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[M234, roll 237, frame 267]

Little Rock, A. Territory August 14, 1829

Dear Father,

We have the pleasure to wright you a few lines this day. Our agent Capt. Walker who you authorised to take us to our new country has treated us well, gave us a plenty to eat, and we are sorry he is going to leave us this day. He has fed us all well, one know better than another. He holds the orphan child by the hand. He has brought us in boats. We came down the rivers in flat boats to the mouth of White river. He there got a steam boat to take us up the Arkansas river. It could not go far, the water was so low. He then got boats and horses for the sick people and fetched us this far. We have lost some of your red children by sickness but if we were at home the Almighty would take some of us away. We had some of our friends that went to our new country and came back to us and told us it was a good country. We took thier talk for we belief them to be straight men. We have not got there yet but as far as we have come we have seen good land and are much pleased with the country this far. Dear father, we old men did not come to this country on our own good but for our children who loves to hunt we find plenty of game, more than we can detroy. We have every reason to belief we will get them soon. Great Father, we hope you will be pleased with few lines about our agent Capt. Walker for we are well pleased [with] him.

Andrew Jackson
President of the United States

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Easter Charco Hargo
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