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[M640, roll 1, frame 404-08]

Rifles and traps given to recently emigrated Creek Indians
June 1835

" We whose names are hereunto Subscribed chiefs and Warriors of the Creek Nation of Indians, lately arrived in the Western Creek Nation from the East, do hereby acknowledge to have this day received of R. A. McGabe, Sub Agent for the Western Creeks the Rifles, Traps, &c. set opposite our names respectively. "

Nos.Names & SignaturesRiflesBullet
1Ufaula Harjo1111Jno. WadeWm. D Shaw
2Tuska Eneha1111""
3Neha Fixico1111""
4Holock Fixico1111""
5Halock Harjo1111""
6Ac piska Yohola1111""
7Yoholo Micco1111""
8Co lach ta1111""
9Catcha Micco1111""
10Co wock co chee1111""
11Ta cussa Harjo1111""
12Sa cose Yoholo1111""
14Catcha Fixico1111""
16Ua chee na1111""
17So pach ta1111""
18Mala? Hokee1111""
19Oach la wachly1111""
20Ho ci a ty1111""
21So mech cha1111""
22Allee Mathla1111""
23Ene Hogee1111""
25Tallo Harjo1111""
26Ha wachly Harjo1111""
27Hillabee Harjo1111""
28Sa fose ka1111""
29Tommy Harjo1111""
31Ne gee ya??1111""
32Co wock co chee Yohola1111""
33Se ma1111""
34Talsee Harjo1111""
35Sa ha pa lo ka1111""
36Micco Yohola1111""
37Tach la boo chee1111""
38Sa bach a lit chee1111""
40So let ta1111""
41Daniel B Asbury1111""
42Na boch e chee Mathla0001[illegible]"
43Micco Harjo1111""
44To no lee1111""
45Cha was ti Harjo1111""
46Is see ya i ga1111""
47Chil lo kee1111""
48Ochchan Olachta1111""
49A cho lee Mathla1111""
50Cho Harjo1111""
51Pa ha lis ta Harjo1111""
52Pa hose Yohola1111""
53Timmo Lotka1111""
54Cho wy ga Harjo1111""
55Hosa Harjo1111""
56Sandy Grayson1111""
57David Marshal1111""
58Yau fee1111""
59Pin Harjo1111""
60Stim ma lach chee1111""
61Cho pach ka1111""
62Na boch chee Harjo1111""
63Pa he lis ti Fixico1111""
64Ya kee- Harjo1111""
65Na boch chee Harjo1111""
66Cholock Harjo1111""
67Yelka Harjo1111""
68O nees Harjo1111""
70Cho Yohola1111""
71Cho Fixico1111""
72Ne hi chis kee Mathla1111""
73Littee Fixico1111""
74Ispoakoak Yohola1111""
75Choke chat Fixico1111""
76Holack Fixico1111""
77Cotcher Fixico1111""
78Ak ka tee Yohola1111""
79Lo ja Fixico1111""
80Ochee Harjo1111""
81Se mon Tach la1111""
82Con ta la Harjo1111""
83Co was sa dee1111""
84Cha was ti e1111""
85Con char te1111""
86Con ta la Yohola1111""
87John Stidham1111""
88Michael Stidham1111""
89Po vo dee1111""
90Ya mus sa1111""
91Soc cot chee1111""
92Co chassee Mathla1111""
94Tinna ho ka1111""
95To ho lip ka1111""
96Conip Fixico1111""
97O such Harjo1111""
98Po ho see Emathla1111""
99Uook chockey1111""
100Ta lu a se kee1111""
101Me kee1111""
102O coth le1111""
104Ste ma e jech ky1111""
105Ho tich che1111""
107Ma vo bee che1111""
108Sha la di ga1111""
109Irvin B Haynie1111""
110William Grayson1111""
111William Sherley1111""
112William Grayson, jr1111""
113Willia Stidham1111""
114Coos Yoholo1111""
115Jacob Beaver1111Robt. BuckhamWm. D. Shaw
116Thos Marshall1111""
117Mathew Marshall1111""
118Ka sa taw1111""
119Buck ey1111""
120Hom see1111""
121No co see kar1111""
122Assa Tanso chee??1111""
123See muck nuch ker1111  
 Total Issued122122122123  

We do hereby certify that the Rifles and Traps on the above receipt Roll were issued to the Indians against whose names they are Chargd and their signatures were acknowledged in our presence.

Given at the Creek Agency, 21st June 1835.

Wm. D. Shaw, Gun & Blacksmith
Jno. Hambley, U.S. Interpretor.