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The surname Eelman is one of the oldest Texel-names. Nowadays the telephone directory gives over the 70 entries for Eelman in Texel. But at least 46 members of the family emigrated. The roots of this mennonite family are situated near the village De Waal, where the first Eelman's were farmers. Recently I made a new page dedicated to the genealogy of the Eelman's.

Please contact me if you are related to any of these people, I am still looking for a lot of information!

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Van Es
Marinus van Es and Jannetje van Lenten married 8-2-1849 Texel. Both were born in Stellendam, in Goeree-Overflakkee. A few years after the birth of Marinus, his father Leendert van Es died. His mother Martha van Driel remarried Adrianus Blaak. She moved to Texel with her second husband and the children from both marriages. In 1850 Marinus van Es and Jannetje van Lenten got a son, who was named Leendert like his grandfather. Marinus died in 1864, and his widow married Cornelis Verduin.

In April 1866 they decided to emigrate, and Leendert accompanied his mother Jannetje and his stepfather. They settled down in Lodi, New Jersey. Leendert was now called Leonard. He worked as a warper, weaver and loom fixer. Around 1870 he married with Iza Heintzes. This couple lived in Paterson and Passaic and they got seven sons and one daughter. One of their children was Marinus Van Ess. He was a policeman in New York city for a while, and also worked as a stevedore. Marinus married Katie Hellegers, who also had Dutch roots.

Cornelis Cornelisz van Es came also originally form Stellendam. In 1840 he married Trijntje Paulus Huisman from Den Burg. They lived on the farm Guano in Eierland. In 1857 Cornelis had nine horses, 22 cows, a bull and 122 sheep. Cornelis, his wife Trijntje and six children emigrated in March 1866. A year later their newly wed son Paulus followed them with his wife Maria Kievit. Paulus and Maria traveled with the "Arnold Boninger of Prussia" from Rotterdam to New York, where they arrived 11-6-1867.
Sources: Civil registration Texel, "Hijijij ... is naar Amerika", "Dutch Immigrants in US Ship Passenger Manifests", Staat van Landverhuizers provincie Noord-Holland, Boerderijenboek. With thanks to Liz Menke for her information.

After the reclamation of Eierland two brothers from Bronkhorst, province Gelderland, moved to Texel. Hendrik and Gerrit Jan Garritsen married wifes from Goeree-Overflakkee. Hendrik lived with Maartje Frans Molensteeg in several farms in Eierland. Although they were not very young anymore, they decided in 1880 to emigrate to the USA. Hendrik was 66 at that time, and Maartje 57. They were accompanied by three of their children.
Sources: "Texelse geslachten", "Boerderijenboek".

Willem Cornelisz Griek and Feijtje List married in 1877 Texel. They lived in Eierland, and got eleven children. Two of them died at an early age. In 1899 their oldest son Cornelis left with his sister Kaatje, on board of the ship "Werkendam". Kaatje got a job in a factory and Cornelis worked in the lumberyard of his uncle, who emigrated earlier to the US. Cornelis grew dissatisfied with the work in the lumberyard, so he became a lifeguard on Staten Island. Kaatje (Kate) and Cornelis (Case) saved their money and sent for their siblings Jan and Trijntje, who emigrated in 1904 with the "S.S. Amsterdam". A year later their parents and the other five children followed. They traveled with the "Statendam" in the second class. The passage was booked by W.P. Lap in Den Burg, the main place of the island Texel. Willem Griek had to pay for five adults and two children (half the price). Each adult costed f 120,- and W.P. Lap got f 36,- commission.

The family settled down in the town of West Sayville on Long Island, New York. This small community was founded in 1849 by the families of Cornelis de Waal and his brother-in-law Cornelis Hage from the village of Bruinisse in the province Zeeland, the Netherlands. They were attracted by the oysters in the Great South Bay of Long Island. Soon there arrived more Dutch immigrants in West Sayville. First from the Oosterschelde region of Zeeland, later also from other parts of the Netherlands like Texel. The Griek's were fishers, like they were in the Netherlands. Kate married with Cornelis Jansz Stark, see the Stark-chapter.
Sources: Civil registration Texel, "Hijijij ... is naar Amerika", "Dutchmen on the bay" by Lawrence J. Taylor. With thanks to Jan Battles for her information.

Van Grouw
The carpenter Johannes van Grouw married 22-8-1872 Texel Trijntje Bakker, daughter of Albert Bakker and Cornelia Bruin. In 1888 they emigrated with their six children to the USA. They settled down in Haledon, New York.
Sources: Civil registration Texel, "Hijijij ... is naar Amerika", Online Ellis Island records.

Lambertus Halsema was born in Kloosterburen in the province Groningen in 1804. His first wife Anna Willems Slinger was also from Kloosterburen. She died a few days after the birth of their first child Rembertus. Lambertus Halsema remarried in 1834 with Neeltje Louwes Smit. When the polder Eierland was finished in 1836, they moved to the new reclamation. Neeltje died in 1859, leaving ten children and her husband.
One of their sons, Cornelis, emigrated in March 1867 to Lafayette, Indiana. He was accompanied by his wife Petronella Smits and their three little sons. In the "Staat van landverhuizers" he is listed as a less well-to-do, Roman Catholic, labourer.
Another child of the couple Lambertus Halsema and Neeltje Louwes Smit left with the same destination in 1871. These Schelte Halsema married in the USA 26-11-1872 with Catherine de Ruiter. His given name was americanized to Charles. Brother Willem and father Lambertus emigrated in time to be at the wedding of Schelte. Both left Texel in May 1872. The youngest three siblings Nicolaas, Jan and Elisabeth traveled with their father.
Sources: Homepage Halsema by John Ketelaars, see the link at the surname page. Staat van landverhuizers provincie Noord-Holland, "Hijijij ... is naar Amerika".

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Van Heerwaarden
Tijs van Heerwaarden was the tenant of a farm of his parents in the village of Den Hoorn. In 1889 he traveled with his family on board of the "P. Calland" to the USA. They settled down in Passaic. One of his sons has descendants with the surname "Van Herwarde".

Tijs van Heerwaarden, * 23-5-1840 Den Hoorn, son of Cornelis Hendriksz van Heerwaarden and Bregje Tijs Zijm, 9-5-1922 USA, x 24-6-1866 Texel Jannetje Dijt, * 23-2-1845 Den Burg, daughter of Pieter Simons Dijt and Petronella Hd. Verberne, 8-7-1911 Passaic, USA.

1. Cornelis * 9-2-1868 Den Hoorn, 15-11-1958 USA
2. Pieter * 21-4-1870 Den Hoorn, 30-11-1894 USA, x Belinda Mac Cann, * 8-2-1874, 5-7-1913 USA. They got seven children with the surname "Van Herwarde".
3. Cornelia Bregetha * 1-2-1872 Den Hoorn, 19-5-1873 Den Helder
4. Petronella * 11-1-1873 Den Hoorn, 26-6-1901 USA
5. Hendrik * 5-8-1875 Den Hoorn, 22-11-1896 USA
6. Cornelia Gerbregdina * 20-12-1877 Den Hoorn, 11-7-1960 USA, x 8-10-1900 USA John A. Naughton, * 14-7-1874, son of Stephan Naughton and Mary Gallagher, 28-4-1955. They got seven children.
7. Dieuwertje * 26-2-1880 Den Hoorn, 16-11-1954 USA, x 19-11-1902 USA William J. Wade, * 28-5-1876. They got 14 children.

Sources: "Texelse geslachten", "Boerderijenboek", "Kroniek van Den Hoorn", Stamboom Van Heerwaarden samengesteld door Th. van Heerwaarden.

Jan Hoek left the island in 1850 with his wife and seven children. He was hired by Paulus Jansz den Bleijker to follow him to Michigan in America. They traveled with the "Catharine". Jan Hoek was married in Ouddorp 10-12-1835 with Martje Hameetman, daughter of Job Cornelisz Hameetman and Johanna Klepper. Their children were Wouter 14, Johanna 12, Job 7, Petronella 6, Aagje 4 and Leendert 2 years old. One child is not mentioned on the passengerslist, or there is a mistake in the "Staat van landverhuizers".
Sources: Staat van landverhuizers provincie Noord-Holland, online passengerslist "Catherine".

In October 1873 Cornelis Hoogheid emigrated with his wife Grietje Pippeling and their seven children: Neeltje, Cornelia, Antje , Cornelis, Geert, Pieter and Jannetje. Grietje Pippeling was born in Ouddorp, and moved as a child to Texel with her parents Gerrit Pippeling and Neeltje Kloosterman. Cornelis Hoogheid was born and raised on the island, as a son of the couple Cornelis Hoogheid and Neeltje Krijnen.
The Hoogheid-Pippeling family lived in 1880 in New Jersey. The daughter Cornelia Hoogheid married three times. First with a Donkersloot, then with John DenBleiker and afterwards with William LeSchot. She got nine children.
Sources: Staat van landverhuizers provincie Noord-Holland, civil registration of Texel. With thanks to Paul Vanderzee for his information.

Willem Hoogschagen was 19 years old, when he traveled on board of the "P. Caland" to New York in April 1885. Teunis Bakker (24), Blom (20, female) and Pieter Kikkert (20) accompanied him.
Source: online New York Passenger Lists (

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