs, November 18, 1830


I transmit to you, herewith, by direction of the Secretary of War, a claim of Joseph Cooper, for beef, &c., furnished under a contract with L. Blake, late acting sub-agent for the Creeks. No contract of the description referred to has been received here. The Secretary directs that you report to him as early as practicable all the information in your possession, or which you may be able to obtain, in relation to the claims, to enable him to decide upon it correctly.

It is very desirable to have as correct a view of the present state of the business of the Western Creek Agency as can be obtained. I therefore take this occasion to request you to transmit, with as little delay as possible, a report showing the state of the business of the agency, and particularly the demands against it under contracts or otherwise, accompanied by such remarks as may be necessary to explain the nature of said demands, and how and why they have been incurred, &c. It is understood that the Indians have some claims, under a contract with them, for supplying corn for the emigrants; if so, they should be particularly explained, and a copy of the contract, and of all other contracts, if any, furnished. 

It appears that certificates were issued during the agency of Col. Brearley, to each of the Indians who emigrated with him, for his share of the $100,000, promised to the McIntosh party after their removal, provided their numbers equaled 3,000, or in that proportion for any less number. If such certificates were issued, you will ascertain how many, and the amount of them, how they have been disposed of, in whose hands they now are, and any other information in relation to them that may be necessary, to enable the Secretary of War to give proper directions for their settlement.   It appears by Col. Brearley's returns to the department, that 1,203,  including persons of every description, emigrated under his agency; and Colonel Crowell reported, that about 1,200 had gone under his agency.  These last, it is believed, are not entitled to any portion the $100,000, they not being of the McIntosh party, for which party only that sum was intended by the treaty. But you can doubtless communicate information on this part of the subject, that will be very useful to the department in acting upon it, and are accordingly requested to do so.

The department, for want of returns from the late acting sub-agent, will not be able to act understandingly upon any business that may come before it, connected with the Western Creek Agency, until your report is received; hence the necessity for an early compliance, on your part, with the requests contained in this letter. 

I am, very respectfully,
Your obedient servant,
Samuel S. Hamilton

To General John Campbell,
Sub-Agent for Western Creeks