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[M234, roll 237, frame 260]

Columbus, Jan. 22, 1829

Our Great Father

We have written on to you by Mr. Blake who carried us on as an exploring party to examine the country West of the Mississippi. We have traveled a great way with Mr. Blake and are glad to find him our friend who has studied our interest & has been friendly in supplying our wants. We have known him long & have ever found him a friend to our people & we had the utmost confidence in our Great Father when he appointed Mr. Blake to accompany us. We love him & we wish our Great Father to appoint hime to carry our people West of the Mississippi. We have now arrived among our people & given them the talk and they are willing to go with Mr. Blake for we have known him long and he has always been our friend & the friend of our people. We know he would take care of our women & orphan children & they have confidence in more than they have in strangers. Our Great Father appointed the best man to go with his children because they knew him & they have been with him on a long journey & they have not been deceived in him. We like the country & want our Great Father to appoint him to go with our people & settle the country that our Great Father has given us on the West of the Mississippi. When we arrived home a great many of our friends came to see us & we told them it was a fine country, a plenty of Buffalow, Elk, Deer, Bear & Turkey & that your red children should remove there & they have listened to our talk and are willing to go if our friend Mr. Blake go with & see us justice done. We the delegation arrived at the Chatahoochy in good health.

Daniel Perryman, Interpretor

Coe Marthla {X} Head chief
Tuscemeha {X}
Ch-ste {X}

{I certify that this is an exact representation of the chiefs interpreted to me in the presence of any person but themselves.}

N. H. Collins