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[M234, roll 220, frames 225-242]

Claims of Friendly Creeks for losses during the Creek Civil War.

Many of these pages are hard to read and the writing is not consistant.   See also 1815 claims against the "Hostile Indians" which lists many of the same persons.

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Washington 4th April 1826

Hon. Secy. of War
Friend & Brother,

The Treaty of Fort Jackson, concluded in the year 1814, stipulates that Citizens of the Creek Nation, who were friendly during the late war, should receive indemnity for spoilations committed on their property by the hostile Indians and from other sources prowing out of the aforesaid contest. As a great many individuals had sustained such losses, claims were made; and at this period a large majority remain unsatisfied and only a small number have rec'd a small portion of their claims satisfied. It happens that Congress made a liberal appropriation, about eighty five thousand dollars, to meet the demands and satisfy them. We are instructed by our Nation to enquire, how this large number of money was applied, to whom paid, what portion of the claims satisfied, what receipts returned and how the apllication of said money to the Indians has been accounted for by the then Agent Gov. Mitchell to the Government. The object is to elicit information slight on the subject for our people who are still suffering from the lossesthey have sustained, and we may add that it is due to justice & humanity that they should at least know the reason, as to them, why the compensastiohas been withheld.

I am in behalf of the Delegation your friend & brother
Opothle Yoholo

John Ridge, Secy.
David Carr

Friendly Creek Claims

Part 1 - Claims of the Lower Creek towns of Thleaucotchcau, Cowetau, Cussetau, Lower Eufaulau, Ooseoockee, and Uchee

Part 2 - Claims of the Upper Creek towns of Tookpaufcar, Hillaubee, Upper Eufaulau, Talladego, Chehaws, Chockelockey, Consaudee, Corn House, and Tookaubatchee.

Part 3 - Miscellaneous claims

Part 4 - Claims of the Upper Creek towns of Tookaubatchie, Chockelocko, Talategee, Tookpaufcar, Cheehaw, and Kealigee. Claims given in since the first day of July 1817 and received at the agency January 1818.

Part 5 - Claims of the Lower Creeks presented at the Agency January 1818.