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[M234, roll 223, frames 981-983]

List of claims, forwarded by Col. S. Crowell, Gen. Enoch Parsons, & Major Benjamin S. Parsons, Commissioners appointed to examine claims against the Creek Nation of Indians, & which are here classified, according to the opinions given by said Commissioners. 

No. Claimants Town or Parties No. of
Amount Testimony Remarks
78 Arnold, Seals, & Co. Upper Towns 4 167.75 Exn [execution] & receipt of goods admitted These eight claims the Commissioner report as legal or equitable claims against the signors or their towns; but without assigning any reason, recommended they should be settled by the parties themselves.
_21 John Stidham Car la cho co lo & Hatch e chub ba 1 500.   Exn admitted consn, a negro killed by Indians
241 John O pau nee Oswitchee 1 113.   Exn & receipt of beef admitted.
241 John O pau nee Che haw 1 25.   Exn & receipt of beef admitted.
247 Yorkey U chee 1 26.   Exn & consideration, proved by the witness only.
257 Maj. Barnard's wife U chee 1 120.   Exn & consideration, proved by the witness only.
259 Fanny Barnard U chee 1 60.   Exn & consideration, proved by the witness only.
260 William Barnard U chee 1 39.   Witness, L. Blake swore he saw two chiefs sign - Neah Micco, the 3rd signer denied all recollection.
23 Charles Hil la bee 2 200.   Neither the execution or consideration proved. The Commrs recommend these claims should be settled by the parties in court.  Some on account of deficiency of proof, others as being transacting between Indians. 
24 Elizabeth Grayson Hil la bee   761.50 No proof.
25 William Shirley Oke fus ke 1 160.   No proof.
26 Tus nug chop ko Hil la bee 2 86.60 No proof.
53 Hayes & Casey To op pof ker 2 296.44 Execution admitted by the first signer.
63 Charles McLemore Oke fus kee 1 396.   Execution & consideration proved by the witness.
86 Benjamin Marshall, ass'ee Lower Towns 2 2000.   Note payable to Wm. Lovett & Jos. Carr, assd. by Paddy Carr without authority.  Execution admd by the signers who knew nothing of the consideration. 
87 Do. Do. 2 2438.   Execution & consideration admd by signers.
109 Saml McBride Sci ock liow 2 46.   Stidham admd his signature & delivery of the goods, the other signer or witnesses not called.
122 Sally Stidham Sci ock liow 1 30.   Stidham admd his signature & delivery of the goods.
128 David Rippetoe Three towns 1 1550.   The chief of 3 towns admitted execution but did not know the state of the accts.  The witness, son of R, stated some of the debts accrued since the treaty, that the books might have been produced. 
  Do one other town   750.  
  Do. two other towns, $400 each   800.  
61 Chas. McLemore E che se o ga 1 500.   Exn & consideration admitted. These claims, although against towns, the Commrs report as constituting legal or equitable demands against the persons signing them, & recommend the parties should be left to pursue their legal remedy.
62 Chas. McLemore Oke fus kee 1 800.   Exn& consideration admitted by the signor.
75 C. R. Pearson Oke fus kee 3 120.87 Neither signor nor witness called. J. J. Williams said he heard the signor admit act was just.
81 John C. Webb Cus e tah 1 29.50 One of the signors admd exn & said goods were received.
104 J. H. Broadnax Ufallah 2 1388.82 Exn admitted by one of the signors, who said the consn was debts of the 3 signors - neither witnesses nor act. produced.
106 Thomas Erwin & Co. Cus e tah 1 298.31 First signor admitted exn & consn.
108 Phipps & Williams Lucka poga   24.   Claim for $24; only 20 proved.
112 Cook & Collins U chee 1 55.   Signor supposed he executed the dft; no proof of consideration.
113 John Buchanon U chee 2 100.50 Exn proved, consn doubtful.
164 Tal wah micco U chees 3 120.   Exn & consn proved.
165 Neah Micco U chees 2 22.   1st signor admitted exn and consn.
173 D. Odom Lower Towns 1 150.   Exn but not consn proved.
174 Dick (a slave) Lower Towns 1 100.   Witness proved exn & consn
175 Tuck a batch e fixico U chee 1 50.   Witness proved exn & consn
261 Ar lu e har jo - 1 105.    
47 Archey Gray Hitch e tee marthla 1 300.     Claim of individual, allowed against the signors by the Commissioners.
31 Nise Creek Nation   288.   No proof. These claims against individuals, the Commrs. report should be settled by the parties, or submitted to be adopted by the Chief as national, or to the U. S. to be paid.
32 Sun had ke Creek Nation   40.   No proof.
34 Me te o cee Creek Nation   240.   No proof.
37 Lydia Grayson Creek Nation 4 301.   Col. Crowell states this act. has been settled, according to order of the Dept. (See his files book)
40 Chu ti- wa Creek Nation   112.   No proof.
115 Geo. Stiggins Efa tus tun nugge 1 54.   Mad Blue swore to exn, act. presented not against the Creek but U. States.
135 Ene ha- marthla U. States 1 30.   act. presented & c. (same as preceding)
136 Tuck a batch fixico U. States 2 128.   Do.
21 I oke ch-- li ga Wm. Scott   40.   No proof. These claims vs. individuals the Commrs. report to have been brought improperly before them & recommend the should be left to the parties, to be settled amicably or legally.
66 Eu fau la had jo John Fielder 2 55.   Witness proved horse not paid for.
69 John Donallee White persons 1 95.   Proof that horse was stolen.
72 Sarah Blake, admix Jas. Thompson   130.   Affidavit of party, that act. is just 
76 C. R. Pearson Kar pie char ha jo 2 575.87 exn & consn approved.
83 Geo. M. Lavender Chin ne bee 3 2041.38 Se lok ta (chief) said Chin. --- goods of Lavender & that these goods were sold to the Light Horse.  Affidavit & c.
134 Sky wop pe Neah locco 1 360.   Consideration proved by witness.
180 Lewis Ross Co nup hah jo 1 20.12 Account with items exhibited; the only proof.
181 Lewis Ross Loo chul- loh ko 1 65.93 Account with items exhibited; the only proof.
182 Lewis Ross --l la lee yo lee? 1 48.75 No proof.
38 Benj. Young Walter Grierson 1 400.   Witness stated that this act. had been settled. 
39 Sun te tah ka Creek Nation     Affidavit of the claimant to the loss of 3 head of cattle.
35 A. B. Williams Creek Nation   225.   Affidavit to property stolen by persons unknown. These claims the Commrs. considered as not properly before them, but coming under the Intercourse Act of 1802 & the Supplements.
100 Wm. Wells Creek Nation     Claim for one heifer killed by Inds. supposed to be Creeks, value not stated.
101 Wm. McCullers Creek Nation     Affidavit to prove loss of about 150 head of cattle.
102 Wm. Wiley Creek Nation 1 66.   Proof of goods stolen.
103 John Routon Creek Nation   890.   Affidavit of party loss of cattle & c..
177 Zach & Phillips Creek Nation   1572.   Affidavit to prove loss of cattle. Commrs say has been settled by Dept. but this is not so.
265 F. R. Sanchez Creek Nation   1580.   for services, -- negro lost & c., said incorrectly to have been decided by the Dept.