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List of white intruders living in Creek Nation
c. 1831

[Senate Doc. 512, vol. 245, page 709]

Creek Nation
December 6, 1831.

Dear Friends and Brothers

In compliance with your request, I have endeavored to ascertain the number of white people who are now residing in the limits of you country as intruders. The following list will exhibit the name at the head of each family, their occupation, their particular place of residence, and other remarks; which statement I certify to be correct, agreeably to the best information I have been able to procure by a disagreeable tour of twenty-five or thirty days through your country.

The limited time prescribed for me to execute this duty and report, rendered it impracticable to visit them all, or even obtain their names: there are therefore a great number of intruders in your country whose names do not appear in this report. I think the families herewith reported will average at least eight each, which makes a total of 1,480.

In addition to the number above stated, there are another class much more numerous, who have only marked out the situations they design occupying, by blazing and cutting the initials of their names on the trees around the same. Those persons say they expect to hold those tracts of land by a pre-emption right; and if the present Congress, or the General Government, does not interfere in your behalf, your country will be entirely, overrun, and all the land fit for cultivation immediately occupied by this class of intruders.

Yours, respectfully
William Moor

Nehah Micco and Others
Head Chiefs of said Nation

[M234, roll 222, frames 546-51]

Creek Nation
Decr. 13 1831


It is painful to us to have so frequently to complain to you of the many trespasses upon our lands by the white people. Sometime since we employed a respectable white man to ascertain the names of such whites as have moved into the country, and to whose extent they had intruded. - His report we herewith enclose - We cannot refrain from calling your particular attention to its contents. There are not only between five & six hundred families already settling among us, but they are daily moving in. - From the many visiting whites to our country marking & running out settlements we can only anticipate the entire settlement of our country to our exclusion. Our improvements are surrounded by survey of the whites. We expect to be driven from our homes. Yesterday in your hearing we were notified by a white man from Georgia that he had located himself in our country and should any thing of his be misplaced or interfered with he should prosecute us under the Law of Alabama. - What can we calculate on should your Government not interfere. Our homes will be taken from us, our stock all destroyed & left without the means of living - Your knowledge of the facts of our statement with the enclosed report and this communication we particular request to be forwarded as quick as practicable to the Honl. Secretary of War, so that the deportation on their arrival at Washington this winter may receive his answer.

Your unfortunate Red Brothers
Nehah Micco
Tuskenehaw of Tuck
Nehah locko Opoy

To Col. Jno. Crowell

NamesAverageOccupationRemarks & Residence
Nathan Greyer8FarmerIn the Coweta Town Osaliga Creek, has 24 acres of cleared land took the same from an old helpless Indian woman
William Greyer8FarmerIn the Coweta Town Osaliga Creek, in the woods
William House8farmerIn the Coweta Town Osaliga Creek, 4 acres cleared land
Davis McKoy8farmerIn the Coweta Town Osaliga Creek, in the woods
Jefferson McKoy8farmerIn the Coweta Town Osaliga Creek, in the woods
Wylie Ingrum8farmerIn the Coweta Town Osaliga Creek, in the woods
Mathew Bates8farmerIn the Coweta Town Osaliga Creek, in the woods
Old Mr. Jones8farmerIn the Coweta Town Osaliga Creek, in the woods
Mr. Jones8farmerWaters Chatahoochee near Troup County Geo, has a field of about 6 acres
Williamson Ferrel8farmerditto, has a field of about 10 acres but resides in Georgia
Capt Edge8Waggon makerhas his shop in the Nation but lives in Georgia
Majer Dixon8Miller & FarmerHas his mill in the Nation, also a farm but a citizen of Georgia
Willis Johnson8FarmerHas a farm in the Nation & resides in Georgia
Major Mays8FarmerHas a farm in the Nation & resides in Georgia
Thomas Wilkins8FarmerThose three person on the Osoliga Creek oposite Troup County Geo and passed 40$ of very base counterfiet money to an Indian man for hogs the same day I was in their settlement.
Sarah Heard (widow) 8Farmer
Geo. Harper8Farmer
Henry Towns8Mercht & FarmerHillaby Town, Talapoosa Waters
Wm. McLamor8Mercht & FarmerOak fuskee Town, do do
Mr. McLamore8Mercht & FarmerOak fuskee Town, do do
Mr. Pearson8Mercht Oak fuskee Town, do do, does not reside there in person at present
Peter Lendly [Dudly?]8Public HouseOak fuskee Town, do do, also a ferry across Talapoosa River
Mr. Short8FarmerWhite Water Creek near Troup county
Mr. Califax8Farmerdo do do
Mr. Short8Farmerdo do do
Mr. Califax8Farmerdo do do
Bird Fowler8FarmerResides in Georgia, clearing in the Creek Nation
Mrs. Leopard8Farmerdo do, Heard county, do
Mr. Adarine8Mercht & FarmerAr bick, Uchee Town, Big Talapoosa River 
Mr. Rhoden8Mercht & FarmerHillabee Town, Talapoosa Waters
Mr. Pelton8Mercht & FarmerTallesee hatchee Town & Waters
Mr. Paulin8Mercht & FarmerBig Tulapoose Town & ditto
Moses Leadbetter8Mercht & FarmerTalasa hatchee Town, do
(carried over)264  
John B. Pendleton8Mercht & FarmerTarapin Creek near the Chuska line
John Thompson8FarmerWe hokee Town
Mr. Williamson8FarmerTalasa Hatchee, ditto
William Palmore8Farmerditto, ditto
John Madox/Mason8FarmerMehoker, do
Mr. Thomaston8Mill BuilderTalasa hatchee, do, Building a mill at the same place
John Forman8FarmerChachothlocoh, oposite St. Clair County AL
Jesse Forman8Carpenterdo, do
Henderson Beavers8Farmerdo, do
Jesse Durin8Mercht & FarmerUpper Chi ah haw Town, on the Emigrating road
John Goodin8Mercht & Farmerdo do do
Isaah Goodin 8Farmerdo do do
John Bank8Got a millUpon the waters of Chackothlochoh Creek 
James Canner8Farmerditto ditto ditto 
Major Kelly8Merchtnear do do do do
David Conner8Mercht & Farmernear do do do do
Mr. Goodwin8Mercht & Farmeron do do do do
James Bogden8Brick Layerdo do do do do 
Mr. Coker8Black Smithdo do do do 
Mr. Harris8Merchtin Taladega at the old Battle Ground
Mr. Delaney8Farmerdo near do do
John Parkin8Bk. Smithnear do do do do
Fleming Adarine8MerchWaters Talapoosa do
William Patterson8MerchSolgia Creek & Town
Mr. Wilson8FarmerSedar Creek, opposite Shelby county 
Mr. Welch8Farmerdo do
Baily Reed8Farmerdo do
Mr. Logan8Farmerdo do
Col. Chapman8Farmerdo do
Mr. Conoway8Farmerdo do
Mr. Morris8Farmerdo do
Mr. Hill8Farmerdo do
Mr. Roberson8Gold Digerswith eight others roving about in the mountains, say they are in search of gold, supposed by others to be horse thiefs.
(caried forward)528  
Mr. Wenslett8CarpenterUfaula Town, near the Chatahoochee, where I am informed the Legislature of Alabama laid out a town one mile square and named as Irwinton
Mr. Pero8Merchtdo do do
Mr. Allen8Merchtdo do do
Mr. Adams8Farmerdo do do
Mr. Iverson8Farmer & Mill rightdo, Building a mill near this place
Underwood8Tavern Keeperdo, resides in the Town of Irwinton
Mr. Thornton8Farmerdo do do do
Mr. Smith8Farmerdo do do do
Old Mr. Logan8StealingLives the most his time in the Upper part of this Nation, has been repeatedly caught in posession of stolen horses, the Indians state they have lost latterly by him & his coleagues upwards of one hundred head of horses, and more than that number of cattle, he has also been frequently detected in passing counterfiet money.
Add to this880One hundred and ten families, who resides on the waters of Cedar Creek, and near Fort Williams oposite Shelby county Alabama.  The names of the heads of those families have by some accident failed to reach me in time.  I have however received a letter from the Gentleman I employed to collect the names in those settlements stating that he had done so and had forwarded them to me some time since.

W. M.