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[M234, roll 240, frame 513, added]

North Fork 29th Jny. 1849

To the Honorable
W. Medill

It gives me a great pleasure to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 4th December and am now taken liberty of asking you a further favor of you, knowing you will delight in givin him when he ask under thy hand meekly, and young Brother of Red Tribe. There is ill feeling with some of the party who emigrated 1836. There was some understanding with the Government or emigrating Agents; those that pay their own expenses to this country should be paid back or pay them emigrating themselves. It now appears 4 family emigrated together upon their own expenses, (Names heads of family) James Island at the head of the 4 family, 2 Nany Miller, 3 Conip emarthla, 4 Pero. The dispute is this 3 families enpeach- Mr. Island drawing the money and not pay them and said Island deny getting money from the Government. Now this is the favor I ask of you, look over your office, for receid of Island, how much dollar, how many persons, how much per head. Write me answer as soon as you may have an oppotunity. Very Respectfully your obt Sevt

Chilly McIntosh

[Nannie Miller and Conip Emarthlar on 1870 & 1886 self-emigrants rolls, Coweta town.]