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[M271, roll 1, frames 873-75, very poor copy]

Cowetau 9th August 1815

I herewith send you the amounts of the claim against the Hostile Indians the whole amount which I have had in my posession. There will be several --- by --- ---. They have notified me to come and give in their claims. There are several claims [that] were made out by me last year which I have not got. I beleive they were given to Genl Jackson's Secretary and Maj. Warren at Jackson Treaty. Major Wm McIntosh's claim was upwards of $4,000. I have not got [it] and great many others.

I also send you copys of my issues I made to the -ist---ed Indians since what I sent you the 1st inst there is between 10 & 11,000 pounds of life beef still remains at ------ ------- ------ from you if I must issue the whole to the Indians or a part of it. Flour is all paid what was at this place; of it ----- able to you and you could send on checks on the ----- ----- ---- for James Lovett's pay & David Rowland's pay for this year. Lovett's pay $--- per month & David's $8 per month. They owe me me a good deal out of it, & they stand in need of it for the balance. I have nothing ------ since I send you Lewis's & Hardridge's report everything appears to be quiet and peaceable in the Nation.

The whole amount I sent you of the claims against the hostile Indians by last and this mail amounts to $100,559.37½.  The merchants have reduced their homespun at this place at 50 cents per yard. Mr. Lewis would have come to see you, his horse is very low but if you wised he will come and pay you a visit. Please give me an answer on by this mail.

Accept assurances of my
Sincere regard & esteem

Sir, Your Obat Servant
Christian Limbaugh

Col. Benjamin Hawkins

[illegible postcript]