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Pieter Pippeling, a workman born in Ouddorp, married 28-2-1861 Texel with Mijntje Sluisman. Five years later they traveled on board of the "Duisburg of Prussia" from Rotterdam to New York, with their three children Neeltje, Cornelis and Gerrit. According to the Census of 1870 they lived in Paterson, NJ.

In 1880 the family Pippeling still lived in Paterson, with five children: Cornelius (16), Trinie (12), Jennie (9), Harriet (7) and Elizabeth (4). The oldest two children worked in a silk mill. Barend Sluisman, a younger brother of Mijntje, also lived in their household.
Sources: Civil registration Texel, "Hijijij ... is naar Amerika", "Dutch Immigrants in Ship Passengers Manifests, 1820-1880", "Dutch Households in the US Population Censuses 1850, 1860, 1870", 1880 United Stated Census on the site of Familysearch.

The origins of the family Plavier might be found in France, because the family started in Texel with Nicolas Plouvier at the end of the seventeenth century. His name is sounding French. The descendants stayed on the island, and in the nineteenth century most male Plavier's were carpenters. Hendrik Plavier born in 1863 married in 1885 Neeltje de Blok, daughter of Johannes de Blok and Antje Hoogheid. Two years later they emigrated with their two children.

In 193O Hendrik was living in Paterson, New Jersey, and he was a widower. He worked as a carpenter. Hendrik visited the Netherlands and traveled home with the "Rotterdam". Three years later he went again to the Netherlands and back, this time with the "Volendam".
Sources: civil registration Texel, "Texelse geslachten", " naar Amerika", online New York Passenger Lists (

Van Prooyen
Jacob van Prooyen was born in Sommelsdijk 18-2-1837, as son of Anthony van Prooyen and Pieternella van der Meijde. He married in Texel 6-3-1862 with Cornelia Stark, born Texel 27-10-1840, daughter of Gerrit Stark and Guurtje Dros. Two children were born before the family moved to the Haarlemmermeer, another new polder in the province Noord-Holland. They emigrated to the US in 1888. Cornelia died 30 November 1927 in Chicago, Illinois. According to the 1900 Census she was not able to speak English.
Sources: Civil Registration Texel, Werkers uit Goeree-Overflakkee. With thanks to Stacia Misner and Gil Anema for their information.

Van Putten
Jacob Johannesz van Putten was born in 1826 in Ooltgensplaat. He married Josina Noordijk from Middelharnis. Jacob was employed by the polder of Eierland as supervisor. In 1884 they moved to the US.

His younger brother Jan Johannesz van Putten was a carpenter. He married at the age of 23 in Texel 2-1-1862 Annetje Cornelis Zeedijk, daughter of the farmer Cornelis Zeedijk and Dirkje van Es. With three children they emigrated in 1866 to the US. They settled down in Grand Haven, Ottowa, Michigan. According to the US Census of 1870, they owned real estate with a value of $ 2000.
Sources: Boerderijenboek, naar Amerika, civil registration Texel, Dutch Households in US Population Censuses, 1850, 1860, 1870.

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The Reuvers family came originally from Ouddorp in Goeree. The brothers Johannes and Jan Reuvers both moved to Texel.

I. Pieter Jansz Reuvers, † 26-1-1830 x Adriaantje Jobse Witte, † 27-7-1829, widow of Dames van der Vliet.
1. Johannes * 1807 Ouddorp, see IIa
2. Jan * around 1815 Ouddorp, see IIb

In 1837 Johannes and Jan sold their part in the house and orchard of their deceased parents, situated in Ouddorp. We know that Jan moved in 1837 to Texel, probably his brother Johannes did the same around that year.

IIa. Johannes Reuvers * 1807 Ouddorp, farmer, x 26-9-1834 Ouddorp Pieternella Nijman/Nieman, * around 1810, daughter of Frederik Nijman and Geertruida Kasteleijn.

1. Neeltje * around 1843
2. Johannes * around 1852
3. Jan * around 1855

Johannes was 46 years old, when he left Texel in 1853. He was only accompanied by his wife. According to the Census of 1860 Johannes was deceased at that time. His widow (Mijntje according to the Census records) lived in Pella, Iowa with her two sons. She also took care of Arie van Polen, a one year old baby. In the same city worked her daughter Neeltje Reuvers as a domestic servant.

IIb. Jan Reuvers * around 1815 Ouddorp, farmer, x 5-3-1840 Texel Trijntje van Es, born around 1820 Stellendam, daughter of Leendert van Es and Martha van Driel

1. Ariaantje * around 1840 Texel, x Krijn Tanis
2. Martha * around 1842 Texel, x Maarten Eelman
3. Pieter * around 1844 Texel, x Jannetje Jongerling
4. Johannes * around 1847 Texel, x(1) Texel Dieuwertje Langeveld, x(2) Den Helder Dorothea van Berlo, x(3) Den Helder Elisabeth Kuiper
5. Maatje * around 1849 Texel, x Jacob Bremer
6. Jan * around 1853 Texel, x Marretje Roeper
7. Trijntje * around 1856 Texel, x Dirk Peper
8. Leendert * around 1856 Texel, teacher, x(1 Antje Swan, x(2)Harenkarspel Engeltje de Vries
9. Marinus * around 1857 Texel, x Jansje Buis
10. Maarten * around 1860 Texel, x Dieuwertje Buis

Jan Reuvers arrived in Texel February 1837 together with Dirk Tanis. They traveled by shuttle boat from Rotterdam to Eierland. Jan married in 1840 Trijntje van Es, also from the Goeree area. They got at least 10 children, and most of them stayed in the Netherlands.
Their son Johannes and his first wife Dieuwertje Langeveld left Texel in April 1871. Their destination was "Hackezak" in the USA. Only a few months later they returned to Texel. In 1881 they moved to De Zijpe.
Sources: Staat van landverhuizers provincie Noord-Holland, "Hijijij ... is naar Amerika", "Dutch Households in US Population Censuses 1850, 1860, 1870", Notarial archives Ouddorp, "Kroniek van het Eijerland", Genlias, doopsgezind lidmatenboek Den Burg, De Waal en Oosterend.

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The surname Reuzenaar was also spelled Reusenaar, Ruizenaar and Ruisenaar. The first member of this family on the island of Texel was Marinus Ruizenaar. He was born around 1827 in Ouddorp as the illegimate son of Arijaantje Ruizenaar. On the 29th of July 1858 he married Maria Martha Meulman in Texel. His wife was a daughter of the tailor Hendrik Meulman and Hendrika Jans Scheer. She came originally from Bedum, in the province Groningen.

Their son Marinus Johannes Reuzenaar married in 1889 at the age of 21 Cornelia Bernardusdr Halsema. According to the Population Registraton of Texel they emigrated in June 1900 from Texel with four children. This family settled down in Lafayette, Tippecanoe County, Indiana, US. Marinus was called Marion in the US. He was caretaker of the St. Boniface Cemetery. Of course his family was buried there. Marinus died in 1942, his wife Nellie in 1938. If you click on this link, you can see some photographes of this family.

Maria Elisabeth Reuzenaar, the sister of Marinus Johannes Reuzenaar, lived also in Lafayette. She emigrated in 1890 with her husband Lambertus Louwesz Halsema en two children.
Sources: "Hijijij ... is naar Amerika", "Boerderijenboek", Civil registration Texel, Genlias. With thanks to Lena Carlson.

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De Ridder
Huibert and Cornelis de Ridder, two brothers, settled down on the island of Texel around 1845. There is a song preserved about this Cornelis de Ridder, because he married six times! Below you can see an incomplete scheme concerning their descendants. If you are able to add anything, please mail me. Your help will be appreciated.

I. Dirk de Ridder, son of Huibert Lambertsz de Ridder and Elisabeth den Dunnen, † 27-8-1837 Lexmond, x 1807 Ameide Cornelia Post, daughter of Cornelis Post and Maria Verlee, † 8-11-1835 Lexmond
1. Huibert * 26-4-1809, ~ 30-4-1809 Dutch Reformed Church Jaarsveld, see IIa
2. Cornelis * 1812 Jaarsveld, see IIb
3. Maria * 28-8-1818 Jaarsveld, x 13-12-1838 Lexmond Huibert van Gulik, labourer, son of Willem van Gulik and Willempje van Geffen
4. Dirk * 21-9-1820 Jaarsveld, see IIc
5. Cornelia * 3-5-1825 Lexmond
6. Kaatje * 25-12-1828 Lexmond, x 18-3-1852 Lexmond Ernst van der Vlist

Jaarsveld and Lexmond are both little villages near the river Lek. Jaarsveld is situated in the province Utrecht, and Lexmond is on the other border in the province Zuid-Holland.

IIa. Huibert de Ridder * 26-4-1809 Jaarsveld, ~ 30-4-1809 Dutch Reformed Church Jaarsveld, labourer, x 13-11-1828 Lexmond Huibertje den Bouter, * 19-12-1802 Langerak, daughter of the labourer Pieter den Bouter and Marrigje Damsteeg, x(2) Andrina Gort
Children from the first marriage:
1. Dirk * 21-3-1829 Lexmond, see IIIa
2. Merrigje * 18-3-1830 Lexmond, † 1831 Lexmond
3. Pieter * 16-7-1832 Lexmond, see IIIb
4. Lambertus * 13-10-1838 Lexmond, † 1839 Lexmond
5. Lambertus * 29-1-1840 Lexmond, see IIIc
6. Marigje * 11-3-1841 Lexmond, x 28-2-1861 Texel Aldert Thiessen, son of Harmen Thiessen and Antje Sjoers

Child from the second marriage:
7. Cornelis * 28-8-1872 Kogermient, Texel, see IIId

Huibert emigrated in 1880 on his own. Maybe he traveled to his son Dirk, who left already in 1866. Later on the couple Marigje de Ridder and Aldert Thiessen also went to the US in 1887. They had seven children.

IIb. Cornelis de Ridder * 1812 Jaarsveld, labourer, † 10-10-1888 Texel, x(1) 6-6-1838 Oostburg with Maria Wage, * around 1808, daughter of Abraham Wage and Francina Michielsen, x(2) 24-9-1846 Antje Jacobs Duinker, * 15-10-1823, † 11-1-1850, x(3) 10-7-1851 Kaatje Hendriks Kalf, x(4) 22-11-1855 Helena Knol, x(5) 30-11-1871 Texel Naantje Jacobs Abbenes, x(6) 1-5-1873 Texel Aaltje Schaap.
Children from the first marriage:
1. Dirk * 17-12-1838 Lexmond
2. Abraham * 5-12-1841 Ameide
3. Cornelia Francisca * 23-7-1843 De Koog, Texel
4. Dirkje * 7-12-1845 De Koog, Texel

Child from the second marriage:
5. Grietje * 23-12-1848 Walenburg, Texel, † 7-3-1850

Children form the third marriage:
6. Dirkje * 28-7-1851 Walenburg, Texel
7. Hendrik * 9-10-1853 De Koog, Texel
8. Hendrik * 20-11-1854 Texel

Child from the fourth marriage:
9. Lambertus * 11-8-1856 De Koog, Texel

Children from the sixth marriage:
10. Cornelia * 12-1-1874 Everstekoog, Texel
11. Trijntje * 16-1-1876 Texel
12. Dirkje * 2-8-1877 Walenburg, Texel
13. Neeltje * 3-3-1879 Texel
14. Maria Catharina Elisabeth * 8-4-1880 Texel
15. Lambertus * 22-12-1881 Texel, † 25-1-1886 Texel
16. Mathilda * 2-2-1884 Texel, † 20-2-1884 Texel
17. Cornelis Huibert * 27-7-1885 Texel
18. Lambertus * 3-3-1887 Texel

W.J. Kikkert publicated in 1996 a compilation of historical Texel songs in the book "Er was eens ... een herderinnetje". Included is the song "In 't noorden van ons eiland" [translation: in the north of our island] about the history of Cornelis or Kees de Ridder, who married six times. His fifth wife was Naantje Abbenes, widow of Jan Jacobsz Stark. In the second verse of the song this Naantje is saying: please do not marry again, when I am dead. And Cornelis de Ridder promised that, according to the lyrics. But she died, and on the first of May 1873 Cornelis married at the age of 60 with Aaltje Schaap, only 23 years old.

When his first wife Maria Wage gave birth in Ameide in 1841, Cornelis de Ridder was not present himself. According to the birth certificate of his second son Abraham, Cornelis lived in Ameide but was temporarily in Eierland. This is an important indication about the time of their movement to Texel. With his second wife Antje Duinker, he moved to Lexmond in November 1846. But only for a short time, because they returned already in 1847.

IIc. Dirk de Ridder * 21-9-1820 Jaarsveld, labourer, x 4-7-1846 Leerbroek Goudina de Bont, * 28-3-1826 Meerkerk, daughter of Hendrik de Bont and Ida Swanborn
1. Hendrik * 1849 Texel x(1) Maartje Bossen, x(2) 1-4-1886 Anna Paulowna Trijntje van Hert, born 1853/54 Texel, daughter of Cornelis van Hert and Engeltje Bommel, widow of Jan Bes
2. Cornelis * 1851 Texel
3. Cornelia * 1853/54 Zijpe x 4-3-1875 Anna Paulowna Arie Weeda
4. Dirk * 1855/56 Zijpe x 14-3-1878 Anna Paulowna Derkje Kroeze
5. IJda * 1856/57 Zijpe x 3-7-1879 Anna Paulowna Johannes Nicolaas Douwes
6. Lambertus

IIIa. Dirk de Ridder * 21-3-1829 Lexmond, labourer, x 17-8-1854 Texel Francijntje den Bleijker, * 10-9-1833 Ouddorp, daughter of the farmer Maarten den Bleijker and Baaltje van Dam, buried 5-7-1916 Pilgrim Home Cemetery, Holland, Michigan
1. Huip * 18-1-1856 De Koog, Texel, farmer, † June 1929, x 1-3-1885 Allegan County, Michigan Roelofje Tibbe, * 1866/67 Graafschap, Michigan
2. Maarten * 5-11-1857 De Koog, Texel
3. Baaltje * 4-11-1859 De Koog, Texel
4. Huibertje * 29-11-1861 De Koog, Texel
5. Maarten * 18-5-1864 De Koog, Texel, x Hendrikje Altena, born in the Netherlands, daughter of Jan Altena and Berendina Tinholt, † 25-6-1902, buried in Pilgrim Home Cemetery, Holland, Michigan
6. Mina * about 1875 Michigan
7. Johannes * about 1877 Michingan
8. Nanntje * 11-9-1881 Michigan, baptized 24-10-1881

In 1866 Dirk de Ridder left for the US with his wife and four children. He was a 37 years old, Dutch Reformed workman, and he was classified as "needy" in the "Staat van landverhuizers, provincie Noord-Holland". The family left from the port of Rotterdam with the "Arnold Boninger of Prussia". The ship arrived in New York on November, 19, 1866. More information about the father of his wife Francijntje den Bleijker, you will find in the chapter about the family Den Bleijker.

IIIb. Pieter de Ridder * 16-7-1832 Lexmond, † 1875, x 1859 Texel Trijntje Nans Eelman, * 1835 Texel, daughter of Nan Jacobsz Eelman and Aagje Jans Koopman
1. Huibertje * 9-8-1859 Walenburg, Texel
2. Aagje * 1-5-1861 Walenburg, Texel
3. Aagje * 13-8-1862 Walenburg, Texel
4. Pietertje * 12-7-1775 Texel. She was born after the death of her father.

IIIc. Lambertus de Ridder * 29-1-1840 Lexmond, labourer, x 18-12-1862 Texel Doortje Saagman, * 18-2-1841 Texel, daughter of Alle Saagman and Klaaske Gosker Hooghiem
1. Alle * 17-4-1867 Eierland, Texel
2. Klaasje * 1869/70 Texel, x 16-9-1894 Anna Paulowna Jan Kwak
3. Huibertje * 3-11-1875 Texel
4. Peter * 1877/78, resided in 1918 in Hospers, Iowa, farmer, x(1) 11-2-1918 People's Park church Paterson, New Jersey, Bella Troost, * 1884/85, widow of Jacob Haan, daughter of Jacob Troost and Neeltje Keijser.
5. Huibert * 1878/79
6. Marretje * 1884/85

The family of Lambertus de Ridder moved to Anna Paulowna. In 1905 Lambertus (Bart), his wife Doortje and the adult children Pieter, Huibert and Martje emigrated with the "Rijndam" to Hosper in Iowa. The eldest son Alle was already living there.

The family of Doortje Saagman came originally from the province of Groningen.

IIId. Cornelis de Ridder * 28-8-1872 Kogermient, Texel, x 14-9-1910 Mineola NY Mary Rose NN
1. Joseph * 13-4-1913 East Williston, New York
2. Julia * 1-1-1915 East Williston, New York
3. Edward * 18-1-1919 East Williston, New York
4. Helen * 14-9-1921 East Williston, New York

Cornelis emigrated from De Koog via Rotterdam on the S.S. Dubbeldam arriving September 12, 1892 in New York. Sources: Civil registration Texel, Lexmond and Jaarsveld; doopsgezind lidmatenboek Den Burg, De Waal en Oosterend; Staat van landverhuizers provincie Noord-Holland, "Hijijij ... is naar Amerika", online database Ellis Island, Genlias. With thanks to Judy Risko, Sharon Preising, Tineke Schaap, James DeRidder and John Dryfhout for their information.

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Jan Willemsz Roeper was born in Texel as a son of Willem Jansz Roeper and Neeltje Leenderts Eelman on 8 Feb 1842. The parents were Mennonites and their son Jan was confirmed as a member of the same church on the 16th of February 1862 when he was 20. As his father owned a farm, he became a farmer also. He married Naantje Kors Roeper, a daughter of Kors Jans Roeper and Jantje Dirks Trap. Jan and Naantje had five children: Neeltje (1870), Willem (1871), Jannetta Anna (1874), Aagje (1879) and Kors Jan (1882).

Jan and his family left Texel for Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1888 after they had sold their possesions (8 head of cattle, one horse, 70 sheep, 40 hens and a rooster plus some carriages, hay, manure and straw) in a public auction. The farm which was called "Pomona" remained their property until 1889 when it was sold for 7730 guilders. Jan died at the age of 48 in Grand Rapids, only two years after the emigration. In the City Directory of Grand Rapids of 1892, his widow is listed as Nankje Roeper. Her oldest son Willem worked as a machine hand for McCord&Bradfield Furniture Co. Around 1895 Nankje Roeper remarried with the tailor John C. Claver.

Willem Roeper stayed in Grand Rapids his whole life, until he died at the age of 80 in 1952. According to an article in the local paper he worked 35 years as a millwright for the Grand Rapids Plaster Co. He married with Anna Smit, who died in 1925. They got two daughters and two sons. His youngest brother Kors Jan was listed in the Census of 1900 as Christian H. Roeper. At the age of 17 he was still at school. In 1904 he was called Harry C. J. Roeper, as he became an Us Citizen.

Sources: Civil registration Texel; doopsgezind lidmatenboek Den Burg, De Waal en Oosterend; "Hijijij ... is naar Amerika"; "Boerderijenboek"; US Census 1900; Naturalization Index; Michigan Marriage and Death Index; 1889 City Directory Grand Rapids; Grand Rapids Press. With many thanks to Don Blik and Dick Keijser for their assistance.

The couple Jacob Salm and Reinoutje Vlaming were living in the village Oosterend. Jacob was skipper. They had eight children: Dieuwertje, Tetje, Jan, Jantje, Neeltje, Biem, Trijntje and Simon. The youngest three children emigrated to the USA. Biem Jacobsz Salm went first. He emigrated in March 1867 with his wife Dieuwertje Pieters Wuis and their five children. They traveled with the "Arnold Boninger of Prussia". According to the 1880 US Census Biem lived in Muskegon, Michigan with his wife Julia and a son Jacob.

His sister Trijntje Jacobs Salm (1826-1893) married in 1862 Arie Dogger. The couple lived in elsewhere in the province Noord-Holland, in Zijpe. In 1872 Trijntje left Texel with her two children. She married in the USA Hermanus Sieben (1816-1899). She was buried in Lot 33 of the "Old Holland Section" of the Homewood Memorial Gardens, Homewood, Illinois.

On the 19th of May 1888 Simon Jacobsz Salm, his wife Aagje Dogger and a son and daughter left on board of the "s.s. Edam". Before they left their house, their ship "de jonge Jacob" and their household effects were sold in a public auction. In the local newspaper the "Texelse Courant", the auction was announced (see the image on the left side of the page). They settled down in Illinois. Simon died there in April 1902 on the age of 73. His wife Aagje died in 1910 in Lansing, USA.

Sources: Staat van landverhuizers provincie Noord-Holland, "Hijijij ... is naar Amerika", "Dutch Immigrants in Ship Passengers Manifests, 1820-1880", "Texelse geslachten", "Texelse Courant", "From the land of Windmills and Wooden Shoes". With thanks to Theo Huisman and Randy Bosma.

The first familymember who lived in the Netherlands was the schoolteacher Eduard Sandifort. He was born in England around 1575. In 1616 he married Geertruid Krijns in Ouddorp, in 1626 he remarried Pieternella Gerrits. His descendants lived for centuries in Ouddorp. The surname is usually spelled Sandifort, but the Santifort's are members of the same family.

Two brothers Sandifort moved to the new reclamation Eierland in the nineteenth century. Pieter and Jan Jacobsz Sandifort were the fourth and sixth child of Jacob Cornelisz Sandifort and Grietje Pieters Kievit.

I. Jacob Cornelisz Sandifort, baptized 4-11-1786 Ouddorp, † 4-11-1842 Ouddorp, x Ouddorp Grietje Pieters Kievit, † 21-11-1840 Ouddorp
1. Cornelis * 1814 Ouddorp
2. Pieternella * 1817 Ouddorp
3. Elizabeth * 1820 Ouddorp
4. Pieter * 30-7-1821 Ouddorp, see IIa
5. Jan * 1824 Ouddorp
6. Jan * 1-9-1826 Ouddorp, see IIb
7. Eeuwit * 1830 Ouddorp
8. Krijntje * 1833 Ouddorp

IIa. Pieter Sandifort, * 30-7-1821 Ouddorp, x 1852 Texel Aaltje Huizinga, from Eenrum in the province Groningen.
1. Jacob * 1852 Eierland, Texel, see IIIa
2. Elisabeth * around 1854 Texel, x 11-11-1875 Cornelis Boon 3. Grietje * around 1859 Texel, x 6-5-1880 Texel Jan Schaatsenberg
4. Willemina * around 1862 Texel, x 27-4-1882 Texel Klaas Brouwer

Although Pieter was already in his 60's, this couple emigrated in October 1887 accompanied by one child. Their son Cornelis emigrated in 1897, and their daughter Grietje, her husband and two children left Texel in March 1904.

IIb. Jan Sandifort, * 1-9-1826 Ouddorp, † 22-9-1886, x 1860 Texel Belia Touw, from Melissant, † 29-5-1900.
1. Grietje * around 1861 Texel, x 20-10-1881 Texel Hendrik Kalf

Jan and Belia emigrated with three children to the USA in May 1883. They are buried in Lodi, New Jersey on the Lodi Cemetery. Their gravestone is in Dutch, as you can see on the photograph.

IIIa. Jacob Sandifort, * 1852 Eierland Texel, x 11-4-1878 Texel Hendrikje Kind
1. Pieter * 1879, x 1903 Mary Denbleyker
2. Immetje * 4-12-1881 De Koog, Texel
3. Immetje * 19-5-1884 De Koog, Texel
4. Jacob * June 1887, Kogerveld, Texel
5. Klasina * 26-11-1889 Kogerveld, Texel 1889
6. Nicholas * 1898 US

They rented a small farm in De Koog. In 1892 they emigrated to the United States. The family did not sail with the same ship: Hendrikje and the children Pieter and Klasina arrived on board of the "Maasdam" in New York, for Jacob and the other children I did not find a record so far. At least one other sibling was born in the US: Nicholas, born in 1898.
In 1899 Hendrikje (called Heintje in the ship manifest) traveled to the Netherlands with her youngest child Nicholas. They returned on the 3th of September 1899 in New York with the "Statendam".

The oldest son of Jacob Pietersz Sandifort and Hendrikje Kind was called Pieter after his paternal grandfather. In the US his name was changed to Peter Sandfort. He married Mary Denbleyker of Lodi in 1903. This couple lived in Passaic for 55 years. They got twelve children, but two died very young. Peter Sandfort died in 1960 at the age of 81.
Sources: "Komen en gaan", "Boerderijenboek", civil registration Texel, online Ellis Island records. With thanks to Samantha Dolph for her information and Judy Risko for the photograph of the gravestone.

John Schagen arrived on April 16, 1888 at the port of New York. He was born on the island of Texel. In August 1899 John applied for the citizenship of the United States. He was then 25, a labourer, and resided at no. 74 of the Twentieth Avenue, city of Paterson, New Jersey. William Schagen, a shoe dealer, residing at no. 170 Lewis street, Paterson was one of his witnesses.
Source: Passaic common pleas. With thanks to AnnMarie Freeman and Albert Buys.

Albert Siersema, from Ulrum in the province Groningen, married in 1845 in Texel Trijntje Dogger. Trijntje was a daughter of Pieter Dogger and Duwertje Dogger from Walenburg. In 1850 Albert Siersema was hired by Paulus den Bleijker to follow him to America. The couple Siersema-Dogger emigrated with their two daughters Catherine Maria and Diewertje to Michigan. In 1860 they lived in Olive, Ottowa, Michigan. According to the census information Diewertje was now called Georgianna. The family was extended with the children Elizabeth, Nancy and Henry.
Sources: Online passengerslist of the "Catharine", Census 1829 Texel, civil registration Texel, Dutch Households in US Population Censuses, 1850, 1860, 1870.

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Sikkelee/Sikkelen et cetera
The registrar spelled this surname in many ways. In the US they were known as Sikkelee, on the island of Texel it was Sikkelerus, Sikkelen, Sikkerlé and so on. The roots of the family are situated in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, but they moved a lot of times. The earlier generations of this family are described on the site of Ton Huijbregts.

Lourentius van Sikkelerus * 27-11-1806 Grauw en Langendam (province Zeeland), son of Pieter van Sikkelerus and Antoinette Verberens, † 22-2-1881 Oudeschild, dikeworker, x 21-5-1853 Texel Fockje de Vries, * 29-3-1811, baptized 28-4-1811 Stavoren (province Friesland), daughter of Johannes Hanzes de Vries and Anna Annes Postuma, † 18-6-1890 Oudeschild
1. Jantje de Vries * 1830/31, † 26-4-1848 Texel, Lourentius was probably not her father
2. Johanna * 28-6-1838 Lemsterland(province Friesland), † 12-5-1909 Oudeschild, x Abraham van der Velde
3. Petrus * 14-10-1840 Maarn (province Utrecht)
4. Hendrikus * 27-3-1843 Ede (province Gelderland), see II
5. Cornelis * 2-6-1845 Ede, x 8-12-1870 Texel Maria Jacoba de Jong
6. Barbera * 14-8-1851 Oudeschild
7. Lourentius * 18-12-1855 Oudeschild, † 1-9-1878 Oudeschild (unmarried)

By the marriage of Lourentius and Fockje their five illegitemate children were legalized.

Hendrikus Sikkelen * 27-3-1843 Ede, † 3-3-1885, occupations: workman, sailor, shellhisher, carrier, x 16-6-1870 Texel Antje Drijver, * 17-8-1847 Oosterend
1. Nan * 24-11-1867 Terschelling
2. Lourens * 2-3-1871 Oudeschild
3. Pietje * 13-11-1872 Oudeschild
4. Willem * 13-7-1875 Oudeschild, x 1896 Nellie Schagen, born Texel, daughter of Albert Schagen
5. Sijbrand Jacob * 21-6-1877 Oudeschild, x Bertha May Otte
6. Antje * 15-1-1878 Oudeschild
7. Fokje * 29-7-1881 Oudeschild, in the USA called Fanny, x Will Walton
8. Cornelis * 6-10-1883 Oudeschild
9. Hendrik * 18-10-1885 Oudeschild

Hendrikus Sikkelen was not able to write. Due to brotherly service he did not have to serve in the army, but he acted as substitute for a wealthier boy from Texel. In 1882 he was imprisoned for two days in the "Huis van Bewaring" in Den Helder, because he had collected eggs of birds in the month of May. The books of the jail are describing him as a Roman Catholic workman, length 1m68, blue eyes, blond eyebrows, brown hair and beard. His wife Antje Drijver was born in Texel, but lived with her parents for some time in the island Terschelling. Their first child Nan was born there in 1867. By the marriage of his parents in 1870 he was legalized.

When Hendrikus passed away in 1885, his wife Antje stayed behind with eight children and another one on it's way. The eldest son Nan went in August 1887 first to the US, and Antje Drijver and the rest of the family followed in November 1887. They settled down in Paterson, New Jersey. The Sikkelee's were very much involved in the business community there in the early 1900's: Nan owned four silk mills and a bakery chain. He also formed with his brothers William and Jacob Sikkelee Brothers Building Company in Paterson. For them America was really "the land of milk and honey".

Not all the Sikkelee-siblings were so lucky: Will Walton, the husband of their sister Fannie Sikkelee, lost his job at the silk mill. He was unable to pay the rent of the house they rented from Nan Sikkelee. The family history says that Nan turned his sister, her husband and their five children out of his house. This event was the cause of the estrangement of Nan from the rest of the family.

Sybrand Jacob Sikkelee and his wife Bertha May Otte got nine children. After 1906 they moved to Michigan with their family.
Sources: Civil registration Texel, Notarial archives, Hijijij... is naar Amerika. Many thanks to Elizabeth Pruzinsky and LouAnn Comstock for their information.

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In June 1867 the family of the Roman Catholic Pieter Smit arrived in the port of New York with the "Arnold Boninger of Prussia". On board were about 80 people from Texel.
Pieter Smit married in 1851 Trijntje Smit. The couple Smit-Smit left Texel with six children, but unfortunately their daughter Aafje died on the passage. They traveled third class and had no comfort at all during the journey. Sometimes many passengers died due to contagious diseases, but we do not know what was causing the death of the 6-year old Aafje. So far it is unknown what happened to this family after their arrival in the US.

In March 1907 the farmers Jan G. Smit (27) and Pieter Smit (26) traveled with the "Noordam" to their cousin W. Smit in Passaic, New Jersey.
Sources: Civil registration Texel, Staat van landverhuizers provincie Noord-Holland, periodical of the Historic Society Texel, "Dutch Immigrants in US Ship Passengers Manifests, 1820-1880", online New York Passenger Lists (

Several members of the family Stark emigrated to the USA. Pieter Willemsz Stark was born 16-4-1853 in Texel, as a son of Willem Jansz Stark and Antje Kuiper. He married in 1873 in Passaic NJ with Pieternella Arnoldi. The couple had seven children, three of their own and four adopted ones. The records are showing that Pieter already emigrated in 1866, so it is most likely that he came with his parents. Dirk Willemsz Stark, his brother, was a member of the Reformed Church of Clifton.

Their nephew Willem Stark came to the USA with the S.S. Rotterdam II, landing on November 15, 1887. He was accompanied by his wife Antje Meijer and their first son Jan. Antje Meijer was sick the whole three weeks of the crossing. They settled in Passaic NJ, where the mother of Antje Meijer already lived (see the surname Meijer). Willem Stark was born in De Cocksdorp 18-1-1864, as a son of Jan Willemsz Stark and Jannetje Jans Buis. In the Netherlands he was a fisher, but the ship records list his occupation as farmer. In Passaic he worked as a fireman in the silk factory. His wife Antje was a midwife, who attended many a birth. The couple had twelve children, but only four lived to maturity. Willem Stark died in 1932 in Passaic, Antje died in 1937 in Newark.

Cornelis Jansz Stark was a younger brother of the above mentioned Willem, born in De Cocksdorp 8-4-1873. At the time of the 1920 Census, Cornelis was living with his family in Millville, NJ. His wife was Kate Griek, and in 1920 they had five children. See for more information about Kate the Griek-text.

Trijntje Gerrits Stark, born 23-9-1838 Oosterend, was a daughter of Gerrit Jansz Stark and Guurtje Dros. She emigrated in 1876 or 1877 with her husband Auke Klaasz Vlaming to Passaic NJ (see the surname Vlaming).
Source: Many thanks to Elizabeth Connolly for her information

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Pieter Steenland (1805-1883) was born in Nieuwerkerk. He married in 1838 Neeltje Taselaar. She was a native of IJsselmonde, and that was the place where the couple lived in the first years of their marriage. In the 1840's they moved to Texel. Pieter was a carpenter. His sons Jacobus Cornelis and Pieter were bricklayers, but his son Marinus was also a carpenter by trade.

Marinus married in 1874 Angenietje Roelofs Kromhout from Vlieland. In March 1890 they decided to emigrate to the USA. Of course Marinus did not want to leave his tools behind, so he painted his name, the date, ship, place of departure and the destination on his tool chest:

    Emigrant M. Steenland
    S.S. Calland
    Amsterdam 5 april
    Passaic N. America
The family settled down in New Jersey. The two oldest sons Peter (Pieter) and Rollo (Roelof) became carpenters like their father, and founded two business in Palisades Park, New Jersey: The Steenland Construction Company and The Palisades Park Lumber & Supply Company. It is very special that the tool chest of Marinus is preserved with the original painting for more than 100 years, although the present owner is not related to the family Steenland.
Sources: Civil Registration Texel, " naar Amerika", with many thanks to Gerrit van der Sterre, Richard Chapman and Kees Stada.

At the time of his emigration in 1859 Gundert Steinman was 36 years old, according to the passengers list. He was on board of the "Tornado". from Liverpool destinated to New York. His wife Maartje or Naatje Steinman-den Bleijker and their two children Hendrik and Baultje accompanied him. Maartje was born in 1832 in Ouddorp and lived on the island Texel with her parents (see Den Bleijker).
Sources: "Dutch Immigrants in Ship Passengers Manifests, 1820-1880", "Werkers uit Goeree-Overflakkee en hun nakomelingen in de Eierlandse polder".

The Tanis-family came originally from Ouddorp in the province Zuid-Holland. It was a large family, see the homepage of Shirley Kleine Stich. A few Tanis-households moved in the 19th century to the new polder Eierland.

Dirk Cornelis Tanis (1802-1887), son of Cornelis Dirksz Tanis and Geertruid Evers Versluis, was one of them. He brought some rootstocks of madder from his place of origin Ouddorp to Texel, where he was farmer on the farm "Siberië" in Eierland. They lived in 1840 on that farm with 12 persons: Dirk, his wife Cornelia Nieman, six children, three farmhands and a maid-servant. Before 1847 the farm was renamed "Bland and Berg". Dirk growed madder, and owned in 1843 three horses, three cows and fifty sheep. He did not own this farm, but in 1847 he bought the farm "Vredelust" in De Koog. His son Cornelis Tanis lived there. In 1854 "Vredelust" was sold, because Cornelis and his wife Hermina Maria Jansen went in 1855 to the Haarlemmermeer with their four children.

Dirk Tanis stayed on "Bland and Berg" till 1866, when they moved to a house. Cornelia Nieman died in 1873. Their son Dirk Dirksz Tanis married in 1876 with Antje Klaas Mantje. He was tenant of the farm "Bland and Berg" in Eierland. His father joined this household in the same year, but died in 1887 in his homevillage Ouddorp. Dirk Dirksz Tanis emigrated with his wife and their six children in 1889 to the United States. Antje Klaas Mantje died in 1919 in Passaic.

Aart Dirksz Tanis was another son of Dirk Tanis and Cornelia Nieman. Aart was born in Ouddorp, but married in 1855 on the island of Texel with Dirkje Aletta Blaak from Stellendam. The oldest daughter of this couple was Martha Tanis. She left Texel in 1881 or 1882, following her fiancé Adrianus van der Kloot to Chicago, Illinois. Additional information on the family of Aart Dirksz Tanis and Dirkje Aletta Blaak and their descendants can be found on Dave Jordan's Tanis Web Page.

D. Tanis, labourer, 17, Dutch Reformed, needy, emigrated in 1866 to North America.

P. Tanis, labourer, 21, Dutch Reformed, needy, emigrated in 1866 to North America.

Richard Cornelis Tanis arrived on April 7, 1889 at the port of New York. He was born on Texel. In January 1899 he applied for the citizenship of the US. He was at that time, 21, a shipping clerk, residing at no. 35 Munroe street, city of Passaic, New Jersey.
Sources: Civil registration Texel and Ouddorp, Staat van landverhuizers provincie Noord-Holland, Passaic common pleas, "Boerderijenboek". With thanks to AnnMarie Freeman, Albert Buys and Rozann Osborn-Rietkerk.

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There was not just one family with the surname Timmer in Texel, but there were a few not-related families. The Timmer's who emigrated to Michigan, were descendants of the mennonite Maarten Cornelisz Timmer and Cornelisje Biems Vlaming. They lived in Oosterend.

I. Maarten Cornelisz Timmer * 30-9-1792, son of Cornelis Maartensz Timmer and Pietertje Cornelis de Boer, † 13-5-1873, sailor, x 28-1-1814 Texel with Cornelisje Biems Vlaming * 15-9-1793, daughter of Biem Sijmonsz Vlaming and Maartje Barts Bruijn, † 4-1-1867.

1. Pietertje * 17-9-1814, † 1-2-1877, x 4-4-1850 Texel with Klaas Jansz Trap
2. Maartje * 4-9-1816, † 29-9-1903, x 27-4-1843 Texel with Jan Jansz Trap (for their son Maarten, see the chapter Trap)
3. Immetje * 13-9-1818, † 19-10-1825
4. Biem * 23-9-1820, see IIa
5. Cornelis * 10-11-1822, see IIb
6. Jan * 17-3-1825, see IIc
7. Willem * 9-10-1827, † 11-12-1834
8. Immetje * 8-8-1831, x 29-9-1829 Texel with Jacob Cornelisz Dogger
9. Jantje * 19-9-1834, † 25-1-1915, x 8-7-1858 with Jan Ariesz Kooger

IIa. Biem Maartensz Timmer * 23-9-1820, † 12-10-1900, sailor, x 16-5-1850 with Pietertje Dogger * 30-10-1825, daughter of Cornelis Jacobsz Dogger and Trijntje Cornelis Boesje, † 1-12-1900.

1. Cornelisje * 15-4-1851, x 16-10-1873 Texel with Pieter Schagen
2. Cornelis * 20-12-1853, † 25-2-1873 (drowned)
3. Maarten * 12-3-1855, † 19-11-1864
4. Sacom * 9-12-1856, sailor, see IIIa
5. Trijntje * 9-3-1859, † 16-12-1863
6. Willem * 30-1-1861
7. Biem * 28-4-1862, see IIIb
8. Trijntje * 27-1-1867, † 28-1-1868
9. Maarten * 23-10-1868, † 25-12-1884
10. Arie * 12-3-1872

IIb. Cornelis Maartensz Timmer * 10-11-1822, † 13-5-1899, sailor, x 15-9-1853 Texel with Cornelisje Kuiper * 24-2-1830, daughter of Jan Pietersz Kuiper and Fijtje Jacobs Dogger, † 31-5-1894.

1. Maarten * 28-7-1855, † 7-12-1935, sailor, x 11-5-1881 Naantje Aris Bremer
2. Feitje * 11-8-1856, x 11-5-1881 Meindert Simonsz Bremer
3. Cornelisje * 9-5-1858, † 2-11-1914 Amsterdam, x 13-9-1901 Jacob Dogger
4. Jan * 17-3-1861, † 15-12-1920, x 13-5-1885 Jetske Aris Bremer
5. Willem * 18-6-1863
6. Wijntje * 27-10-1865
7. Immetje * 17-6-1868
8. Pietje * 8-8-1870, † 24-3-1919, x 7-6-1895 Biem Pietersz Vlaming

IIc. Jan Maartensz Timmer * 17-3-1825, sailor, † 24-7-1902 Muskegon, Michigan x 15-8-1851 Texel with Jantje Kuiper * 9-10-1824, daughter of Jan Pietersz Kuiper and Fijtje Jacobs Dogger.

1. Maarten * 10-6-1852
2. Feitje * 12-12-1853
3. Jan * 22-10-1855, † 21-7-1923 Muskegon, Michigan, gardener. He died due to a fall from a ladder.
4. Cornelisje * 16-8-1857
5. Immetje * 11-10-1862, † 16-9-1935 Grand Rapids, Michigan (carcinoma of stomach), x 24-5-1880 Grand Rapids, Michigan with Gysbert Nyburg.
6. Gerrit * 5-1-1865, † 21-10-1867 Holland, Michigan.
This couple emigrated in 1866 to Michigan, accompanied by there six children. They settled down in the city of Holland, Michigan. Jan was an oysterfisher in Texel, and according to the Census of 1870 he was doing tannery work in 1870. At the time of his death, his occupation was listed as laborer. Their daughter Immetje married Gysbert Nyburg. Gysberg was born in the USA, but he had also Dutch ancestors. They got nine children.

IIIa. Sacom Biemsz Timmer * 9-12-1856, sailor, x 19-9-1890 Aaltje van der Bijl.
They left Texel in April 1901 with their three children.

IIIb. Biem Biemsz Timmer * 28-4-1862, † 1952, sailor, x 24-3-1887 Texel with Ietje Gerrits Roosendaal * 19-1-1862, daughter of Gerrit Sakoms Roosendaal and Ietje Gerrits Bakker.

1. Trijntje * 5-6-1888
2. Gerrit * 28-4-1890
3. Pietje * 7-11-1891
4. Cornelis * 5-9-1893
5. Jan * 17-3-1895
6. Ida * 29-3-1898
Biem Biemsz Timmer was a fisherman, primarily in Oost. Together with his wife and their children they left Texel in April 1899. They sailed with the "Amsterdam" from Rotterdam to New York, where they arrived on May 10 1899. The family settled in Muskegon, Michigan and two more children were born. When they first came to America they were helped by Dirkje Gerrits Roosendaal and her husband Maarten Jansz Trap. Dirkje was a sister of Ietje Roosendaal, and she lived also in Muskegon. Biem worked for Alaska Refrigerator Co. in Muskegon, later known as Norge Division. He retired in 1930 and died in 1952. Ietje Roosendaal died a few years later, she became over 93 years old.

The eldest daughter Trijntje or Trena Timmer was 11 years, when the family emigrated. She married in 1921 with William VanderMey, a widower from New Era, Michigan. They first lived in New Era, then Hudsonville, and finally moved to Muskegon. William died at age 44, leaving his wife Trena to care for their six children.
Sources: Staat van landverhuizers provincie Noord-Holland, census 1829 Texel, "Hijijij ... is naar Amerika", "Texelse geslachten", online Ellis Island records, civil registration Texel. With many thanks to Craig Rotmann, Sharon Preising, Mary Anne Baker and Betty Heethuis Wissink for their information.

Maarten Jansz Trap was born in 1847, as a son of Jan Jansz Trap and Maartje Maartens Timmer. He married Dirkje Gerrits Roosendaal, daughter of Gerrit Sakoms Roosendaal and Ietje Gerrits Bakker. In 1877 this family lived on a farm in Walenburg, where Maarten Trap kept cattle. In february 1881 they emigrated to the US, with their five children. The family settled down in Muskegon, Michigan. Later they were joined by the sister of Dirkje and her husband, the couple Ietje Gerrits Roosendaal and Biem Biemsz Timmer (see above).

Willem Jansz Trap (1852-1934), a brother of Maarten Jansz Trap, also went to Michigan. He married in 1882 Aafke Hartog. They emigrated soon after their marriage to Muskegon. Aafke and Willem got 12 children: Jan, Leendert, Maarten, Willem, Mary, Cornelius, Grietje (Grace), Jakob, Hendrick, Cornelia, and two children who died at an early age. Their descendants are using the surname Trapp, with two p's.
Sources: "Boerderijenboek", "Hijijij ... is naar Amerika". With many thanks to Betty Heethuis Wissink and Shirely Weller for their information.

Tonnis Venhuizen was hired by Paulus den Bleijker in 1850 to follow him to Michigan. He was 26 years old at that time and married with Pietertje Jans Kuiper, 30 years old. Tonnis was born in the province Groningen, as a son of Willem Jans Venhuizen en Etjen Tonnis. The new polder Eierland attracted a lot of agrarian workers from the island Goeree, but also from other regions. Several people from the province Groningen moved to Texel, after the finishing of the reclamation in 1836.
The mother and stepfather of Tonnis Venhuizen already went to Michigan in 1847 on the "Bavaria". Tonnis and his wife Pietertje traveled with the "Catherine". They settled down in Kalamazoo, Michigan. After the birth of the fifth child in 1860 the family moved to Holland, Michigan. Tonnis and Pietertje are both buried in Pilgrim Home Cemetery, Holland.
Sources: Staat van landverhuizers provincie Noord-Holland, online passengerslist of the "Catherine". Thanks to Betty Snow for her information.

Willem Verbaarschot was born 24-5-1868 Texel. He was a son of the miller Willem Verbaarschot and Grietje Ras. In April 1888 he left Texel on his own, and settled down in Paterson, New Jersey. Willem married Grietje Vervoorn, also of Dutch origin. Together they got nine children. For some time Willem worked for John W. Ferguson, an engineer and builder. Then he went into business for himself as a builder. He died July, 24, 1929.
Sources: Civil registration Texel. With thanks to Claire, granddaughter of Willem Verbaarschot.

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Klaas Verduin * around 1797 Ouddorp, son of Bouwen Verduin and Maartje Broekman, labourer, x 14-3-1823 Ouddorp Jannetje Kloosterman, * around 1805 Ouddorp, daughter of Pieter Kloosterman and Maartje Nuij

1. Maartje * Ouddorp, x 8-5-1845 Texel Leendert den Bleijker, * around 1822 Ouddorp, son of Jan den Bleijker and Maartje Bakker, labourer
2. Klaasje * around 1829 Ouddorp, x 28-3-1850 Texel Cornelis Wentink, * 1825 around Ouddorp, son of Poulus Wentink and Krijntje Molesteeg, labourer
3. Pietertje * around 1831 Ouddorp, x 13-4-1854 Texel Dirk van der Hoek, * around 1831 Uithuizen, son of Reindert van der Hoek and Hendrikje Kapaan, labourer
4. Marinus * around 1834 Ouddorp, labourer, x 17-11-1859 Marijtje Buis, * around 1830 Texel, daughter of Jacob Buis and Leentje Kort, widow of Auker Griek
5. Pieter * around 1838 Ouddorp, labourer, x 10-6-1858 Texel Kaatje de Groot, * around 1828 Texel, daughter of Dirk de Groot and Jannetje Buis
6. Cornelis * around 1841 Texel, labourer, x 22-2-1866 Texel Jannetje van Lenten, * around 1832 Stellendam, daughter of Pieter van Lenten and Cornelia Heintjes, widow of Marinus van Es

Maartje Verduin was the first member of the family who emigrated. She left Texel with her husband Leendert den Bleijker and their children in 1853.

Klaas Verduin and his wife Jannetje Kloosterman left Texel on the 22th of March 1866. They traveled to the United States accompanied by their children Klaasje, Pietertje and Marinus and their families. Marinus and his wife had four children, and Pietertje and her husband also had four children. Klaasje was a widow, and she had also four children. Later on, in April 1866 Cornelis and his wife Jannetje van Lenten followed. In 1867 Pieter was the last one of the family who left Texel, he traveled with the "Arnold Boninger of Prussia" with his wife and the children Jantje, Trijntje and Maartje.
Sources: Civil registration of Texel, Staat van Landverhuizers provincie Noord-Holland, "Hijijij ... is naar Amerika", Genlias, Dutch immigrants in US Ship Passenger Manifests 1820-1880.

Martje Vlaming was born in De Cocksdorp 5-11-1873, as a daughter of the sailor Auke Klaasz Vlaming and Trijntje Gerrits Stark. The family Vlaming originally came from the village of Oosterend on the island Texel. In 1876 or 1877 the household of Auke Vlaming and Trijntje Stark emigrated to Passaic, New Jersey. Auke died 1-5-1887. In 1892 their daughter Martje Vlaming married in Passaic with Orrie Bakelaar, born in Eierland Texel as Arie Bakelaar. Orrie and Martje had two sons.

Gerrit Vlaming was born in Oosterend 21-2-1880, as a son of the sailor Maarten Biemsz Vlaming and Trijntje Gerrits Rosendaal. He emigrated with the family of his girlfriend Maartje Dirks Bremer to Grand Rapids, Michigan. The couple married on November 4, 1903. First they lived in Grand Rapids, but Gerrit was bothered by breathing problems, so they moved to Northwest Iowa and became farmers. Gerrit Vlaming and Maartje Bremer had seven children, and lived generally spoken a comfortable life in Iowa.
Source: Civil registration Texel. Thanks to Carole Bolard, Elizabeth Connolly and Dorita Hanke, for their information.

Van der Vliet
Job van der Vliet and Klaasje Aams married 1-5-1823 in Ouddorp, province Zuid-Holland. Like many others they moved around 1835 to Texel. Job died at the age of 42 in 1839. His wife stayed behind with at least three sons: Adrianus, Pieter and Willem.

Willem van der Vliet was born in 1829 in Ouddorp. He married in 1855 with Cornelia Veen, daughter of Melle Veen and Jannetje Zegel. They got two children in Texel, Klaasje born in Oudeschild (1856) and Melle born in De Cocksdorp (1857). The family moved first to De Zijpe and around 1870 to Anna Paulowna. Willem and Cornelia got a lot more children. Their names were Jannetje (1859), Job (1861), Klaasje (1864), Maartje (1865), Klaasje (1867), Willem (1869), Cornelia (1871) and Cornelia (1874). Several of them died at an early age. So when they emigrated only Klaasje, Willem and Cornelia joined their parents. Jannetje stayed behind. She married in 1884 in Den Helder Willem Hoornsman.

The family Van der Vliet-Veen settled down in Roseland, Chicago, Illinois. The three children Klaasje, Willem and Cornelia married all with a spouse of Dutch origins. Klaasje van der Vliet and Arie Biezeboer got 11 children. Willem first married Nellie Ekstra/Extra on the 12th of August 1892 in Cook,and afterwards Sietske Dijkstra. He had 18 children. The youngest sister Cornelia was married with Renze Ozinga and got 5 children. Although not all of them became adult, you can imagine that there are many American descendants of the couple Willem van der Vliet and Cornelia Veen.
Sources: Civil registration of Texel and Ouddorp, Illinois Statewide Marriage Index. With many thanks to William L. Vander Vliet for his information.

Anthon Diderich Voigt emigrated in 1865 with his wife and four children to Oranje Vrijstaat. He was 38, well-to-do, Dutch reformed and his occupation was secretary of the municipality Texel. His father had exactly the same name. A.D. Voigt senior was lieutenant in the Dutch Navy in 1829. He was born in Wijhe in the province Overijssel.
Sources: Staat van landverhuizers provincie Noord-Holland, census 1829 Texel.

Van der Wielen
Dirk van der Wielen, son of Hendrik van der Wielen and Marigtje Nielen, married on the 27th of April 1882 in Texel Cornelia Adriana Buikes. She was a daughter of Jacob Buikes and Antje Hoogheid. At the age of 43, Dirk went in November 1899 from Southampton to New York with the "New York". His wife Cornelia (45) arrived in April 1900 in New York with the "Rotterdam". According to the passenger list she had been in Grand Rapids, Michigan from 1887 to 1888, but now she was heading for her husband in Paterson NJ. Their seven children also were on board of the "Rotterdam": Hendrik (13), Jacob (9), Pieter (8), Anna (6), Dirk (4), Maria (3), Johanna (2).
Sources: Genlias, online New York Passenger Lists (

Cornelis Witte, son of Jacob Witte and Leentje Tanis, married in 1895 Maartje Dros. She was a daughter of Gerrit Dros and Pieternella Tanis. In July 1906 this couple and their children Jacob (8), Pieternella (7) and Albert (5) arrived with the "Potsdam" in New York. According to the passenger list Cornelis was a miller. Their final destination was Bogth Street 43 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where a brother of Maartje lived. His name was A. Dros Gzn.
Source: Genlias, online New York Passenger Lists (

Cornelis Zeedijk, born in Den Bommel in the province Zuid-Holland, married in 1837 the 18 year old Dirkje van Es from Stellendam. This couple got a lot of children and in 1872 almost the whole family emigrated to the USA, travelling on board of the Royal Mail Steamer "Batavia" from Liverpool to New York. They settled down in Michigan.

    Cornelis Zeedijk, * around 1806 Den Bommel (province Zuid-Holland), son of Kommert Zeedijk and Katelijntje van Putten, x Texel 7-12-1837 Dirkje van Es, * around 1819 Stellendam, daughter of Cornelis van Es and Annetje Troost.
    1. Annetje * around 1839, x 2-1-1862 Texel Jan Johannesz van Putten, * around 1839 Ooltgensplaat, son of Johannes van Putten and Leentje van Bossum, carpenter
    2. Kommer * around 1841
    3. Cornelis * 1843, x 23-9-1869 Texel Cornelia Margaretha Lammers, born Renesse, daughter of Gerrit Lammers and Helena Bolle
    4. Maria * around 1845, x 29-4-1869 Texel Daniel Buis, * around 1843, son of Jan Buis and Aaltje Zegel, fisher
    5. Willem * 1849, x 23-12-1874 Haarlemmermeer Johanna Maria Petronella Muijs, * 1854 Amersfoort, daughter of Govert Muijs and Elizabeth Petronella Weerdenburg
    6. Adrianus * around 1849
    7. Idw * around 1856 [his name was probably misspelled on the passengers list]
    8. Pieter * around 1858
    9. Geertje * around 1862
    10. Maria * around 1864
    11. Maartje * around 1865

In the US Census of 1880 only the oldest son Kommer was found. He lived in Laketown, Allegan, Michigan with his 18 year old wife Betsy and their baby son Cornelis. Maybe some family members returned to the Netherlands. Willem for example was on board of the "Batavia" in 1872, but he married in 1874 in the Netherlands
Sources: Civil registration Texel, Staat van landverhuizers provincie Noord-Holland, Dutch immigrants in US Ship Passenger Manifests 1820-1880, US Census 1880. With thanks to Elizabeth Connolly.

Willem Zijm, a 23-year old single farmer from Texel, traveled in February 1906 to New York on board of the "Rotterdam". He was in possession of $40 and went to his brother Dirk Zijm, who was living in Dundee Logh, Midland / Paterson NJ.
Source: online New York Passenger Lists (

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