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Unconnected Wallingford Families

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William H. Teschek
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Last updated on the Web: March 10, 2004

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This section of my online Wallingford genealogies contain families and individuals whom I have so far been unable to connect with the immigrant ancestor Nicholas. (See here for that section of the genealogy.) That they descend, in most cases, from this family is almost certain, but the crucial link has not been found. In most cases not a lot of work has been done yet to try and place them, so eventual placement may be very possible. They have all been grouped together in this section as though they were one big family, when in reality this section consists of many unconnected families and individuals. They are grouped here together only so the genealogy program in which I store the information can create web pages easily.

The individuals and families that follow are divided into four sections:

In the first section are the "Lebanon Wallingfords". These are people who all likely descend from John Wallingford and Lydia Garland of Lebanon, Maine, but exactly how is unknown and may never be known. The family was so large and the records so sparse that untangling the muddle could be impossible.

The second grouping are "Unconnected Families". These are family groups who may or may not belong to the Lebanon branch, but there is no hard evidence to show that they came from Lebanon. Some of these go on for several generations.

The third grouping contains "Unconnected Individuals". These are individuals, often with spouses, who are presently unconnected and have no children recorded for them yet.

The final small family is the family of Cato Wallingford, former slave of Thomas Wallingford of Somersworth. He deserves treatment in this genealogy but can't be placed in any of the existing families for obvious reasons.

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