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 TexasCzech Family Genealogies

The family trees listed here have one thing in common: immigrant ancestors who left the Czech Crown Lands of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (Bohemia, Moravia, Silesia & Slovakia) for a better life and settled the fertile black-land soils of Texas. Here we celebrate our precious Czech heritage!

Researching the Trees

The surnames in the list only reflect the starting family names. There are literally hundreds of names represented in these databases. You may be tempted to do the quick–and–dirty–thing and enter a surname into the search box. Nothing wrong with that. Go ahead! But you do yourself and the researcher a disservice if you don't go through each of the databases with a fine–toothed comb. Surname spellings were not standardized until the 20th Century. So, you could try entering spelling variations into the search box, but I bet you'd find even more variations by just looking through the family trees!

The researchers have spent countless hours and mucho dinero gathering and documenting the history of their families. Being of Czech descent, they're also very generous and have chosen to share that hard work with you on this website. They know that sharing is one way to make this a better world. I hope you'll take a moment to click on their email link and send them a note of appreciation.

Share your genealogy on this website: please contact me for directions.

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Sharing. It's what it's all about!
Rick Garza

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