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[M1334, roll 13]

Debts of Indians and Indian Countrymen

" List of Balances which appear to be due on the Books of Edward Price, former factor; the principal part of which was secured by the Treaty at Fort Wilkinson. "

This list with mostly identical entries is repeated for several years in the Creek Factory accounts. Apparently many of these debts were never paid.(?)

George Galaspie70.82 ½ 
John Burrows9.75 
John J Randolph316.72 
Rec'd Bayley & Abr. Modicai237.25 
Joseph Laro27.62 ½ 
Charles Weatherford   29.81  
Do for Weatherford's John   191.58221.39 
Capt. Dickerson (a dir. officer)4.02 ½ 
Charlton Mazles19.39 ½ 
Lachland Durant159.98 
Eleazer Bullard105.80 ¼ 
Dennis Duffield3.12 ½ 
John Galphin410.35 
James Powell3.25 
  987.95 ¾
Edward Price US factor418.18 
Francis Zuzant192.45 
Corp. Gathright2.87 
John Carhall?1.40 
James Jordan16.17 
John Hampton6.17 
Capt. A. Y. Nicol5.87 ½ 
Thos. Lott & Will. Gray16.59 ¾ 
  1659.77 ¾
Capt. H Compter3.50 
Eric Allison31.83 
Capt. Saml. Tinsley117.93 
The Singers brother of Alabama51.02 
Simothly of Hitchitas100. 
Mad Warrior of Hitchitas100. 
Capt. J. Montgomery2.50 
Noah Harrod52.73 ¾ 
The White Lt. of Oakjoys16.25 
James Moore952.58 ¾ 
Genl. Lachlan McIntosh25.00 
  1019.07 ½
Capt. Thomas Martin8.55 ¼ 
Crook Neck86.56 ¼ 
Col. Benj. Hawkins21.78 
Tuskegees King of Alabama50.27 ½ 
Thomas Marshall35.69 
Crawford Docaw?35.41 ¾ 
  238.27 ¾
Ebenzer Stark2.50 
Hardy Read45.65 
Abraham M. Mordicai81.59 ½ 
Michael Elhert476.55 ¼ 
Alexander Cornels232.35 ½ 
Richard Thomas1.35 ¾ 
John Barnard178.86 ½ 
  1018.87 ½
Amt. carr. forward 6020.41 ¼
Hospital Department at Fort Wilkinson77.50 
Tussekiah Micco53.06 ¼ 
Andrew alias Underlow173.87 
Christian Russel43.25 
George Clemm82.15 ½ 
Billy White bird tail   Kings son17.36 
Joseph Hardridge344.26 
  791.5- ¾
Juan A Sandal (or Waney Taney)90.41 
Henry Durgin236.83 
John Tarvin174.35 
Isaac Keener799.52 ½ 
Francis Laslie578.17 
John O Rily172.74 ½ 
Richard Bailey78.31 
Jacob Spickard8.94 
John Tyler114.22 ½ 
Josiah Fisher53.72 ½ 
John S Marcy38.75 
Peter Van Allen45.00 
Mordicai Jacobs60.25 
James Simmons146.29 ½ 
A Hammond40.00 
Samuel Allison20.00 
John Miller157.44 ¼ 
  684.62 ½
Norman Mantague56.61 ¾ 
John Lofton3.12 ½ 
William Gallaspey24.37  ½ 
Solomon Ellis164.24 
William Gills37.50 
Col. Jenkins2.00 
John Whitney (ded)7.87  ½ 
Samuel Richards9.37  ½ 
Joseph McWoods24.00 
James Brown5.50 
William Warner6.75 
Supt. Knott2.62 ½ 
Supt. Elles8.81 ¼ 
Supt. Powers6.75 
Nathaniel Boson5.87 ½ 
Thomas Oaks5.00 
George Stephens4.37 ½ 
John ? Webb4.62 ½ 
Thomas Giles7.75 
  43.18 ¾
Notes of Hand exclusive of Book Debts
Robert Soole?163.66 2/3 
William Gray208.75 
Jordan Morgan197.32 
James Simmons to James Seagrove692.46 
  1262.10 2/3
  10017.05 ½
John Robertson & Will Gilbert10.00 
Chimothy Lane to Panton, Leslie,
& Co. not endorsed
William McKenzie25.00 
Benj. Gilbert25.75 
  2034.44 2/3
  12051.50 1/6
List of Balances which appear to be due on
the books of Edward Wright late factor, Viz
John R. Candler (ded) no property81.00
Alexander Cornels63.50 
Mad Dog (Speaker of the Nation)30. 
Robert Walton14.12 ½ 
John Miller56.37 ½ 
Zachariah McGirt6. 
Indian Department23.85
Quart. M. Depart.516.16
Epp. Moore (Note ---)30.00
  12872.51 1/6