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On Feb. 2, 2003






This is the oldest Tewell photo that I know of Est. 1850 of Moses Tewell and his wife Mary (Gordon) Tewell......

Tewell is pronounced Tool

        Hi, welcome to my web site.  This web site is for my family and all the Tewell Families to enjoy for their family history and to try to answer the big question, "Where did we come from?  Are we English, Irish, French, etc..."

I have seen the Tewell name from all of these Countries.  There are Tewell Families in Boston, Kentucky, that are Irish. There  are Tewell Families in Lawrenceville, Illinois,  that are Irish.  I have seen a Tewell from Kentucky that was French.  My family comes from Bedford County, Pa., near Chaneysville.  From there they went to Fairfield County, Ohio, where my Great, Great, Grandfather married Virginia Simmons, and he stayed in Ohio while the rest of the family went to Illinois.  Some lived in Shelbyville and some in Rock Falls, Illinois.  Before Bedford County, Pa., I don't know anything yet.  If you look through  My Family Tree Program  and you think you are related, please E - Mail me and I will try to find out.

Down the road when I get all the information I can get on the Tewell family I am going to write a book.  The book will have photos as well as the family tree and history of the family.  So if you have any photos that you would like to send me by e-mail or by stamped  mail to copy and send back I will be glad to put them in my book. Or if you would like to share any information with me that you have about the Tewell families please e-mail me at Or write me at Kevin Tewell 20 Primrose Court, Fairfield, Ohio 45014.

 If you find anything wrong with my web site spelling, something won't work right, please E-Mail me and let me know about it.

Thanks Kevin Tewell




The Map below shows where Chaneysville, Pa. is located from Cumberland, Maryland by the two Red Dots on the map. The Blue Dot shows Bean's Cove where my GGGGrandfather Daniel Tewell Jr. and GGGGrandmother Mary are buried.  The Green Dot is about where Murley's Branch is located in Maryland. This is where the Tewell family came from to get to Chaneysville, Pa. Where they came from to get to there is anyone's guess.

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