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[M1334, roll 2]

List of Traders in the Creek Nation, 1804?

" R. Thomas' account of the Traders in the Creek Nation. " This undated record is located between letters dated Nov. 1804 and Jan. 1805 in the Creek Factory records.

NatchezJoseph Stigginshas property & pays well
Upper EufaulaJames Lesliehas property
WacakoyJohn Clarkdo
Little TallesseeDaniel McGillivraydo
CoosadaFrancis Luzanin Debt to Panton
Red GroundCharles Weatherfordhas property
PawactyJourdan Morganhas skins to pay
HillabyRobert Greirsonhas property
Hog TownAbraham Modecaihas property
OakfuskeysPatrick Donnelya punctual trader
Lower EufaleJohn Townsendhas property
Kyaleege'John O Reilydo
TuckabatchesObadiah Lowepays his Merchant
Christopher Hieclein Debt to Mr Panton, has
the character of an honest
Patrick LaneA Good Trader
Big TallessesJames McQueenhas property
James Moore 
OtasseyRichard Baileyhas property
FoosacheNicholas Whitehas property
ClewallaJames Russelldo
ClewallyFrancis LeslieDebt to Mr Panton
MuckleseMichael Elhertditto
Hiccory GroundRobert Waltonhas property
WeotumpkieGeorge Clemin Debt to Mr Panton
Halfway Housea man kept there
by Thomas Miller
who has property
CowetasThomas Marshallhas property
John Tervinin Debt to Mr Panton
CussitasThomas Carrhas property
Juan Anthony Sandovar
alias Waney
in Debt to Mr Clark,
Mr. Panton, & Mr. Carr
EucheesJohn Smithmoore Debt to Mr Panton
Broken ArrowJames Lovatin Debt but has  ---- to pay
UsucheesSamuel Palmersupplied by Mr. Carr
HitchityWilliam Grey
Pawlac chuclyBenjamin Steadham Debt to Mr Panton
OcatiyockneyJoseph Hardage
Noah Harrod

There is a number of Indians who are fitted out by Mr. Panton. They are in his debt.   you bet!