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Hutchchupper Town

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 NameAge sex
1Wisley Coon30G. W. S.m
2Luke Coon25G. W. S.m
3Sukey Cook17G. W. S.f
4Toney Coon8G. W. S.m
5Leinase Coon7G. W. S.f
1Tinnia30G. W. S.f
2Napochechee Haijo20G. W. S.m
1Hopshachee30G. W. S.m
2Jimsie25G. W. S.m
1Yarhler22G. W. S.f
2Sathoye40G. W. S.f
1Sulchoaachee?35G. W. S.f
2Wisie20G. W. S.f
3Mondy6G. W. S.m
4Parnosker1G. W. S.m
1Satilokee32G. W. S.f
2Walter Jefferson7G. W. S.m
3Tolie Jefferson5G. W. S.f
4Chaharie? Jefferson2G. W. S.m
5Pahie Le-slie32 m
1Lemia29G. W. S.f
2Seanna4G. W. S.m
3Judie3G. W. S.f
1Washington Riley 35 m
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2William Riley12 m
1Pefuteka Salt40F. L. C.f
2Lizzie Salt25F. L. C.f
3Susie Salt20F. L. C.f
4Mandy Benson8F. L. C.f
5Annie Benson3F. L. C.f
1Sanrapa Apoyeka30Scott G.f
2John Apoyeka28"m
3Nace Apoyeka18"f
4Sacewe Apoyeka16"m
5Johnson Apoyeka14"m
6Satokoreka Apoyeka12"f
7Charlie Wesley8"m
 Hene Mathla oche50L. G. M.m
 Woatco Fixico45L. G. M.m
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 NameAge sex
1Thlohar Yalholar74F. B. S.m
2Semin heshis30F. B. S.f
3George Fish25F. B. S.m
4Watie Fish20F. B. S.m
5Hatie Fish18F. B. S.f
6Jannie Fish22F. B. S.f
1Anna Fish40F. B. S.f
1Joe Riley33G. W. S.m
2Malalia30G. W. S.f
3John Riley1G. W. S.m
1Pafne Riley20G. W. S.m
2Lewis18G. W. S.m
3Sayocachee10G. W. S.f
4Johnson9G. W. S.m
5Walie7G. W. S.m
6Lucy2G. W. S.f
1Chu Cunchatie Meico25G. W. S.m
2Farnnie30G. W. S.f
3Roda?18G. W. S.f
1Dicie Washington25G. W. S.m
2George Washington20G. W. S.m
3Samson Washington22G. W. S.m
4Tayie45G. W. S.f
5Lanina30 f
6Lelennier4 f
7Dinah2 f

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 NameAge sex
1Deyem hokea48Scott Gentryf
2Arnarkee31F. B. S.f
3Jackson39F. B. S.m
4Katie Watson11F. B. S.f
5Elizzie Watson10F. B. S.f
6Fanny Watson8F. B. S.f
7Horner Watson5F. B. S.m
8Machill?2F. B. S.m
1Sonochee39Yarholar Fixicof
3Tylor Fields8"m
5Henry Fields3"m
6Mary Fields2 m."f
1Nelly Watson25Yarholarf
2Joe Watson8"m
1Wix? Hajo40F. B. S.m
2Yaubucklarty30F. B. S.f
3Billy15F. B. S.m
4Abbie8F. B. S.f
5Susan1 m.F. B. S.f
1Hoparye39L. G. M.m
2Loisay30L. G. M.f
3Maney Fields12L. G. M.f
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 NameAge sex
1Thah David Fields56L. G. M.m
2Sewekey Fields35Yarholar Fixicof
3Stepney Fields16"m
4Stephen Fields15"m
5Janile Fields14"f
6Hatie Fields13"f
7Ladie Fields12"f
8David Fields11"m
9Dicy Fields2"f
10Holarter Yarloar60"m
1Yarlohar Fixico45F. B. S.m
2Semetoma40F. B. S.f
3Nicy17F. B. S.f
4Lucinda18F. B. S.f
5Lucinie Machill17F. B. S.f
6Lewis Machill20F. B. S.m
7Sansharpee21 m
1Penn Mitchell28F. B. S.m
2Nancy Mitchell25F. B. S.f
3Kizzie Mitchell4F. B. S.f
4Harried Mitchell2F. B. S.f
5Ellen Mitchell1 m.F. B. S.f
1Warty Brown30F. B. S.m
2Nancy Brown30F. B. S.f
3Perciler Brown4F. B. S.d
4Legus Brown2F. B. S.m

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 NameAge sex
1Aretryachee Fixico35 m
2Jannie30 f
3Martain10 m
4Merier8 f
5Sally6 f
6Ammer3 f
7John2m. m
1Ocsochehee Fixico28order Scott Gentrym
3Mary Scott18Washingtonf
4Harry Scott10"m
5Yarlo Waker36"m
1Anhamochee45L. G. McIntoshm
2Lewis30 m
1Coon Fields55L. G. McIntoshm
2Holparter Fields50 order    S. Gentry m
2John Waker20F. B. S.m

Jacob Waker

15F. L. C. (in place Eufuala Harjo)m
1Chosey17F. B. S.m
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 NameAge sex
2Chasey Barnett10"m
3Jackson Barnett5"m
1Yamkar28Scott Gentry 
2John Fields8"m
3Malenda Fields1"f
1Aneharcogna30 m
1Hoktalalar ler ney20F. B. S.f
1Dicey Frmon?5 f

We the undersigned representatives of the above named town, certify to be correct census of said town and that we are authorized to draw the drafts for them, as such representatives.

Witness to signature
G. W. Stidham

Washington Riley
Yaholar Fixico