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The Zabcik Family of Texas

foto of Anna & Jan Zabcik

The patriarch of the Zabcik clan, Jan Zabcik and his second wife, Anna Hruska, came to our shores in late January or early February, 1856 from the Village of Ratibor, in Vsetin County, Moravia (part of the current Czech Republic). Coming with Jan and Anna were their two daughters, Johanna and Katerina, as well as Jan's single brother and sister, Martin1 Zabcik and Anna2 Zabcik. Tradition says the family came through Galveston. The family moved to Industry, Austin County, Texas, where on May 15, 1856, Anna Hruska Zabcik gave birth to a son. This first American-born Zabcik was my great grandfather, Jan (named after his father, Jan). Many years later the spelling of his name "Jan" changed to "John."

The 1860 U.S. Census records show the Zabcik family residing in the township of Travis in Austin County. The family lived in several places in this area, including Cat Spring, Welcome, and Bleiblerville. Patriarch Jan Zabcik was one of the founders of the Wesley Brethren Church. He died March 9, 1881 and is buried in the Wesley Brethren Cemetery located behind the historic church.

Most of the Zabcik family, including Anna Hruska Zabcik, moved to Bell County about 1885 and settled in and around Zabcikville. Anna Hruska Zabcik is buried in the Ocker Brethren Cemetery next to her daughter-in-law, Anna Mikeska Zabcik.

These are but of a few of the names you will find in the Zabcik family tree: Baleja, Baletka, Bartek, Bubela, Dukatnik, Gaeke/Goeke, Jecmenek, Kadlecek, Kruse, Lesikar, Lugo, Macek, Marek, Mikeska, Repka, Schiller, Stepan and Tomasek.

Researched by Vickie Page Cooper and Patricia Marek Hejl. Compiled by Patricia Marek Hejl.
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Note 1: Martin Zabcik, single brother of Jan Zabcik, married Anna Repka. Their only surviving child, Florence (Františka) Zabcik married Jan Zabcik (my great grandfather).
Note 2: I've not researched Anna Zabcik, single sister of Jan Zabcik. She may have married a Mr. Nelius but this is unverified.
Note 3: We reserve the right to make mistakes!

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