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[M234, roll 223, frame 950]

List of Claims, allowed by Col. John Crowell, Gen Enoch Parsons, & Major Benjamin S. Parsons, appointed Commissioners, under the Treaty of April 6, 1832, to examine claims against the Creek Tribe of Indians, as valid against different towns in that Nation.

No. Claimants Towns No. of Wit. Amount Testimony
51 L. William Moore Cu se ter (paid) 3 600. Execution proved, part of the goods deld before & part after the date of the Treaty.
54 U. Hayes & Casey E mar he (paid) 2 240.75 Signed and admitted exn of dft. & receipt of goods, witnesses not produced.
74 U. P. Dudley Oke fus kee (paid) 1 590.37 Witness proved exn, & that the purport was explained to the signors, who were satisfied.
77 L. Litel Sims (paid) guardian U chee (paid) 1 150. Exn proved. Signors not called, another chief said the considn was cattle killed & corn delivered.
79 L. Arnold, Seal, & Co. Cow ee tah (paid) 1 649.50 Dft acknowledged to be just by the signors.
82 L. John C. Webb do    (paid) 1 63.              do                        do
84 L. John Sims several town (paid) 2 1650.  
89 L. John O pon pe,
chief of Che haw aw
Che haw au (paid) 1 340. Witness proved exn & Neah Micco (the signor) states the Indians told him Opon-pe had paid the money for them. 
186 U. Chs. Crommelin Upper Towns (paid) 5 1653.62 Exn acknowledged; goods said to be deld before 24th March 1832, act. shewing items produced; one of the witnesses Benjamin S. Parson (--- was dft. exn prior to the treaty.)
196 L. David Hardage So woc o lo (paid) 2 335. Stidham (1st signor of 3) admitted exn and said the 2 told good had been delivered.
212 L. Cho coat har jo Tela clock ul go  (paid) 1 40. Stidham (signor) admitted this to be correct.
213 L. Tok u si ah ho la do 1 40. Do 
162 L. Doct. Wm. L. Wharton Lower Towns (paid) 2 300. Chiefs admitted exn, S. C. Benton, a witness, said W. had act. am- to $150., which he destroyed on --- this dft; & had performed other medical services for which he had made no charges. 
266 L. Thomas R. Erwin Cow e tah (paid) 1 333. Exn consideration, settlement admitted by 2 signors.
        $ 6,985.42  

Decision of Department - The claims of this list, have this day been acknowledged and approved, by the committee appointed by the General Council on the 25th inst, to attend to the business.  Creek Agency June 28, 1833.

[The U. and L. refers to Upper & Lower towns]