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Transcribed by Barbara Jarvis
© 2008


   No genealogical research in Cooke County, Texas would be complete without a new survey of the historical cemetery of Fairview located in the county seat of Gainesville.  As of February 2008, the cemetery contained some 19,165 known burials.  It traces its history back 154 years when a tornado struck on 28 May 1854 that killed Thomas and Louisa, the young children of William and Harriet Bell Howeth.  These were the first burials and the Howeths later donated the ten acre site in 1868 for a public cemetery.   A section was also reserved for Freedmen.  In 1897, the cemetery's name was changed to East Hill and was renamed Fairview in 1904.  A separate Jewish cemetery adjoined the cemetery from 1881 until 1964 when it was combined with Fairview and is now designated Division 24.  This survey will remain a work in progress as time and weather permit.  Names may be added, changed or deleted if there are double entries.  As always, your help in correcting names or dates is appreciated.  I also welcome scanned personal photos and obituaries of persons buried at Fairview.



Thanks to Mr. Perkins for our great pictures!




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