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The labourer Krijn Ihrman was 45 years old when he left Texel in February 1866. Krijn was born in Ouddorp 27-8-1820 as son of Pieter Ihrman and Tona Aleman. His wife Martijntje Den Bleijker also came originally from Ouddorp. She was a daughter of Maarten Jansz den Bleijker and Baaltje van Dam (see Den Bleijker). The couple was accompanied by their five children: Antonia * 1851, Baaltje * 1855, Pieter * 1859, Cornelia * 1861 and Maarten * 1864. The family was needy. They settled down in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Two more kids were born in the new country: Tony * 1866 and Jennie Viola * 1870. Krijn Ihrman died in Kalamazoo, 29-8-1881. His widow Martijntje married secondly to Joe Boodt.

The family was only of modest means and decided to put their trust in the ability of the oldest son Pieter by pooling what they had to send him off for schooling. He became a Reformed Church "dominee", and served the denomination at Waupun, Winsconsin; Marion, New York; and at Maurice, Iowa. He married 30-8-1887 to Fenne Klomparens. She died 24-5-1902. Peter married second to Jennie (Van Allsburg) Hoffman on 8-6-1904.
Sources: Staat van landverhuizers provincie Noord-Holland, Hijijij ... is naar Amerika, Werkers uit Goeree-Overflakkee, Civil Registration of Texel. With thanks to Bob Ihrman for his information.

Pieter Immerzeel, son of Gerrit Immerzeel and Stijntje Storm, was born around 1815 in Monster, province Zuid-Holland. He married 3-11-1842 Texel Maartje den Bleijker. Her parents are listed in the Den Bleijker-chapter. According to the "Staat van landverhuizers" they were poor when they emigrated in 1853 to the USA.
Sources: Civil registration Texel, Staat van landverhuizers provincie Noord-Holland.

Abraham Jansen was one of the many people who moved from Goeree to the new reclamation Eierland. He was born in Stellendam, around 1821, and married in 1846 in Texel. His bride was the only seventeen year old Barbera Johanna Veen from Vianen.

Their son Dirk married Meis Pieters Boon in 1873, a girl from an old Texel-family. They left Texel the island in April 1881 with four children, Abe, Mary, Peter and Trijntje. The family settled in Passaic, New Jersey. Dirk Janssen americanized his name to Richard Johnson. At one time he had a grocery store in Wallington, New Jersey. All first born grandsons of the couple Janssen-Boon were called Richard, after their grandfather. The first born granddaughters were called Mary or Maisie after Meis Boon. naar Amerika, Civil Registration of Texel. With thanks to Ruth.

De Jong
In 1842 Jan de Jong was born in Eierland, as son of Aantje de Jong. She already had a daughter, Maria Jakoba de Jong, who was born in Lexmond in the province Zuid-Holland. Aantje married in 1849 with Willem de Jong, also originally from Lexmond.
The whole family emigrated in 1867 to Grand Haven, Michigan. The husband of Maria Jakoba, Marinus Kooiman, and their two small girls also accompanied the family. Fairly soon after the arrival the surname was changed to "DeYoung".
Jan de Jong married in 1871 with Trientje Meijer, born in Ulrum in the province Groningen in the Netherlands. Jan became known as Captain John DeYoung Sr. and he was keeper of the Grand Haven Lifesaving Station. They had a big family: 7 girls and 5 boys. The last surviving child of Capt. John passed away in 1997 at the age of 103.
Sources: Civil registration of Lexmond and Texel.Many thanks to Jeffrey DeYoung for his information.

Pieter Kalf, son of the policeman Coenraad Kalf and Hiltje Eelman, married 28-2-1856 Texel with Krina Breen, daughter of Paulus Breen and Neeltje van der Sluis. In November 1888 they emigrated with their four children (Hiltje, Jacob, Cornelia and Adam) and Krijn Cornelisz Breen, an adult nephew of Krina. Krijn Breen settled down in Paterson, New Jersey. At the moment I do not know what happened with the couple Kalf-Breen after the emigration.
Sources: civil registration of Texel, "Hijijij ... is naar Amerika".

Pieter Pietersz Keijser (1862-1936) was born on the farm "Elba" in Zuidhaffel. His father Pieter Pietersz Keijser (1837-1866) died when the little Pieter was only four years old. His mother remarried and moved to the village of Den Burg. The farm "Elba" was occupied by a tenant. When Pieter Keijser married Maria Pieters Bremer in November 1885, the couple moved back to the farm. For a decade Pieter was a farmer, and then he decided to became a butcher.
Only two years later the family traveled to the US on board of the SS Edam. Pieter, his wife Maria, and their four children Pieter, Jacob, Jan and Cornelis Willem, were the only emigrating inhabitants of Texel in the year 1897. Their destination was Grand Rapids in Michigan. The family moved to Paterson and back to Michigan, where they first lived in Belding and later again in Grand Rapids. The oldest son Pieter studied in the US, and became a veterinary. Their son Jacob Keijser died around 1911.
In 1911 Pieter Keijser sr. traveled to Texel to visit his mother. Around 1967 one of his sons also went back to the island, and visited the butcher's shop that once was owned by his father. He still spoke excellent Dutch.

Sijbrand Willems Keijser, son of Willem Jacobs Keijser and Jantje Sijbrands Dijker, married March 1875 Dieuwertje Jacobs Eelman. They moved to Paterson in 1888, but returned to Texel in 1891. Two year later they emigrated for the second time.
Sources: Civil registration of Texel, "Boerderijenboek", "Hijijij ... is naar Amerika", periodical of the Historical Society Texel, doopsgezind lidmatenboek.

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Cornelis Arijsz Kievit was one of the pioneers in the polder Eierland. He moved in 1836 from Stellendam to Texel with his family. Cornelis was working as a supervisor for the "Sociëteit van Eierland", the owners of the new reclamation. Several relatives of him moved also to Texel. Nowadays there are still Kievit's on the island, but a lot of members of the family Kievit emigrated to the USA in the 19th century.
At the moment I am researching this family, so the genealogy is not complete yet!

I. Arij Krijns Kievit, son of Krijn Cornelis Kievit and Aagje Jans Verbeek, ~ 27-4-1766 Dutch Reformed Church Goedereede, † 26-2-1831 Stellendam, x(1) 2-3-1794 Dutch Reformed Church Stellendam Elisabeth van Es, x(2) 27-5-1797 Stellendam Maria Jans den Hollander, * around 1778 Melissant, † 17-5-1851 Stellendam.
Children from the second marriage:
1. Krijn * 1-12-1797 Stellendam, see IIa
2. Jan * 13-11-1799 Stellendam
3. Aagje * 22-9-1801 Stellendam
4. Jan * 16-2-1804 Stellendam
5. Aagje * 14-7-1805 Stellendam
6. Cornelis * 7-4-1808 Stellendam
7. Adriana * 14-9-1810 Stellendam, x 2-4-1840 Texel Gerrit Jan Garritsen
8. Cornelis * around 1813 Stellendam, see IIb
9. Marinus * 14-4-1821 Stellendam, see IIc

There were probably more children, further research in the archives of the province Zuid-Holland is necessary.

IIa. Krijn Arijsz Kievit * 1-12-1797 Stellendam, † 30-10-1846 Stellendam, x 4-5-1820 Pieternella van Oostenbrugge, * 14-12-1793 Dirksland, † 22-3-1873 Stellendam.
1. Arie * 26-2-1821 Stellendam, x 18-7-1863 Jacoba Frederica Montezaan
2. Maarten * 14-4-1823 Stellendam, † 5-8-1823 Stellendam
3. Maarten * 15-4-1824 Stellendam, x 19-2-1875 Krinja van Seters
4. Jan * 4-4-1826 Stellendam, x 23-2-1851 Maatje Zeedijk
5. Matthijs * 29-9-1828 Stellendam, see IIIa
6. Cornelis * 22-1-1830 Stellendam, † 12-3-1872 Steendijk (near Assen) x 21-3-1851 Cornelia de Ronde, x again with Regina Veldman.
7. Barendina * 23-8-1831, † 23-8-1831
8. Dirk * 19-1-1835 Stellendam, † 4-7-1918, x Febr. 1866 Paulina Troost

IIb. Cornelis Arijsz Kievit * around 1813 Stellendam, † 14-12-1886 Den Burg, Texel, farmer, landowner, x Kaatje Grotenboer, * around 1813 Melissant, † 6-8-1896 Den Burg, Texel
1. Maria * around 1834 Stellendam, x 29-6-1854 Texel with Dirk Cornelis Loman (who became mayor of Texel in 1864}
2. Adriaantje * around 1836 Stellendam, † 1905, x 25-9-1862 Texel with Pieter Jacobsz Dijksen
3. Arij * 15-12-1836 Texel, see IIIb
4. Herbert * 7-3-1838 Texel
5. Elisabeth * 19-8-1840 Texel
Cornelis was one of the pioneers in the reclamation Eierland (see also above). In 1836 he arrived with his family, a lot of luggage, and a couple of milkers. The first months they had to live in the "Zanddijksboe", not a proper house but a barn with an attic for seed and oat. During a storm in October 1836 part of their new farm, who was under construction, collapsed.
Cornelis Kievit was the first resident of the farm "Weltevreden", built in 1838. But his family did not stay here long, because they lived in 1840 in the village of De Cocksdorp, in a house next to the house of the wagonmaker. Then they moved to the farm "de Volharding" and later to the farm "de Oorsprong". In 1843 Cornelis Kievit owned 800 sheep, 12 horses and 6 young horses, 4 cows and 10 young cows.

IIc. Marinus Arijsz Kievit * 14-4-1821 Stellendam, farmer, x 13-3-1845 Goedereede Jannetje Witte * 12-1-1824 Goedereede, daughter of Aren Witte and Anna Maria Vervoort
1. Maria * 21-4-1847 Stellendam, x 22-11-1866 Texel with Paulus van Es
2. Aren * 12-12-1848
3. Aagtje * 10-11-1849
4. Arij * 28-3-1851 Stellendam see IIIc
5. Cornelia * 28-11-1855
6. Adriana * 26-8-1857
7. Jan * 29-1-1865 Texel
8. Cornelis * 16-2-1867 Texel
In 1860 the farmer Marinus Kievit moved from Stellendam to the reclamation Eierland with his family. He settled down on the farm "De Volharding", property of his brother Cornelis Arisz Kievit. In 1867 his eldest daughter Maria emigrated with her husband Paulus van Es and their firstborn child. In 1868 Marinus Kievit, his wife Jannetje Witte and the remaining seven children emigrated to the US. Their new home was in Hackensack village, New Jersey. Marinus worked as a farm laborer, his eldest daughter Maria was a domestic servant, the son Aaron was laborer in a brickyard and Orton worked as a porter in a store. The other kids were at home: Rachel, Cornelia, Adda, John and Cornelius.

IIIa. Matthijs Krijnsz Kievit * 29-9-1828 Stellendam, † 18-11-1875 Texel, laborer, x 13-1-1859 Texel with Jantje Sluisman * 30-8-1836 Texel, † 15-1-1898 Passaic, New Jersey
1. Pieternella * 20-12-1858 Texel
2. Trijntje * 17-9-1860 Texel
3. Krijn * 8-9-1862 Texel
4. Elisabeth * 5-4-1865 Texel
5. Barendina * 18-1-1867 Texel
6. Marretje * 10-2-1869 Texel, x Johannes Groenedijk
7. Cornelis * 5-3-1871 Texel
8. Maatje * 30-1-1873 Texel
9. Klasina * 7-11-1874 Texel (called Sinie), x Nicholas Wentink (Klaas), son of Poulus Wentink and Kaatje Warnaar. Nicholas died at the age of 33, leaving his wife a single mother with six sons. According to the family history Sinie used to sell pencils door-to-door to make a living when her sons were young.
Jantje Kievit-Sluisman emigrated in 1880 with eight of her children to Passaic, New Jersey. Her second daughter Trijntje followed two weeks later on her own.

IIIb. Arij Cornelisz Kievit * 15-12-1836 Texel, † 4-1-1886 Texel, farmer, x(1) 12-5-1859 Texel with Hendrikje Bakker, x(2) 11-8-1864 Texel with Reinoutje Koorn
Children from the first marriage:
1. Kaatje * 27-8-1860 Texel, x Arnoldus Johan Marinus Teunisz Lohuizen
2. Reinetta Petronella * 11-4-1862, she remained single
Children from the second marriage:
3. Marretje * 17-5-1865 Texel,x Dirk Cornelis Alberts Dros
4. Maria Adriaantje * 23-9-1866 Texel, x Kors Jacobsz Buijs
5. Cornelis * 1-2-1868 Texel,x 1902 Jeannette Marie Cornelis Kuijper
6. Dirk * 27-3-1870 Texel, x Marretje Gerrits Kooiman
7. Adriana Maria * 17-7-1872 Texel, x Cornelis Jacob Jansz Roeper
8. Pietertje * 28-8-1874 Texel
9. Herberta Catharina * 17-6-1876 Texel
10. Gerritdina Fronica Willemina * 23-7-1877 Texel,x Jacob Pietersz Boon
11. Herbertus Pieter * 24-2-1879 Texel, farmer, x Catharina Hendrika Sijbrands Outhuijs
12. Anna Martina * 25-1-1881 Texel,x Aris Pietersz Kooiman

The fifth child Cornelis went in 1888 to America, but he came back before 1900. Herbertus Pieter, the youngest son, emigrated with his wife and only child in 1924 to Canada.

IIIc. Arie Marinusz Kievit * 28-3-1851 Stellendam, † 28-1-1908 Passaic, New Jersey, grocer, x 1873 Annie Bakker * 22-12-1850, † 23-2-1922 Prospect Park, New Jersey
1. Jennie * April 1876 New Jersey, x Jacob Witte
2. William * June 1878 New Jersey
3. John * August 1881 New Jersey
4. Cornelius * March 1884 New Jersey
5. Aaron * 18-5-1885 Passaic, New Jersey, † 2-5-1914 Clifton, New Jersey, x 1904 Clifton Wilhelmina Klapmuts, * 23-10-1886 Passaic, † 17-10-1967 Wyckoff, New Jersey
6. Orie * February 1886 New Jersey

Arie emigrated with his parents in 1868. His wife Annie Bakker was also born in the Netherlands. She already went to America in 1854 at a young age. The first name of Arie was also spelled as Orton, Orra, Orrie and Orie in different sources.

Sources: Civil Registration Texel, Civil Registration Goedereede, Civil Registration Stellendam, church registers Stellendam, GenLias, Staat van landverhuizers provincie Noord-Holland, "Boerderijenboek", "Dutch Households in US Population Censuses 1850, 1860, 1870", "Hijij ... is naar Amerika", "Texelse geslachten", "Kroniek van Eijerland". Many thanks to Ned Anderson, Jeff Drake and Elizabeth Wentink-Baehrel for their information.

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The couple IJsbrand Klaassen and Trijntje Dijt moved first from the village of Den Hoorn to the nearby Den Helder, and afterwards to Paterson, New Jersey, in the USA. Their adult children also went to Paterson. They traveled with the "Holland-Amerika Lijn" in the years 1903, 1905 and 1906.
The eldest daughter Maria Johanna Klaassen (born in Den Hoorn 18-11-1876) married in the US with Martin Zijm, also originally from Texel. He was a son of Lammert Zijm and Jantje Maas. The other children Reinier, Martin and Janna Klaassen lived in 1910 by their parents. They worked respectively as baker, carpenter and winder in the silk mill. Their parents IJsbrand and Trijntje, now called Kate, stayed at home and did not learn the English language.
Sources: Civil Registration, archives of the Holland-Amerika Lijn, census of 1910 and 1920. Many thanks to AnnMarie Freeman, Albert Buys and Elizabeth Connolly for their assistance.

Van der Kloot
After the reclamation of Eierland, the owner Nicolas Joseph de Cock hired craftsmen like the carpenter Jacob van der Kloot from Middelharnis and his brother Adriaan. The roots of the Van der Kloot-family are situated in Oud-Vossemeer in the province Zeeland.
The genealogy is not complete yet!

I. Marinus van der Kloot, born around 1766, † 15 October 1826 Oud-Vossemeer, son of Marinus van der Kloot and Martina Laban, carpenter, married Adriaantje Jagt, born around 1768, daughter of Leendert Jagt and Adriaantje van Schetsen, † 16 December 1822 Oud-Vossemeer.
1. Leendert born around 1788, † 3 May 1826 Noordgouwe, carpenter, married Soetje Knoote 1. Martina born around 1797 Oud-Vossemeer, married 3 May 1823 Oud-Vossemeer Hendrik Kaat, born around 1798 Steenbergen, son of Jan Kaat and Dina Geluk, mason
2. Adrianus Matthijs born 19 January 1798 Oud-Vossemeer, see IIa
3. Marinus born around 1800 Oud-Vossemeer, carpenter, married 12 March 1820 Ouwerkerk Elisabeth Knoote, daughter of Ambrozius Knoote and Willemina van Geiten
4. Johannes born around 1806
5. Jacob born around 1807 Oud-Vossemeer, see IIb

IIa. Adrianus Matthijs van der Kloot, born 19 January 1798 Oud-Vossemeer, master blacksmith, married 19 October 1823 Middelharnis Maatje Dominé, born 4 January 1804 Middelharnis, daughter of Matthijs Dominé: and Teuntje Sloot/van Brussel
1. Marinus, born around 1824 Middelharnis, see IIIa
2. Teuntje, born around 1826 Middelharnis, married 23 June 1842 Texel Aart Numan, farmer, born Ouddorp, son of Fredrik Numan and Geertruid Kastelein
3. Matthijs, born 1827, see IIIb
4. Adriaantje, born around 1828 Middelharnis, married 9 July 1846 Texel Jan den Ouden, "bouwknecht", born around 1816 Ouddorp, son of Leendert Jacobszoon den Ouden and Francijntje Meijer
5. Jannetje, born around 1830 Middelharnis, married 17 June 1852 Texel Jelmer Verburg, sailor, born around 1821 Eenrum, son of Roelf Gerrits Verburg and Antje Jelmers Siertiema
6. Martina, born around 1834 Middelharnis, married 2 May 1861 Haarlemmermeer Jan Bruijn, carpenter, born Beemster, son of Jan Bruijn and Geertruida de Koning.
Adriaan van der Kloot moved around 1836 to Texel with his wife Maatje Dominé and their six children Marinus, Teuntje, Matthijs, Adriaantje, Jannetje and Martina.

IIb. Jacob van der Kloot, born around 1807 Oud-Vossemeer, carpenter, married 20 April 1836 Nieuwerkerk Marina Cornelia Steenland, born Nieuwerkerk around 1808, daughter of the painter Jacobus Steenland and Neeltje Kik, seamstres.
1. Adriaantje Willemijna born around 1840 Texel, married 2 June 1864 Texel Pieter van Doorn, born around 1837 Hoorn, son of Johannes van Doorn and Johanna Olthof, earlier married to Dirkje Duinker, baker
2. Adrianus Cornelis born 16 May 1843 Texel, see IIIc
3. Neeltje Martina born around 1846 Texel, married 27 April 1871 Texel Willem Lammers, born around 1841 Strijen, son of Dirk Hendrik Lammers and Wilhelmina Johanna de Vlugt, carpenter
4. Marina Jakoba born around 1847 Texel, married 17 December 1868 Texel Willem Johannes Driessen, born around 1840 Den Helder, son of Gijsbertus Driessen and Adriana Gomes, "lichtwachter"

IIIa. Marinus van der Kloot, born 1824 Middelharnis, blacksmith, married 22 February 1849 Texel Meis Koning, born around 1828 Texel, daughter of the skipper Teunis Koning and Dirkje Eelman.

This family moved to the Haarlemmermeer. In 1868 Marinus emigrated with his wife and six children to Chicago. He was the founder of the South Halsted Street Iron Works.

IIIb. Matthijs van der Kloot, born 1827, blacksmith, married Trijntje Smit
1. Adrianus, born Texel 1852, carpenter, married 26 December 1882 Cook, Illinois, Martha Tanis
2. Klaas, born Texel around 1854, blacksmith, married 22 May 1884 Texel Geertruida Thomassen, born around 1857 Texel, daughter of Cornelis Thomassen and Saartje Zeijlstra
3. Marinus, born Texel around 1855, blacksmith, married 28 October 1880 Texel Marretje Boon, born around 1859 Texel, daughter of Albert Boon and Trijntje Keijser
4. Aagje, born Texel around 1857, married 15 June 1882 Texel Hendrik Kooger, born Texel around 1856, son of Jacob Kooger and Maartje Raven, skipper
5. Pieter, born Texel around 1861, "modelmaker", married 16 February 1888 Texel Barber Dros, born around 1868 Texel, daughter of Albert Arieszoon Dros and Krijntje Tanis
6. Maartje, born Texel around 1862, married 8 October 1885 Texel Pieter Zeijlemaker, born around 1862 Terschelling, son of Douwe Pieters Zeijlemaker and Jaapje Koudenburg, teacher
9. Jannetje, born Texel 1868, married 3 November 1888 Cook, Illinois, Jan Aris Eelman
10. Cornelis, born Texel 1870, married 27 May 1893 Cook, Illinois, Gertrude Kaan
My information about this family is not complete yet. The son Adrianus emigrated August 1881 on his own, soon followed by his fiancée Martha Tanis. In March 1886 his parents and four siblings also moved to the USA. The foundry of Marinus van der Kloot in Chicago employed not only many of the sons of Marinus, but also sons of Matthijs van der Kloot, like Adrianus.

IIIc. Adrianus Cornelis van der Kloot, born 16 May 1843 Texel, carpenter, married 7 June 1875 Zierikzee Adriana Boogaart, born around 1838, daughter of Bartel Boogaart and Cornelia Pieternella Paasse.
1. Jacobus Marinus, born around 1877 Zierikzee, painter, married 2 June 1904 Tholen Johanna Cornelia Wilhelmina van Nieuwenhuijzen, daughter of the bookseller Willem Adriaan van Nieuwenhuizen and Anna Elizabeth Knop
2. Bartel Cornelis, born around 1881 Zierikzee, baker, married 13 June 1906 Zierikzee Adriana Margaretha de Vos, daughter of Johannes de Vos and Levina Anker.

Additional information on the Vanderkloots in the Netherlands and in Chicago can be found on Dave Jordan's Vanderkloot Web Page.
Sources: Civil registration Texel, Staat van landverhuizers provincie Noord-Holland, "Hijijij ... is naar Amerika", "Werkers uit Goeree-Overflakkee en hun nakomelingen in de Eierlandse polder", online database Zeeuws archief, GenLias, Isis Gensdata, Illinois Statewide Marriage Index. With thanks to Dave Jordan for his information.

Cornelis Jans Knol was born in Warffum in the province Groningen. He married Maartje Willems Alberda. The couple lived before 1850 on a farm in the polder Walenburg. Maartje died in 1852, and Cornelis emigrated a year later. He was listed in the "Staat van landverhuizers" as a mennonite workman, 58 years old. He went to North America, but alas I do not have more specific information about his destination.
Sources: Staat van landverhuizers provincie Noord-Holland, "Boerderijenboek".

The sailor Marinus Kooiman was born 18-4-1830 in Melissant, as a son of Abraham Kooijman and Cornelia Visbeen. He married in 1857 Maria Jakoba de Jong from Lexmond. They emigrated together with their two young children and her mother and stepfather in March 1867 to Grand Haven, Michigan.
Sources: Civil registration of Texel, naar Amerika. With thanks to Jeffrey DeYoung for his information.

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Nicolaas Kortenoever of Lexmond in the province South-Holland came in 1834 or 1835 to Texel, to work in the new polder Eierland as a navvy. The registrar wrote his name down as Klaas Kortenhoeven. Klaas was accompanied by his three little sons Cornelis, Pieter and Jan.
Cornelis Klaasz Kortenhoeven went 10-10-1852 to the US, and so far it is unknown where he settled down. His brothers Pieter and Jan moved in the same year to the new polder Haarlemmermeer. Jan came back to Texel and married Maartje Boesje. Their son Klaas Jansz emigrated in March 1887, and he married in Indiana with Mika Jabaay. His parents followed in April 1888, and the children Geertrui, Neeltje, Pieter and Jacob went with them. The sons Jan, Job and Cornelis stayed behind on the island. The wifes of Jan and Job did not want to leave, and Cornelis was incorporated in the Royal Navy.
Pieter Klaasz Kortenhoeven died in 1896 in the Haarlemmermeer. His widow and nine of their eleven children, emigrated to Indiana. The descendants of the son and daughtern staying behind in the Netherlands, have now the surname Kortenoeven.
Sources: "Hijijij ... is naar Amerika". With many thanks to Jan Kortenhoeven for his dates.

Jannetje Kranenburg was born 21-3-1831 in Onwaard, in the province Zuid-Holland in the Netherlands. Onwaard is nowadays a part of the municipality Dirksland, on the island Goeree-Overflakkee. She was an illegimate child of Cornelia Kranenburg. Together with her mother she moved to Texel. At the age of 23 Jannetje got a child Maria Cornelia, but she was not married either. Willem Barhorst was the father, and soon the little daughter was legalized by their marriage. (see the chapter Barhorst)
Jannetje emigrated with her husband and their eight children to New Jersey in 1866. Her mother Cornelia Kranenburg followed in 1871. She was already 67 years old, and although I know nothing about her destination, I think she settled down nearby her daughter in New Jersey. The ancestors of Jannetje Kranenburg are listed in the Kranenburg-genealogy (external link: 778KB!) under VII-g.
Sources: Civil registration Texel, Staat van landverhuizers provincie Noord-Holland.

Jan Pietersz Kuiper, widower of Fijtje Jacobs Dogger, left Texel in April 1867. He was already 76 years old, but almost all his relatives went earlier. In the States he moved in with the family of his daughter Pietertje Kuiper and her spous Tonnis Venhuizen in Holland, Michigan. He became more than 90 years old and died in 1882. Other daughters of the couple Jan Pietersz Kuiper and Fijtje Jacobs Dogger: Fijtje married in 1849 with Sakom Pietersz Dogger; Jantje, the wife of Jan Maartensz Timmer; Cornelisje, wife of Cornelis Maartensz Timmer; Jaapje, married in 1858 with Antonie Dogger. The only son Pieter stayed on the island with his wife Stijntje Pieters Stoepker and their four children.

Later the members of another family Kuiper also emigrated. They were the grandchildren of Klaas Jacobsz Kuiper, originally from Alkmaar. In 1884 two daughters of Jacobus Simonis Gerlaken Kuiper and Elizabeth Verbaarschot traveled together to the USA. They were only 15 and 12 years old, but were not accompanied by a relative, or anyone else from Texel! Their halfbrother Cornelis Kuiper followed three years later with his wife Antje Thiessen, and their three children. His in-laws also emigrated at the same time. They lived in New Jersey.
Sources: Staat van landverhuizers provincie Noord-Holland, civil registration of Texel, Census 1880 Michigan, "Hijijij ... is naar Amerika". With thanks to Betty Snow and Florence Kuiper for their information.

Joseph Liedmeijer, tailor, 35, Roman Catholic, "mingegoed" (class between well-to-do and needy), emigrated in 1853 to North America, accompanied by his wife Antje Zoetelief and two children. He was a son of Gerrit Liedmeijer, who lived in 1829 in the village of Oudeschild, but came originally from Mettingen in Prussia. Joseph and Ann lived in 1860 with their daughters Elis (her Dutch name was Isele) and Katrina in Paterson, New Jersey. Between 1860 and the next Census in 1870 the family moved to St. Louis, St. Clair, Illinois.
Sources: Staat van landverhuizers provincie Noord-Holland, Census 1829 Texel, Dutch Households in US Population Censuses 1850, 1860, 1870.

Pieter Logman, sailor, 33, Roman Catholic, "mingegoed"(class between well-to-do and needy), emigrated in 1856 to Australia. He traveled with the passenger ship Mermaid to Melbourne. Pieter was a son of Theodorus Logman and Cornelia Brinkman. His father had a shop in the village of Den Burg in 1829, but came originally from Maastricht in the province Limburg in the Netherlands.
Sources: Staat van landverhuizers provincie Noord-Holland, census 1829 Texel. With thanks to Debbie Goldsworthy (nee Lockman).

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This Roman Catholic family originally came from Voerendaal in the province Limburg. Johannes Hendrikus Pietersz Maas settled down on the island at the end of the eighteenth century. He married three times, and his third wife Jantje Cornelis Mulder gave birth to eight children.
The family Maas expanded quickly, and most members were farmers. A few of them decided to emigrate. Willem Cornelisz Maas, a grandson of Hendrik Pietersz Maas, was farmer in the village De Koog. He sold his 7 cows, 52 sheep, 18 young cows, 2 horses, 4 goats, 60 chickens and his inventory, and left Texel in November 1892 with his wife Ariaantje Huisman and their four children: Maartje, Cornelis Bernardus, Bernardus Cornelis and Hendrik. They sailed from Rotterdam 17-11-1892 for New York. Ariaantje was very pregnant of her son Jacob, who was born in December. The doctor who examined them before leaving, told them he doubted if the little Cornelis would survive the trip. He was a very fragile child. The doctor at Ellis Island hesitated about giving permission to enter the United States. But Cornelis survived, and became 82 years old.
The family of Willem Maas and Ariaantje Huisman settled down in Totowa, NJ. Soon three of their children died: Maartje died of cerebro-spinal in 1893, and in the same year baby Jacob and the five year old son Bernardus died. Later the family moved to Paterson, NJ. They got two more children, Martha and John Bernard. Ariaantje never spoke English. She died 31-10-1924.
The sons Henry James (Hendrik) Maas and Cornelius Maas registered in Paterson for the WW I Draft. Henry was married with Emma Nutt. Together they got two children. Henry James was disabled, because he had a "stiff arm". He died 14-3-1923 Paterson, only 32 years old. His obituary card was in two languages: English on one side, and Dutch on the other side. An interesting detail is his picture on this card.
Cornelius Bernardus Maas married 29-12-1915 Anna Cummings. They had one child at the time of the draftregistration, but afterwards they got another four children. He worked as a silk weaver most of his working life. He made labels for the more prestigious stores in the area of Paterson and retired from tje same place he started as a weaver. Cornelius died 17-3-1968, and his wife Anna 1-7-1968.

There were also other members of the Maas-family emigrating to the US. Cornelis Pietersz Maas left Texel in 1909 with his wife Jantje Cornelia Pietersd Huisman and seven children. They followed their oldest son Pieter who left already in 1908. Their destination was also Paterson. There are a lot of descendants of this couple still living in New Jersey.
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Jan Arisz Mantje was born in 1846, as son of Aris Cornelisz Mantje and Geertje Reijersd Eelman. He married four times. With his fourth wife Adriaantje Maartje Jans den Oude and one child he emigrated in February 1888 to the US.

His cousin Cornelis Dirksz Mantje, a stock-farmer from De Waal, emigrated in 1889 with his family. He was a son of Dirk Cornelis Mantje and Neeltje Jacobs Salm. Cornelis Mantje married Dirkje Jans Eelman in April 1875, and they got four children: Dirk, Cornelia Marie, Jan and Cornelis. They arrived on April 19, 1889 at the port of New York. Their son Dirk applied for the citizenship of the United States in June 1899. His first name was americanized to Richard. He was then 23, a carpet dyer, residing at no. 206 Second Street, city of Passaic, New Jersey. His later career was as a surveyor. Using this skill he drew from memory in 1932 a map of the village of De Waal, including every house and who lived in it. Dirk never had been married and had never gone back to Holland, but he had corresponded with various cousins in Texel all his life. He seemed to remember everyone who lived on the island at the time he left, and how anyone was related to anyone else. He died 7-9-1965 in Passaic, at the age of 89.
Source: "Texelse geslachten", "Boerderijenboek", Passaic common pleas, church registers Texel. With thanks to AnnMarie Freeman, Albert Buys and Martin Langeveld.

Antje Meijer was born on the island of Texel in 1864, as a daughter of Hendrik Meijer and Johannetta Sophia Visser. She had at least two brothers, later known as Robert and John Meyer. Antje emigrated with her husband Willem Jansz Stark, and the rest of the family also went to the US.
Her father Hendrik Meijer died in 1882 in Texel. His widow Johannetta Sophia Visser left Texel a few years later in May 1884, and she settled down in Passaic. Johannetta went to the Dutch notary Henry Beeuwkes in Paterson to give her consent for the marriage of her daughter Antje Meijer in the Netherlands. The marriage was already announced in January 1887, but Antje and her fiancé had to wait till the notarial act arrived. So they finally married in April. In the meantime their first child was already born.
Sources: Civil registration of Texel, "Hijijij ... is naar Amerika". With thanks to Elizabeth Connolly.

The apprentice tailor Jacobus Gijsbert Monté left Texel in 1866 at the age of 19 years. He traveled with the Norwegian bark "Anna" from Amsterdam to New York. With the same ship emigrated also the De Block-family. Jacobus Gijsbert was born 21-2-1847 in De Cocksdorp, Texel, as son of the tailor Hendrik Monté and Arendina Dekker. His father came originally from Middelharnis, his mother was from Hardinxveld.
Sources: Staat van landverhuizers provincie Noord-Holland, "Dutch Immigrants in US Ship Passenger Manifests, 1820-1880".

The Moojen or Mooijen-family originally came from Elburg. The gold- and silversmith Cornelis Moojen moved in 1809 from Purmerend to Texel, with his wife Geertruij van Eijk and their three children. Geertruij died in 1810, and Cornelis remarried in 1815 Maartje Boling. They got another three children.

One of the grandchildren of Cornelis Moojen was Willem Moojen. In 1867 the young couple Willem Moojen and Antje Dalmeijer emigrated to the US with their firstborn child Petronella. According to the Census of 1870 they settled down in Grand Haven City, in Michigan. They got ten more children, but six of them died at an early age. Willem Moojen worked as carpenter, and later he became a farmer. The couple Moojen-Dalmeijer went back to the Netherlands at least one time, in 1904. A memento of this visit is the preserved portrait of them, made by a photographer in Rotterdam.

Their oldest daughter Petronella married April 13, 1889 in Iowa Albertus Van Kerkhoff. Earlier she probably got an illegimate son, named John George Mooijen. Her brother John William Mooijen married January 2, 1902 in Los Angeles Fairy May Morris. Like his father, John William was a carpenter. He got three daughters. At the age of 31 John died of tuberculosis.
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Harmen Mulder was born in Epe, in the province Gelderland. He was a son of Arend Mulder and Magteldje Schrijver. In 1849 Harmen married Maria Geertruij de Kleijn from Ouddorp in Goeree-Overflakkee, daughter of Hendrik de Kleijn and Lena Tak. This couple left Texel in 1873 with the children Arend, Lena and Hendrik. The family Mulder sailed on board of the "Rotterdam" to New York. They settled down in Paterson, New Jersey.

Son Hendrik (1854-1917) applied for citizenship in 1876, and he became an US citizen on September 20, 1880. A year later he married the 21-year old Dutch girl Cornelia van der Beck (1860-1936). Hendrik worked as shirt ironer.
Sources: " naar Amerika", "Dutch Immigrants in US Ship Passenger Manifests", Civil Registration of Texel. With thanks to Bob Hazelkamp and Albert Veldhuis for their information.

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