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Special thanks to Don Tewell and his family for sharing many of these photos with me.  Also Bill and Treva Burton and Vicki Howell for their photos.

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I said that Truman sold a Slave and this Information was wrong I sent away for a copy of the  bill of sale and it was a Black Mare not Black Man.........You can see it for yourself.  The icon on the right says Black Man and the real one on the left says Black Mare Thirteen Hands High......


My Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Grandfather. I don't know who this is yet but my best guess is that it will be Truman Tewell/Tuell that was married to Leah _______who died in 1807.  They lived by Murleys Branch in Allegheny County, Maryland just south of Flintstone, Maryland in 1783 because he is in the Tax records as Truman Tuell.  So far what I have is Truman Tewell/Tuell died between 1798 and 1800 because Leah his wife is in the 1800 Allegheny County, Maryland census as head of the house. In Leah's Will she names three children  Abner, Cassandra, Mary (Tewell) Bennett. Abner Tewell died in the war of 1812.  The Deed above shows Truman selling his farm equipment to Edward Roberts in 1798. Abner Tewell, Trumans son, could be in between Daniel Tewell Sr. and Truman Tewell as my Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Grandfather.

Click below to learn about Murley's Branch. Truman Tewell is Truman Tuell

Murley's Branch

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Daniel Tewell Sr. my Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Grandfather. 

Ray Tewell told me that he got information from Lowell Tewell who is now dead  That says he died on Oct. 19, 1845 and was born May. 1, 1782. I believe this to be incorrect. I thing that Daniel Tewell Sr. died on June. 14, 1826 and is buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery which is by Chaneysville, Pa. I believe this because in the 1820 Bedford County census he is listed as the head of the house. Then in the 1830 census Naomi his wife is listed as the head of the house. I know that Naomi is his wife because I have a Deed (Icon above) with Daniel Tewell Sr. name on it, and the Deed says Daniel Sr. and Naomi his wife. I don't know where Naomi is buried yet.


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My Great, Great, Great, Great, Grandfather Daniel Tewell Jr,. He is buried in Bean's Cove ( Bedford County, Pa.) behind Duane Tucker house on the way to Beans Cove over Martin Hill Mountain. Regina Williams found his grave for me. (Thank You Regina ) The land that he is buried on is the old John Castell land. He is Buried with my Great, Great, Great, Great, Grandmother Mary and Job Fetters. He was married to Elizabeth Tewell,  Daniel and Mary's Tewells daughter.



Here is a photo of Jacob Tewell, my Great, Great, Great, Grandfather, who was born in Bedford County,Pa., around 1824, later moved to Fairfield County, Ohio, around 1870, and then moved from there to Shelbyville, Illinois, where he died March 25, 1890. This is my Step Great, Great, Great, Grandmother. Jacob married again after his first wife Sarah Perdew died in Fairfield County, Ohio.





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Here is my Great, Great, Grandfather Joseph (Josiah) Tewell, who fell to his death in an elevator shaft in the Odd Fellows Temple in Columbus, Ohio.  He was born in Bedford County, Pa., on Nov. 13, 1849, and died in Columbus, Ohio, on Feb. 19, 1912.  You can read more about the accident that killed him in My Documents.




Joseph Tewell.jpg (248731 bytes)Joseph_Tewell.jpg (146070 bytes)My Great, Grandfather Joseph Tewell Jr,.





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Here is my Grandfather and my Grandmother, Homer Bradley Tewell and Edna.






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This is my Father, Robert Homer Tewell Sr.




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