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[M1334, roll 2]

Debts of Indians and Indian Countrymen, 1806

" List of Balances due from Indians and Indian Countrymen to be paid by the Nation agreeably to the Treaty of Fort Wilkinson. Balance due 13th March 1806. "

 PrincipalInterestTotal Amount
Bailey & Modecai237.2542.66279.91
Charles Weatherford   29.81   
Do for Weatherford's John   191.58221.3939.78261.17
Lachlan Durant159.9828.80188.78
John Galphin410.3573.80484.15
James Powell3.25.543.79
Francis Zuzant192.4534.56227.01
Thomas Lott & William Gray16.59 ¾2.8819.47 ¾
The Singer brothers (of Alabama)51.029.1860.20
Timothly - (of Hitchetas)100.18.118.
Mad Warrior100.18.118.
Noah Harrod52.73 ¾9.3662.09 ¾
The White Lt. of Oakjoys16.252.8819.13
James Moore952.58 ¾171.361123.94 ¾
Crook Neck86.56 ¼15.48102.04 ¼
Tuskegees King of Alabama50.27 ½9.59.27 ½
Thomas Marshall35.696.3041.99
Hardy Read45.658.1053.75
Abraham M. Mordecai81.59 ½14.5896.17 ½
Michael Elhert?476.55 ¼85.68562.23 ¼
Alexander Cornels232.35 ½41.76274.11 ½
Richard Thomas1.35 ¾.181.53 ¾
John Barnard178.86 ½32.04210.90 ½
Tussekiah Micco53.06 ¼9.5462.60 ¼
Andrew (alias Undulow?)173.8731.14205.01
Christian Russel43.257.7450.99
George Clemm82.15 ½14.7696.91 ½
Billy White bird tail   Kings son17.363.0620.42
Joseph Hardridge344.2661.92406.18
Henry Durgan?236.8342.48279.31
John Tarvin174.3531.32205.67
Isaac Keener799.52 ½143.82943.34 ½
Francis Laslie578.17104.04682.21
John O Riley172.74 ½30.96203.70 ½
Am't Carried Forward6378.34 ¼1145.707524.04 ¼
Richard Bailey78.3114.0492.35
John Tyler114.22 ½20.52134.74 ½
Josiah Fisher53.72 ½9.5463.26 ½
James Simmons146.29 ½26.28172.57 ½
John Miller157.44 ¼28.26185.70 ¼
Norman Montague56.61 ¾10.0866.69 ¾
Alex Cornels63.5011.3474.84
Mad Dog (Speaker of the Nation)30.5.4035.40
Robert Walton14.12 ½2.5216.64 ½
John Miller56.37 ½10.0866.45 ½
Zachariah McGirt6.1.087.08
Am't of Book Debts7154.95 ¾1284.848439.79 ¾
Robert Soole?163.66 2/329.34193.00 2/3
William Gray208.7537.44246.19
Jordan Morgan197.3235.46232.78
James Simmons692.46124.56817.02
 8417.15 5/121511.649928.79 5/12
Juan A Sandal (or Waney Taney)90.4116.74110.15
 8510.56 5/121528.3810038.94 5/12
To the above we add the sum of four hundred and fifty dollars 81/100
principal & eighty one dollars interest for sundry supplies furnished
the Indians at Colerain by Mr. Price, ordered by the Sec'y of War of
25th February 1803 to be charged to the Indians and paid out of this fund.

Fort Wilkinson 13th March 1806

We have in obedience to your order of 27th Nov. 1805 examined the books of the United States factory at this place and have made out this, which is a correct list of all the debts due from the Creeks including white people in the Creek Country. The amount of principal is Eight thousand five hundred ten dollars 56 5/12 to which we have added three years interest being nearly the average of the Treaty of Fort Wilkinson making one thousand five hundred ten dollars & 38/100 & in the whole ten thousand, thirty eight dollars & 94 5/12. We do not know whether in a stipulation such as the one contemplated by that Treaty interest was intended on open account and we leave this for your decision.

Benj. Hawkins

Jon. Halsted
U.S. Factor