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Creek Indian Bounty Land claims
Warriors E-N

"List of applications for Bounty Land, of Mus Ko Kee, or Creek Indians, made under act of March 3d, 1855 and not acted upon by the Dept."

Original list of claims

Claims arranged by heirs: A-I ... J-R ... S-Y ... Claims arranged by warriors: A-E ... E-N ... N-T ... T-Y

Warriors Heirs
Names of Warriors War served in or
person served under
Date of Service Names of Heirs Relation to
Names of Towns
Esparne Fixico Arlock Harjo     Tallissee
Eu pa la ta Timpoogee Barnard  Co yar thlen ny child Euchee
Eufaula Fixico       Tallissee
Ewar ar ke Hostilities 1836    Cusseta
Fi o Fixico Hostilities 1836 Haney child Okfuskee
Fic chi ge (or Tal ma chus Harjo) Seminole 1818 Ar thle par widow Cusseta
Fick a li kee Hostilities 1836    O ke te yark ore & Sowokolo
Foos hat che Yohola Hostilities 1836 Lose war child Broken Arrow
Foos hat chee Yoholough British 1814-5 Char co chee child Coweta & Broken Arrow
Foos hatch Haujo Seminole 1818 Wi kee child Lower Eufaula
Fuc te lus te British 1814-5 Tar lee child Coweta & Broken Arrow
Fuse hatch Yoholo Hostilities 1836 Thompson child Cusseta
Gristy Perryman Ufaula Micco     Big Spring
H- yee thlee British 1814-5 Tom me chi che child Coweta & Broken Arrow
Hah yah ye che Seminole 1818 Molly, and Ho we cher child Hillabee
Harmer Hostilities 1836 Rhoda & Mary widow Cusseta
Hathlun Harjo Octiarche Micco  See me child Upper Eufaula
Hi e poo che Hostilities 1836 John child Broken Arrow
Hilis Haujo Seminole 1818 No co so che child Broken Arrow
Hillabee Harjo Hostilities 1836 Sim me hoke child Cowassarte
Hillis Haujo British 1814-5 Jim sey child Coweta & Broken Arrow
Ho lar to che Hostilities 1836 Holth Kuzzy? child Hillabee
Ho lot te Hostilities 1836    Talwar Thlocco
Ho yau nee Carr  Mon o te che child Hickory Ground
Hoak ko Yoholo Spoakogee Micco  Se wy ke child Kialige
Hobulga Fixico Hostilities 1836    Lower Eufaula
Hochanna Latimma British 1814 Law we child Euchee
Hololkee British 1814-5 Amy child Coweta & Broken Arrow
Hopie Emauthlau British 1814 Maria child O kar wi ke
Hopithle Yohola Spoakogee Micco  So kar ye child Kialige
Hopoheithle Haujo Seminole 1818 Ellen child O so che, Che haw, & Hotallehoyarner
Hothlauboyau British 1814 Wattie & Batie child Hitchite
Hothle poyar Haujo British 1814-5 Annie child Coweta & Broken Arrow
Hum ulle Hostilities 1836    Cusseta
In chin cho che be Florida 1836-7 Jim & Thla its ho he child Chocomicklar
Inthlannis Haujo British 1814-5 Sampson, Nepsey, Dicey, & Mord--a? children Coweta & Broken Arrow
Is kote te Florida 1836-7 Co yiche (or Cho we gle) widow Chocomicklar
Isfarne Emarthlar Hostilities 1836    Cusseta
Isfarne Harjo Hostilities 1836    Cusseta
Isfarne Harjo (or Cow a pe che) Seminole 1818 Nicey & So li che child Okfuskee
Isfarne Yoholo (or Stim au haujo?) Seminole 1818 Jackson child Tallissee
Isfaunee Haujo Seminole 1818 Louiza widow Coweta & Broken Arrow
It chum me sar Hostilities 1836    Coweta & Broken Arrow
Jo, Cooney or Jo Kinnard Hostilities 1836    Cusseta
Joe Hostilities 1836 A thlo thlah child Euchee
Joe, or Joseph Thomas Grace  Hepsey widow Choconicklar
John C. Gibson John H Broadnax     Hitchite
John McLemore British 1813    Cherokee
John Winslett Seminole 1818 Hetty Perryman widow O so che, Che haw, & Hotallehoyarner
John Wise British 1814-5 Eliza widow Coweta & Broken Arrow
Johnson (or Pokay) Paddy Carr  Low we widow Euchee
Joseph Islands, interpretor for Col. McLemore Hostilities 1836 -issey Island widow Broken Arrow
Ke ko he litch ee nay Uchee Tustunnugee  Sah an nay widow Euchee
Killis Fixico Tustunnugga Emathla  Dinah child Tuckabatche
Kin ni he (or Isfarne Harjo) Seminole 1818 Lucy widow Cusseta
Ko kus Yoholo Hostilities 1836 One he & Tim ar thle widow Cusseta
Ko lar par harjo Creek Hostilities 1836    Hillabee
Konip Emarthla Hostilities 1836 Cheparne child Tarskegee
Konip Yougholau Seminole 1818 Che pon locco che child Broken Arrow
Kotchar Harjo che Seminole 1818 Beckee child Choconicklar
Kunchart Emarthlar Hostilities 1836 Lucy child Tallissee
Long John Creek Hostilities 1836    Hillabee
Looh car to che Hostilities 1836 War nee child Cusseta
Major Hostilities 1836    Cusseta
Mau lit key (or Yoholo Chopco) Seminole 1818 Timmy widow Cusseta
Me te che Hostilities 1836    Talwar Thlocco
Micco John O Poney  Win ney widow Euchee
Micco Charte (or Fo lo ti ke) Seminole 1818 Che parne Locco widow Cusseta
Micco che Seminole 1818    Talwar Thlocco
Micco chee Seminole 1818 Te war se see child Broken Arrow
Micco Hadkee Hostilities 1836 Milley child Cowassarte
Micco Harjo (or Mar tar way) Seminole 1818 Hoyarne child Okfuskee
Micco Hutke British 1814 Lin too che widow Cusseta
Micco Yoholo Hostilities 1836 Lucy Locco widow Tallissee
Mis te har ke Hostilities 1836 War ye widow Cusseta
Miste Wiley Hostilities 1836 Elsie widow Cusseta
Mose Hostilities 1836    Lower Eufaula
Narboche Fixico Spoakogee Micco  So no gee child Kialige
Ne har loc ke mol ther Seminole 1818 Dickey child Hillabee
Ne har Locco Hostilities 1836 Katy che widow Cusseta
Ne har locco Cochoo Kany? (or As aron? ker) Hostilities 1836    Cusseta
Ne he thlocco chopco British 1814 Sin no te & Sally child Hitchite
Ne homarte Harjo Lar te ma tar har  Molly widow Wi wo ka